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A real low and short no-spin serve can give you some easy points in matches, as they are difficult to flip hard, and they require good timing to push hard. Mix it up with a heavy backspin in the same spot. Remember to get it short, the ball should bounce short on your side close to the net...

C-8 Long-pimples rubber has been referred to as the "Chinese Magic Racket" or Chinese Table Tennis Team Secret Weapon" by the Table tennis world. It makes a breathtaking effect due to it's irregular swing of super-long pimples.



  • Long Pips out rubber
  • Strange Effect on Ball
  • Can generate attack
  • Can be VERY Deceptive
  • Can throw Knuckle ball effect
  • ITTF/USATT/CTTA approved
  • Sponge 1.0mm


Ratings :

  • Speed: 8
  • Spin: 10
  • Control: 8



            Double Happiness C-8 is a highly deceptive chopping rubber that can also produce some attacking shots. Returns can produce decent spin reversal and can be highly unpredictable! It is regarded as a rubber with HIGHLY 'disturbing' properties.

User Reviews (from internet/newsgroups):

Review by Alex:
I testing the C8 red 1.0mm on my Stiga Energy wood today. My main comparison is to my favourite Galaxy 955 0.6mm, on the same same blade.

In general this rubber has very good control, despite the fact that it had a 1.0mm sponge.

Return of serve:
Control was good, was a little sensitive to incoming spin, but not bad at all. The spin reversal is not great on this, it produces more of a dead ball, but the control allowed good placement, and the grip allowed me to keep it real low. Against topspin a quick block was quite easy to and with good control. Against backspin, attacking was harder, it felt a little too fast, probably due to the stiffer pip and harder sponge.

Generate spin:
I did not feel I could generate a lot of spin with this rubber, the pimples are a little stiff and the sponge quite firm, so I don't think it's the best for this. Still as a fake this is not so bad. There WAS enough grip to keep no-spin balls low though, so it's still a fairly grippy pip.

Blocking against loops:
This is where this rubber really shines... the control was fantastic, better than any I've tried so far. It had a bit of a dead feel on passive blocks, so I had little trouble keeping my blocks on the table. Hitting the ball more aggressively worked very well too. The bat must be closed a little, and a forward movement is required, and this could produce fairly fast balls with decent sink...very effective.

Chopping against loops:
This rubber offered good control for this as well, but not as good as the 955. I feel the 1.0mm sponge certainly contributed to this, a 0.6mm would almost certainly improve this control. Spin reversal was very good, and I could certainly very the spin quite well, but I had more trouble keeping the ball on the table.

With the 1.0mm sponge I feel this rubber is great for blockers, and offers good attacking abilities. It has good control in most aspects of the game, and enough control for some effective chopping, but it excels close to the table. The sponge probably contributes as much to this as the pimples do.


C8 plays like a cross between Friendship 755 and Stiga Destroyer, and is very effective close to the table. Counter-hits, so long as you are in position and hit through the ball, are consistent and give decent spin reversal. Blocks against topspin can be done by using a strong forwards movement, although chop-blocks seem to work better: they are more consistent, stay low, and give good spin reversal while slowing the ball down. Hitting against backspin, especially against heavy backspin, is consistent and reasonably fast. As with 755, it is better to use a 'normal' style for hitting against backspin, rather than the 'scooping' style that is necessary for other long pimples (a 'normal' style, for backhand shots, uses the wrist and forearm in roughly equal amounts, whereas the 'scooping' style comes almost entirely from the forearm and involves opening the face of the bat while keeping a straight wrist throughout the shot). Pushes with C8 can be kept low, and produce enough variation to make the opponent hesitate. Chops with C8 give good to very good spin reversal enough to trouble a good looper. However, because C8 is a relatively fast long pimpled rubber, it is really only good for fast chopping. It is difficult to slow the ball down, and it is difficult to control the rally when chopping (since everything happens too fast!). The speed also means chops tend to go long. Despite this, C8 would be effective for occasional or even frequent chops, so long as this is not the focus of one's game. Overall then, C8 is not especially good as a chopping rubber; and most close-to-the-table players would probably prefer Friendship 755 or 837 (since these are slightly better for hitting and normal blocking). But for those close-to-the-table players who like to hit and chop-block, C8 is probably the better choice.


Name: Yose

Country: Singapore

Comments: great at reversing spins and superb wobbling effect also you can hit hard with this rubber.The only downside is that it's wobbling could sometime be so unpredictable even to us the players >.<

Rating: 10


Name: Syed

Country: Indonesia

Comments: Great Blocks and spin reversal but what really surprised was it's speed that makes an assumption that a long pimple rubber can't hit hard has gone totally wrong

Rating: 10


Name: yesman

Country: USA

Comments: Spin reversing effects are pretty good, and attacking is easy and effective. What really suprised me was its great control. To me, it has better control than Dr. Neub what ever super special. Spin reversal is much worse, though.

Rating: 9



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