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Table Tennis Tips

A real low and short no-spin serve can give you some easy points in matches, as they are difficult to flip hard, and they require good timing to push hard. Mix it up with a heavy backspin in the same spot. Remember to get it short, the ball should bounce short on your side close to the net...

Backhand block & Counterloop Guide:

Backhand Block:

-When blocking, always try to keep the paddle 45 degrees (not to the ground). Make sure the handle is not parallel or perpendicular to the ground. So make the handle about 45 degrees to the ground. (the paddle far edge faces towards the ground if your a penholder reverse and up if your handshake. This will give you good control and more surface area of hitting the ball.

-When you block the ball, turn your a little wrist for some extra control.

-If the ball is very spinny, try and block more towards the side as that is where the ball's spin effect is not as effective

-Sometimes when you want to take a good amount of pace away from the ball, some Chinese coaches say that when the ball comes to your paddle, you may want to bring the paddle back a little to slow the ball down. This can be used for having a block close to the table if the opponent is far out etc.


-When you are closer to the table, you don't want to make to much of a motion. However, when you are further away from the table, the stroke becomes much like a backhand loop. When you are further away, you should use your big arm as well.

-When close to the table, try and hit the ball while it is just about to get to the highest point. You don't need to wind back to much.

-Cock your wrist loosely and bring your forearm back a little just enough that the cocked wrist is behind the elbow (sometimes you don't have enough time to bring it back there, so just aim towards it). Also don't forget to be loose.

-Also use a little waist to bring your paddle back (Not to much)

-As you counter-loop the ball, hit it around 45 degrees depending on the spin, and into the foam. Then close the paddle after you make contact

-When you are further away from the table, you should bring your forearm back so the elbow is more ahead of the wrist than when close-to table counter-looping. You might also want to use your big arm when counter-looping away from the table. When you do this, the elbow should go to the side, not foreword. The forearm should mainly drive the rest of the arm

Side Note: When close-to-table counterlooping, make sure from the elbow down, is all loose. When more away from the table, the whole arm can be loose as well.


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