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Table Tennis Tips

A real low and short no-spin serve can give you some easy points in matches, as they are difficult to flip hard, and they require good timing to push hard. Mix it up with a heavy backspin in the same spot. Remember to get it short, the ball should bounce short on your side close to the net...

 Table tennis blade types:

If you want to get the right blade for your style, these are some factors to consider:

Blade Speed:
The general trend regarding blade speed is that faster blades tend to be used by the more aggressive players, and slower blades by the more defensive. Players who use more spin also tend to prefer slower blades, because they believe that a slower blade increases the amount of time the ball is in contact with the rubber, giving them more time to put spin on the ball. In general the faster blades have less control, whereas the slower blades have more control.

Blade Stiffness:
The stiffness of the blade refers to the amount of flex or bend the blade has. A stiffer blade will generally be faster but less spinny than a flexible blade. The different materials used in manufacturing blades will affect the stiffness of the blade.

Blade Layers:
According to the Rules of Table Tennis, at least 85% of the blade by thickness must be natural wood. This gives manufacturers some leeway to make composite blades including layers made of such material as carbon fibre, aralyte, or glass fibre. The effect of these materials can vary - carbon is said to strengthen and stiffen the blade, while also increasing the speed and the size of the sweet spot of the blade. Aralyte and glass fiber is meant to also increase the speed and size of the sweet spot, but is supposed to dampen vibration and give a softer feel than carbon.

In general the softer all-wooden blades will usually give you the best feel and therefore control, whereas composite blades will give you better speed and a larger sweet spot.  

Blade Balance:
The balance of a blade refers to whether the centre of gravity of the blade is closer to the handle or the tip of the head. Loopers and hitters tend to prefer head-heavy blades which help them generate that little bit of extra spin and speed, while blockers and defensive players quite often prefer blades with the centre of gravity towards the handle, which can increase the feeling of control. Bear in mind that the centre of gravity of a blade can change quite a bit depending on the weight of the rubbers you choose - heavy rubbers will tend to move the centre of gravity out towards the tip of the rackethead.

Blade Weight:
The weight of the blade itself can be a factor. Lighter blades can usually be swung more quickly, but heavier blades have more mass to use when hitting the ball. Some suggest you should look for the heaviest blade that you can still swing comfortably and quickly, which should give you the best speed when hitting the ball. Personally I feel the weight comes down to personal preference.

Blade Head Size
The difference in air resistance between large headed table tennis paddles and smaller headed paddles is pretty much insignificant, so the main issue of concern here is that larger rackets require more rubber to cover the surface, which makes the racket heavier and also tends to move the centre of gravity of the blade away from the handle.


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