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A real low and short no-spin serve can give you some easy points in matches, as they are difficult to flip hard, and they require good timing to push hard. Mix it up with a heavy backspin in the same spot. Remember to get it short, the ball should bounce short on your side close to the net...

 729 Dr Evil

“Strange spin changing short pips.”


  • Undisclosed formulation
  • Disrupts traditional spin of ball
  • Chop almost any ball
  • Aggressively attack most service
  • Strange Effect on ball.
  • Will produce deceptive shots.
  • Good spin reversal.
  • Excellent smash/flat kill.
  • Can chop from distance or close to the table.
  • Rock hard rubber for maximum spin reversal.
  • Thick base sheet designed for OX use
  • ITTF Approved

Ratings (out of 10)

  • Speed: 7
  • Spin: 5
  • Control: 9
  • No sponge (OX)  


Special formulation of natural and synthetic rubber compounds make this pip rubber very strange. The formula not the length of the pips is what gives this rubber its ability to chop, bump, smash, and manipulate spin all with unparalleled control.  Dr. Evil can glass under a ball one shot and generate spin on the next. This product is durable! broken pips are rare even during robot practice. Unlike "classic" hard bat rubbers, Dr Evil is able to handle high amounts of incoming spin, making this rubber an excellent choice for players who play in open sponge events.

This rubber feels like it's of the same material as the 729 804 anti-spin rubber, which is also not really like other anti-spin rubbers as it has quite a bit of grip. Control is very good and there is little you can't do with this rubber.

Note: This is one of the very few rubbers that is USATT approved, so it can be used on most hardbat events as well.

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 729 Dr Evil Review:
Dr. Evil mini-review:

While many claim that Dr. Evil is made from an anti-spin material, it's behavior tells us that this is not so. While it is a hard rubber, given the proper stroke and drive, Dr. Evil can produce a fair amount of spin. That's why the spin rating is a "5" and not the "0"
or "1" you'd expect from an "anti" rubber.

Dr. Evil is hardbat approved by the USATT Hardbat Committee. While it is harder and "deader" than the pips out OX rubber that was most commonly used in the classic era, some people think that it is still the closed thing to classic Leyland rubber currently available.

It is interesting to read and hear all of the different impressions people have of Dr. Evil. IMO, that is because it is actually an all-round general purpose rubber. You can chop with it, hit with it, block with it, return dead balls with it - you can even sorta loop with it if you work very hard and swing fast. This is pretty much
what you'd expect from a regular sheet of "ordinary pimpled rubber."
Dr. Evil is actually "Joe Ordinary." It is the jack of all strokes, but it masters none. But in this world of specialization with ultra-maximum-everything, glue effect rubbers and carbon blades, a simple ordinary rubber that is moderately slow and doesn't react much to incoming spin can seem frighteningly evil to your opponent.

Review by Jay T (with permission)


Other reviews (authors unknown):

Dr Evil is basically a pip made out of anti material.  The thick base sheet gives it a nice feel without sponge.  It's not really heavy reversal until it gets really old, but it makes a dead knuckle ball and it does pass some spin through when you chop.  I'd compare it more to medium pips like 563 but with more control.


I would describe it as an anti-spin short pip. The hardness of the rubber makes it almost immune to spin. Dr Evil has a thicker base sheet then standard short pips. However, when I tried it some months ago on my CarboFlex I found I had to be very careful with incoming balls that had a high velocity as they had a tendency to penetrate to the blade and rebound away out of control. I then tried it with .6 sponge, but found this completely eliminated any reversal or weird effect. Dr Evil is fantastic for service return. I think it is a great backside choice for penholders who generally only use one side.  Also, while it is almost immune to spin it is very sensitive to velocity on harder faster blades.

A rubber that does Evil things to the ball. Very deceptive! The name alone does enough psychological damage to your opponents. Insist they inspect your rubber before play!

Doesn't give that much chop back, though if you do a heavy spin loop to it you get a fair bit of chop.
It can generate a *bit* of spin. Nothing much though.
A loop to a straight block produces a completely dead nospin ball and the flight can wobble a LOT.
It's not *that* great for chopping. There are easier rubbers to chop with and rubbers that give more deception, reversal, etc. Chopping with it is sort of hard to add spin, but fairly easier to produce a dead nospin chop.
It *can* do a heap of other things though - I can loop with it fairly easily and produce nospin loops, light top (vs chop) and sometimes a light chop (vs loop) loop - which sounds really weird. 
All in all - It's very very close to playing hardbat. I'd like to see how it goes with a thin sponge underneath it, or even a thick 2mm one. Silvalis

Dr evil is for those people who really know how to chop. It doesn't do the work for you, like long pips.

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