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A real low and short no-spin serve can give you some easy points in matches, as they are difficult to flip hard, and they require good timing to push hard. Mix it up with a heavy backspin in the same spot. Remember to get it short, the ball should bounce short on your side close to the net...

729 802-40 Special super soft Pro version

“Powerful Attacking Pips. Special Super Soft PRO Version!”


  • Short Pips out rubber lashing fast attack

  •  Quick speed

  •  Great hitting rubber

  •  Good spin for a pip

  •  Produces good spin

  • Suitable for attacking players

  • ITTF/USATT/CTTA approved


Ratings (out of 10)

  • Speed: 9++

  •  Spin: 9

  •  Control: 9+

  •  Deception: 0

  • Sponge: 2.2 35deg special (maximum)


The  true HAMMER of short pips. This product is suitable for close to the table hitters and power blockers. Very large conical shaped pips, tops are cross checked and rubber is hard and spinney. This special production of 35 degree soft sponge, (note that this is NOT the poor playing German version). This sponge has solved the control problems of 802-40. The special 35degree adds to spin and also gives this hitting pip some much needed touch. This is probably one of the best all out attack pips on the planet.

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 729 802-40 Special super soft Pro version review

Yeah, the 802 regular is on a hard orange sponge.  However, if you were to get the 802-40 stock which is on 2.2 35deg sponge, you would find it played very much like inverted.  I'm told over and over it's among the spinniest pips out there.  But its still harder (pips themselves) and better for hitting through spin than some of the soft sticky pips like the joola ones.  It's clear at first look that it's by far the highest quality friendship pip made.

802-40 with the soft sponge is pretty good. I tried Spinpips, Raystorm and 802 and the 802 was the best and cheapest, IMO

Spinnest short pips is 802-40  It’s the same topsheet as tsp spinpips


The 802-40 is a very broad pip- even broader than 802 and taller as well with a thicker base sheet.  I used to say it was a lot better looking and better printed, but I got some new topsheets of regular 802 and they seemed to be the same. 802 is a spinny pip, but 802-40 seems to be THE spinny pip.  The 802-40 on 2.2 reactor plays pretty much like an inverted but a little faster and slightly better for hitting.  But you won't throw anybody off with spin variation. One other thing I'll mention.  I checked out a sheet of drNeubauer "tornado" pips.  It was EXACTLY the same as 802-40 other than the printing on the bottom.  Just as leapord was exactly 802-1.


802-40 comments:

"One of the spinniest of Chinese short pips with wide, short horizontally arranged pips, a little taller and harder than Joola Tango Ultra, but not quite as wide as those on Butterfly Raystorm or Winning NP8. 

The stock sponge is harder than I prefer and needs a little softening, with speed glue.  I had Cole assemble a sheet using a softer sponge and treated with Ecolo Expander II and it feels much like Joola Tango Ultra now but a bit more dynamic and probably more durable, but the topsheet isn't firmly enough attached.  Quality of the sponge has varied in the past, with the Orange Donic sponge hit and miss and the ESN sponge better but still a bit former than I like so that's why it's not my primary rubber. If I can find a topsheet/sponge combination that is soft enough and won't delaminate it would take the place of the twice as expensive Joola Tango Ultra I use now. 

Definitely a good option if you want a spinny pips.  Has a lower throw than vertically arranged Japanese short pips, so seems to work best with a higher throw blade.  Easy to loop with, especially if you speedglue.  Not terribly deceptive, but good as the primary rubber or transitioning from inverted."... AGOODING


802-40 … by tabletennissam:

At about 9 o'clock this morning I normal glued my brand new sheet of Short pimples, 802-40, to my Boll Spirit. When undoing the packaging, the first thing that struck me about the rubber was the fantastic marketing hype on the back 'attack pushes and serves like you cannot with conventional rubber' 'Crush your opponents best shots'... sounded good to me.

 The second thing I noticed was the sponge - the same as the 729FX Supersoft sponge - a good sponge. It grew a little when applying basic chack, but not too much. By this stage I was itching to have a hit, so I ventured out through the storms to the garage to have a practice on the Robot.

 It was immediately apparent how much it differed from TSP Spectol (although spectol is a 1.5mm sponge and this a 2mm). The sound was a lot less thick, less clunky, which I took to be the sponge (less Blade contact). However, unlike other softer and thicker sponges SP's, it was still as crisp for hitting. It was certainly a lot more forgiving than some, in shot adjustments weren't too hard, and there was a lot of feeling. It excelled particularly when taking the ball just after the bounce and punching the ball, knocking off the spin.

The second test I did was a spin test. One thing I have always found is that on service Short Pimples can be just as spinny as a sheet of reversed rubber, but obviously they do not succeed when this is taken to a looping rally. I was, however, pleasantly suprised by how easy 802-40 was to loop with - against chop and top. It was also a fairly steady and well controlled rubber in defending with forehand chops against a 6/10 speed rating on topspin.

 With my first two tests passed with consummate ease, I did my final test - effect. With short-pimples it is usually not too difficult to get some wobble, deadness or occasionally slight reversal when blocking against topspin. 802-40 did not dissappoint - although not as profound as other pimples (Speedy Soft, for example) it did enough.

 From the short pimples I have tried, I would say that 802-40 fits somewhere between a cross between Speedy Soft, Spectol and Staccato. It has the spin, it has the soft sponge, and it can do the counter-hitting. The staggering thing is, it is 1/4 the price of all of those rubbers.

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