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Table Tennis Tips

A real low and short no-spin serve can give you some easy points in matches, as they are difficult to flip hard, and they require good timing to push hard. Mix it up with a heavy backspin in the same spot. Remember to get it short, the ball should bounce short on your side close to the net...

 Table tennis blade ratings:

Blade SPEED:
This factor is judged out of 100 and is used to differentiate the blades ‘speed and responsiveness’. It’s primary objective is to assist in the understanding of the tempo, elasticity and rigidity of the blade. The concept is that the lower speed factors utilize and enhance control whilst the higher factors indicate ‘less contact time’ with the ball so they exploit and generate more speed, with reduced control. You must also be aware that the speed of a blade can alter the speed, spin and overall performance characteristic of the rubber(s).

This numerical rating is the most subjective as each player has different levels of neurological reactions linked to the ‘sensitive zones’ in the hands. Players undoubtedly have varying levels of ‘sensory feel’ and perception, so each blade ‘TYPE’ will feel different. Blades showing higher control factors do not necessarily provide the most control. Most importantly, you must always take into consideration, the actual description of the game style ‘TYPE’ for each blade

This factor indicates each blades ‘average’ weight. Blades weight from around 60g (very light) to 120g (very heavy). Most standard blades weigh around 85 grams. The weight does not necessarily define the characteristics of the blade. Some people prefer light blades, some prefer heavy... it's personal preference really...


Blade TYPE / STYLE: 

For consistent powerful forehand and backhand top spinning loop play. Offensive blades are ideal for players who want to set the momentum and dictate the play. Contact time with the ball is relatively brief to benefit and boost pressure play. For enhanced touch, choose blades that include carbon or glass fibre for extra control.

Somewhere in between OFF+ and OFF-

Offence Minus blades benefit the spin player and are a popular choice for a wide variety of attacking styles. The steady supply of power provides momentum and responsiveness for successful offensive strokes. Offensive players looking to capitalize on high spin often perform well with this blade type.

ALL+ Spin-Control Strategy
Superb for active and authoritative all-round players. The intelligently mixed balance of soft, semi-hard woods are proficient at allowing an extensive variety of strokes to be played. Variable spin and constant speed are their foremost advantages. These blades allow good ‘contact time’ and present sensitive touch under pressure. A positive, well accepted choice for countless styles of play.

The enhanced touch and soft feel characteristics are a distinct advantage for players who like to be in command of control and accuracy for the all-round spin game. This inflated control combined with moderate power suits the constructive spin player and can be suitable for active defensive players.

These blades are generally highly absorbent, offering no real capacity for power or force. They highlight low speed with superb control, mostly used by the cautious defender.

DEF Defence Strategy
Defensive blades capitalize on offering low speed factors with maximum control. This combination exaggerates ‘contact time’ with the ball. The modern, progressive defensive game requires a capacity to allow switching from defense into attack



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