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Table Tennis Tips

A real low and short no-spin serve can give you some easy points in matches, as they are difficult to flip hard, and they require good timing to push hard. Mix it up with a heavy backspin in the same spot. Remember to get it short, the ball should bounce short on your side close to the net...

Backhand loop Guide:   

I've seen quite a few styles of backhands both Chinese and European. This is how I understandably know how Europeans backhand loop to but this is a Chinese way of looking at it. Please comment if you have any additional info


-(things to note) Have the elbow pointed forward. This is very important. From the elbow down (your wrist, your forearm), should be relaxed. The elbow should be ahead of the wrist

-It is important to use your wrist, forearm, as well as your body.

When receiving a top-spin or no spin ball

-Keep your weight evenly distributed on both legs and a little wider than shoulder width. To wind back, shift 70% of your weight to your right leg. Having more weight on your right leg will cause your body to twist left. Bend your right leg a little. Point your elbow forward and bring your wrist cocked back loosely. Make sure the elbow is ahead of your wrist and bring the wrist back to your stomach area.

-Keep the paddle around 45 degrees (whatever is comfortable for you). Don't open the paddle up completely when receiving a top-spin or no spin ball. Nor should you close it completel 

-Hit the ball into the foam of the rubber so you can control it. When the ball makes contact with the rubber, close the paddle. Chinese coaches will tell you to "wrap the ball" (mostly with your wrist and some with your forearm)

-As you do this motion, shift your weight back to the original backhand ready stance (weight evenly distributed)

-Don't wind back with your elbow coming back as you don't want to use your elbow to drive your arm.

-You can use your big arm as long as you make your forearm drive your arm first. If your using your big arm, make sure the elbow goes to the side not forward when you do the stroke.  

Backhand looping off of underspin:

-(things to note) Elbow should be pointed forward (ahead of your wrist). The wrist should be cocked back. From your elbow down, should be loose.

-As you get ready for the backhand loop, your weight should again be evenly distributed with a little wider than shoulder-width stance. Your wrist should get ready to come back cocked loosely with your elbow ahead of your wrist.

-As you swing back, make sure your right leg has 70% of the weight. Bend your legs a little (mostly on your right as your most of your weight is there) and bring the paddle to your waist area.

-When you loop the ball, your leg should spring back up a little and have the weight shift to the original stance.

-The forehand drives the arm. The elbow DOES NOT drive the arm. So don't bring the elbow back. If you want to use your big arm, use the forearm to drive the elbow which goes to the side.

-The paddle should be more open and make sure you "wrap the ball" (mainly with your wrist). However, this doesn't mean your forearm should not do any wrapping action to.

-If the ball is very spinny and your loop goes to the net, bring your paddle down more (sometimes under your crotch)

Additional Tip

-If you want to make the ball go down the line, shift about 90% of your weight to your right leg. (not So much that your left leg is left dangling in the air) Then it is easier to hit the right-side of the ball to make it go down-the line.

Reverse Penhold Backhand

-RP Backhand is the same except that you have to do two of the following things

-Your grip should not be like the old way of holding the paddle. It should be more like Wang Hao's. The pinky, ring, and middle finger should not be curled so much that the side of the middle finger is keeping pressure on the surface of the paddle. If you want to do RPB, you should take the three fingers and put them straight on the back together with all three fingers touching the paddle. Then curve them to the side together with most of the pressure between your thumb and the pad of your middle finger. The side of the middle finger should be touching the paddle but not keeping pressure. The pads of the ring and pinky should also be touching the paddle but not keeping pressure.

-You have to try and hit the ball near the edge of the paddle as not to hit the fingers. Shakehand players should try to hit there as well as there is more wrist movement there. Thus, more power.


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