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A real low and short no-spin serve can give you some easy points in matches, as they are difficult to flip hard, and they require good timing to push hard. Mix it up with a heavy backspin in the same spot. Remember to get it short, the ball should bounce short on your side close to the net...

 DHS No 15 water based glue

DHS has brought out a new water based glue, called DHS No 15 Aqua glue. Below is a review of the 50ml bottle, used to glue a rubber to a blade.


A new blade and rubber was used to test this new glue from DHS. The glue come in a 50ml sealed bottle, with a 2 sponges to be used as applicators. One sponge is white and very soft & absorbent, whereas the other is black and quite firm... I'm uncertain which one is meant to be used.


I removed the the silver seal off the top of the bottle, revealing a thick, white and odourless liquid. I poured a little glue onto the rubber and blade, and spread it out with the applicators. The white applicator seemed to absorb a lot of the glue, although it was very good to spreading a thin layer of glue. 


The black one was good for getting a even layer everywhere, but felt not as easy to spread with. In the end I think anything can used to spread the glue, so it's not really a issue. Care should be taken to make sure that edges are covered completely on both the rubber and blade.


Both the rubber and glue were left to dry for about 10mins, after which the glue was virtually transparent. The surface felt a little tacky on both, and did not seem to soak into the surfaces at all. There was no signs of any stretching or doming on the rubber.

I applied the rubber to the blade, lining it up at the bottom, near the handle first, then pushing down the rest of the rubber, and used a roller to make sure it was attached firmly with no bubbles.

The rubber felt like it was attached firmly immediately, so it was easy to handle and to cut. I did notice that around the edges, a few spots had not stuck down well, since I had not put the glue on either the rubber or blade in those spots. I think you really need the gluer on BOTH surfaces to get a good bond.

I clamped the rubber for 20mins just to be sure, but it looked and felt exactly the same afterwards, so I suspect it may not even be required.

The glue washed off the applicator sponge quite easily by holding in running water and squeezing, but it must be done before the glue starts to dry.


The bat played as normal, no signs of any speed glue effect at all. This is pretty much what I expected.

Next (after an hour) I removed the rubbers from the blade. Removal was fairly easy, although I had to pull firmly, very much like a well glued on rubber with standard VOC based glue.

it was interesting to see that virtually all of the glue had stuck to the blade, not the rubber... which is quite a nice feature, but this won't be the case on all rubbers, since I tried it on a test piece earlier, and glue did stick to the sponge as well.

Now since this is a water based glue, you might think it will dissolve again when you make it wet, to make the removal easier... well think again... this is not the case. This glue seems very much like many other water based glues out there, eg like the Donic  water glue... once they dry, water will not soften the glue again. The only one that I have seen, that does dissolve again in water, is the Falco Water glue.

The removal of the remaining glue was not too hard...still easier than most VOC based glues, which seem to soak into the surface more. You need to rub fairly firmly on the surface, and start rolling the bits of glue off.




Conclusion: This glue works quite well, and does not seem to be much different to most of the other water based glues out there. It's a good and safe alternative to VOC based glues. The 50ml bottle should do quite a few bats, as long as you don't soak too much of the glue into the white applicator sponge.

I believe the DHS Aqua glue that comes in the 500ml bottle is the same stuff, although i have not tried it. The 98ml tube is supposed to be a thicker version of the same glue, that is recommend to be used with the DHS Intensifiers speed glue alternative, to provide better adhesion to keep down the strong dome of the rubber.

Click here for pricing or to purchase DHS No 15 glue from One of a Kind Trading Australia

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