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A real low and short no-spin serve can give you some easy points in matches, as they are difficult to flip hard, and they require good timing to push hard. Mix it up with a heavy backspin in the same spot. Remember to get it short, the ball should bounce short on your side close to the net...

 Butterfly Timo Boll Spirit

A great Carbon blade for the European style of looping play. Good balance of speed and control. Used by young German sensation, Timo Boll.

Seven ply offensive blade combines high tech materials Carbon and Arylate perfectly with high class veneers. Carbon provides high speed and extreme stability whilst Arylate stands for unusually good elasticty. For everybody wishing to add speed, feeling ad precision to their game. Extreme stability and high speed.

  • Speed: 83
  • Control: 79
  • eight: 89
  • Ply: 5W, 2A/C

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 Butterfly Timo Boll Spirit reviews
One of the most highly regarded and popular blades from Butterfly. A little too fast for beginners or developing players, but an excellent blade for offensive players and power loopers, with good touch in the short game and excellent power when needed.


The TIMO BOLL SPIRIT OFF stands for the „new middle“ in the class of offensive blades.
Carbon provides extreme hardness. Arylate with only 50% of the Carbon amount is softer.
Compared to the CARBON OFF+ series this blade is an idea slower, therefore with better feeling while the loss of energy at the contact with the ball is minimal. And it is excellent for speed-gluing. Finally on is not to forget that the blade is ten times more stable as normal constructions. Altogether a very interesting offensive blade for modern spin-based offensive play – and if close at heart a blade for a lifetime. So the prize seeming quite high is surely worth it. Review by Taisei Imamura, Materials expert, Butterfly.


I used to play with Samsonov Alpha and Rapid Soft Max and Fair Chack for 3,5 years. For last year I have felt that it is not hard enough for me and not fast enough. And I have bought Boll Spirit. It is amazing very good balanced blade. I thought that it won't be possible for me to play with it for several trainings but it has unbelievable control so even my chops became better (it is one of the weakest element in my technique). All my strokes became much faster and lower with less affords. My backhand became very fast and accurate (forehand was accurate and fast before but not it became much much faster). I have found two very small minuses in this blade: 1) it forces me to play active attacking game, but it is OFF so it was supposed to be so 2) it is a little bit to heavy for my backhand ( i have used to very light weight blades) so it forces me to play not so close to the table to give my arm time to prepare to the stroke, but I think that after several trainings it would be ok. As a conclusion perfect blade for OFF play from different ranges and from both BH and FH. Serhiy Kravtsov


I will only recommend this blade to advanced players. First of all, it is fast and doesn't have much feeling. It's outer Koto plies gives you a crisp, clean, and fast counters and loops. Loops are fast and don't dwell very long on the blade. The blade will feel very different depending on which handle you get. Straight handles are the heaviest compared to flared and anatomic. B/c of the weight difference from the handle, the weight ratio will change the feel and control of the blade. I found the straight handle to have better control b/c of the heavier weight. In my opinion, if you're a newbie or around 1700 and less, i wouldn't choose this blade. You're better off developing better control for your game by choosing a slower blade and using proper technique to generate power and speed. Daniel

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