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A real low and short no-spin serve can give you some easy points in matches, as they are difficult to flip hard, and they require good timing to push hard. Mix it up with a heavy backspin in the same spot. Remember to get it short, the ball should bounce short on your side close to the net...

 729 Higher III

“The Higher III rubber and sponge is specifically designed for the backhand of professional Table Tennis players. The latest Higher topsheet has high elasticity and intensity, which makes the ball come of fast, spinny and at great angles. The firm and gentle ball driving style suits the high speed and power requirements for the backhand at mid to long distance from the table, as to adequately make up for the natural weaker backhand."

This rubber has inbuilt the following new technologies:

"Store Energy" - New jointing technology between Sponge and Rubbers could reduces energy-loss and makes the ball come off faster!

"Sensor Technology" - Special process before jointing of rubber and sponge helps you have a much better ball feeling!

Ratings (out of 12):

  • Speed: 11
  • Spin: 12
  • Control: 12
  • Forward: 12
  • Sponge: Medium Soft 2.2mm

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 729 Higher III review:
Review by LawOCG (published with permission with thanks):

Ive reviewed the Faster III a few weeks back and that to me was probably the greatest friendship rubber Ive ever used. I wont go so far as to say the best chinese rubber, but its definitely up there with the best. Many people tend to compare 729 and DHS rubbers because they are the most widely used. Well there is one clear difference between their top rubbers, The new friendships (Higher, Faster, Focus 2) are much more playable then their DHS counterparts( Hurricanes/Skylines). The new friendship series pretty much has all the gears and can do everything jap rubbers can do at a slightly slower speed with much more spin. The DHS rubbers tend to be "one dimensional". Well the main purpose of this review is find out how the Higher III compares to the Faster III. Ill mostly be comparing them head to head. The fasterIII has a powerful topsheet with low throw attached to a german sponge. The Higher III has a incredibly elastic topsheet with high throw attached to a Soft japanese sponge. Their characteristics are quite different but read on to see how they fare. In this review Im going to seperate it into different sections comparing each of their attributes... Enjoy


Both the Faster III and Higher III are highly effective for serving, The topsheets on both of them have roughly the same amout of tackiness on them and allow spinny serves to be effortless. The topsheet isnt so sticky that you have to put more effort in to give the ball speed, Also it isnt so fast that it makes grazing the ball hard. Its just perfectly balanced for serving IMO.


Like most chinese rubbers both of these rubbers excel in this area. Chops can be made with ease and will have huge amounts of backspin on them. Pushes can be keep very short with a decent amount of spin . Flipping is also pretty good as it has enough grip to lift most short balls and allow you to place them where you want.


This is where their similiarity ends with traditional chinese rubbers. Both the Faster III and Higher III and tremendous for counterhitting and blocking. You can hit very very hard and allow the ball to sink into the sponge without it topping out. The Faster III is better in this respect as the german sponge is a tad bit harder then the Higher III's jap songe so it hits better. The Faster III allows you to hit the ball pretty hard and the results are superb. The Higher III can also do the same but the higher throw makes this a bit more difficult (the same applies to blocking, where the faster III has a low throw so blocking is slightly more effective). Keep in mind that the higher is also excellent for blocking as well.

Good ol Smashing with both of these rubbers are excellent. Traditional chinese rubbers are renown for their ability to NOT be able to put anything away. With these rubbers thats not the case, You can easily smash the ball at terminal speed. Both rubbers perform equally in this respect, with their only difference being their throw angles.


The main part that I would guess interest most players. This is where we find out which reigns king in terms of looping ability. The faster III allows you to powerloop effortlessly. The ball will tend to dive down with a incredibly low arc at a pretty fast pace. With the Faster III there is a tendency where it feels almost like a japanese rubber because the spin component was slightly lacking as would you expect from a chinese rubber.

The Higher III is a monster. Straight from the first loop I knew that this would be it. The Higher III's medium soft jap sponge combined with the Higher topsheet is a excellent combination. This would probably be the successor of the Cream/MRS combination. I can safely say that at this moment there isnt anything chinese that I have tried so far that can compare to this (Even the highpoint isnt as mightly as this). Loops at normal pace are excellent, there is loads of spin on the ball, the second kick is apparant and the speed of the loops are superb. Speedwise the Higher III is on par with the Faster III. When you start to crank up the power, you will see the difference. The rubber just keeps giving and giving. The harder you hit the faster and spinnier the ball. Even at terminal speed there is no loss of control. To me I would say the high arc is the contributing factor to this.

Counterlooping with the Higher III is also a pleasure. The ball will fly over with a nice arc on it and plenty of speed/spin. Basically against my friend with a glued up Hammond, my Higher III can fight on equal ground at middistance. For counterlooping the Higher III is the king of the hill in the friendship range.


Both rubbers are tremendous and excel at everything, there is only some slight differences between the two and it will come down to personal preference.

Faster III - Slightly faster, low throw, slightly less speed and more heavy in terms of weight. 

Higher III - Probably around 2-5% slower, higher throw, more spin then the Faster III and most important factor.... its much lighter then the faster III. I dont know by how much but theres enough of a difference for you to notice it.

For players that like to end the point with loop kills, the Faster III is the way to go. For players that want to be able to do anything and everything the Higher III wont let you down. One last note On the packaging of the Higher III they recommend it as a backhand rubber, to me thats bullocks this rubber is more and enough for the forehand in terms of power and playability.


Review by Silvalis:

First impressions are good; this rubber comes in a nice box with "You'd better not taste or smell the rubbert products" (sic) on the back and has a handy brochure on new Friendship products inside. The rubber itself looks promising: cream colour japanese sponge of approximately 42 degrees, thick, tacky (but not sticky) topsheet. Overall, it's a bit softer than the Palio CJ8000 Extreme Loop. Weight comes out to be roughly 0.24g/cm^2 - not a light rubber. Cut to the size of my HWL (about std Butterfly head size) it comes in a 48g (no plastic).

Glued with Butterfly Clean Chack makes the rubber play "nicely". Nothing special, I'd guess that you need to speedglue this thing to make it stand out. Unglued, it's a bit hard and plays similarly to Palio CJ8000 Extreme Loop - well behaved, but not exciting. The topsheet is really tacky and you can load up the spin in loops. Hitting and serving are fine. The thicker topsheet causes a little bit of loss of feel for short pushes, but I wouldn't worry about it too much.

Overall I'd call this a good forehand rubber, but not very exciting unglued. I think I actually prefer this over sriver for an advanced beginner. Would suit a looper glued up.

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