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A real low and short no-spin serve can give you some easy points in matches, as they are difficult to flip hard, and they require good timing to push hard. Mix it up with a heavy backspin in the same spot. Remember to get it short, the ball should bounce short on your side close to the net...

 Butterfly Ishlion

In 2007, Butterfly unleashes its second generation
Uniaxial Light Carbon Blade, the Ishlion.
This unique construction process has all of the carbon fibers pointing in the same direction.
This allows our engineers to actually increase the density of the graphic fibers; while reducing the weight of the graphite by 18%. The result is a light blade which features great power even from mid-distance with increased ball feeling.

Uniaxial Light Carbon pushes the technology of blade manufacturing to a new level and the Ishlion can do the same for your game.

Speed: 96
Control: 75
Weight: 76g
Feel: Hard

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 Butterfly Ishlion reviews (collected from internet):
The Ishlion is one of a very select few blades that I regard highly. At first it is quite fast and slightly head heavy. Once you settle in the blade really starts to shine. It's fast enough, with enough vibration and its light in weight. I play a 2 wing looping game (Although Haggisv wants me on the darkside), I don't glue and I use Mendo MP which is a fairly difficult rubber to use. I loop fine and the quality of my loops has increased a few levels. The only disadvantage I see with this blade is that when your further back away from the table it does lack some power. LawOCG

Comments: this blade is very good, i love it. just need the perfect rubber combination. the best rubber to go on this blade is something with soft sponge. otherwise you will definitely notice the head heaviness. so anything that have speed glue effect build in is good. there's a rubber sheet from zeropong, it's very cheap and the sponge is perfect. but it needs speed glue. with speed glue, this combination is so perfect. ball feel is greater than any blade and rubber combination i have tried. (embarasing to count... wasted so much money). carbonblade

Comments: This blade as the same excellent quality as the rest of the Japanese-made Butterfly blades. The handle is comfortable (same as KLHS), but I prefer the handle style of the Schlager Carbon. My Ishlion weighed a mere 74 grams, which sounds exciting until you start playing with it. If I used 2.1 rubbers, it felt too head-heavy, so I used 1.9 rubbers for better balance (even though I don't like 1.9 rubbers). The end result was a very light setup for over-table play with lots of control. Using 1.9 rubbers and with the ULC carbon design of this blade, there's was never a lack of feel for the ball. Speed was good, but a setup this light would have questionable power from the mid-distance unless you're using fast rubbers. Timing is the biggest problem I encountered when playing with this blade because of the low weight, but if you need something light, this would be a good blade. The rubbers I tried on this blade were Bryce FX 1.9, Sriver G2 1.9, Tackiness-C 1.9, as well as an assortment of 2.1 rubbers. I think the ideal rubbers for this blade for both power, total weight, and balance would be to use EEII-treated "high tension" rubbers, 2.1 rubber thickness on the FH (or strongest side) and 1.9 on the BH (or weaker side). Examples of good rubber would be Sriver G2 FX, Catapult, Solcion, or Cermet. The problem with using a lot of Chinese rubbers is that they are very heavy and have hard sponges. The problem with using rubber like regular Sriver is that they'll be too slow from the mid-distance. (Remember that this is a light blade and it still requires faster rubbers from the mid-distance.) Tackiness-C was too slow on this blade, and Bryce FX was fast but didn't have enough dwell time. If you don't mind a slightly head-heavy setup, then go with Solcion 2.1 on both sides, but treat with two layers of EEII (if you want a speedglue effect without using speedglue). Otherwise, you'll spend a lot of money on this blade and not find a setup that works right. Stephen, USA

Bty Ishlion:
Very light and fast blade that shines when used for driving. Also very much head heavy and with low dwell time making it horrible for looping and the blade I like least of this set.
Very much going to sell/trade this blade. Servio

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