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A real low and short no-spin serve can give you some easy points in matches, as they are difficult to flip hard, and they require good timing to push hard. Mix it up with a heavy backspin in the same spot. Remember to get it short, the ball should bounce short on your side close to the net...

 Butterfly Kong Linghui Special

Also known as Butterfly Kong Linghui Premium.

This new addition in the very popular line of rackets designed with the help of the 2000 Olympic Men's Champion, Kong Linghui, offers the best speed to control ratio in the Offensive Class of Blades. Used by Kong Linghui himself, the unique Arylate-Carbon and 3 ply-wood construction of this blade produces the perfect blend of control, speed, and maneuverability for the off-the-bounce quick attacking style of play. The soft feel of Arylate blended with the power of Carbon, this blade has it all.

Speed: 80
Control: 80
Weight: 90g

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 Butterfly Kong Linghui Special reviews
Comments: Comfortable FL handle, light weight, and balances very well with 2.1 rubbers. Perfect feel for the ball, and it is not as soft as an all-hinoki blade but not as hard as a carbon blade (somewhere in between as you'd expect with a carbon/arylate). I use this with Bryce FX 2.1 F/B and another setup with Bryce FX 2/1 (F) / Sriver G2 FX 2.1 (B) and this is the ideal combo (unglued). There's plenty of power yet is also good for over-table play. This blade forms a terrific foundation for most styles of play. Negative comments below, IMO, are the results of not matching the correct rubber to the level (or style) of play. (If you speedglue Bryce and can't keep it on the table, it's not the blade's fault!) Simply put, this is a great blade! Stephen

Comments: This is one of the 2 EXCELLENT carbon/arylate blades I have. I put sriver el FH Magna BH,I like this a little bit more 'cuz it is lighter, powerful w/lots of control. I find the AN handle very nice and comfortable and fit just right in my palm. Just can't go wrong with this, whether it's pushing, hitting, looping mid or far from table. I'm enjoying every moment w/this combo. , and gonna use his for long long time. Tieh

Comments: Brought this blade on the reccomendation of this forum. I wanted a fast blade with good feel and control. All of the fast baldes i tried in the past were to hard and had no feel. Step up the KLS blade. This baldes got it all. Its light, fast easy to loop from mid distance and push and counters from close to the table are easy to execute and it all feels eminatly controllable. The balde feel is definatly soft when in contact with the ball and you can feel what the ball has done after its left the bat. More inportantly the acrylate dampening cuts out most of the unwanted vibration but not the feel. A great offensive blade. stephen

Comments: This blade is under-rated on! Do not belive what it says. They give this blade an 8 for speed and control, altough believe in what i'm saying... This blade is much faster than 8. It's more like between a 9 and 9 1/2. Also they state this is a soft blade... Wrong! It's hard. It's faster than Timo Boll Spirit, I have no doubt about it. Someone stated it is slower but it isn't. I'm droping this blade. Quite dificult to short return service from your opponent. That's maybe why Kong himself uses this blade with no carbon-arylate layer on his forehand... If you play this blade against high rated players you will see why it is useless... Unless you're a top player and practice 6 hours daily of course. Do not misunderstood me... This is a fine blade, very solid and perfect for all out attack. A killer if you play against a worst player than yourself... Against stronger players you'll find yourself strugling to keep the ball low and short on service return and this is essencial if you want to win rather than show off hitting topspin and smashing lightspeed shots, this will not make you win everytime you play, on the contrary... Lightweight, hard, no vibration, excelent looks, butterfly top quality finish... Maybe if it was a tinny slower I would stick with it. Too hot with Bryce FX on both wings extremelly speed glued with illegal compound glue. Z Z Camarinha

Comments: I tried this blade with BTY Sriver FX2.0 in FH and Joola Samba 1.8 in BH; The blade is less hard than and slower than Timo Boll Spirit; and BTY Primo Carbon. The blade is very flexible and controbleable. The blade is light and you have very clear feeling in your contact with the ball. The dwelling time for the ball in topspin is longer than carbon blades. The excessive vibration in hitting ir spin is filtered by the combination of arylate - carbon. The blade give you a nice feeling that the hitting is blade is through the rubber the the blade. The blad eis NOT power to play topspin away from the table. feel when hitting the ball; you feel more wood than carbon feeling. The speed is same as Donic Wolldner carbon. But the feeling is better. Kao

Comments: This is great, one of my favorite blades. Since the addition of the 40mm ball, the game has gotten slightly slower. With this blade medium-fast blade, one can play an allaround attacking game with great control and still make powerful attacking shots like the blade's namesake, Kong Linghui. The arylate and carbon mixture in the blade also add a nice touch as they absorb some of the vibration and enlarge the sweetspot, but don't take away from the feel of the blade. 10, perfect in all aspects. YeeJun

Comments: Feels like a medium-touch, medium-fast wood. CArbon-arylate will kick when you hit the ball hard. Has a large sweet spot. No problem with drop shots , pushes and chops. I can loop with heavy spins easily. Very good in smashing and blocking. Downfall is the price. Best workmanship in the market though. spinmaster

Comments: Amazing blade. Light, fast, lots of control, wonderful feeling. Excellent for looping, blocking and smashing. A BTYs master piece. Just perfect. Fernando

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