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A real low and short no-spin serve can give you some easy points in matches, as they are difficult to flip hard, and they require good timing to push hard. Mix it up with a heavy backspin in the same spot. Remember to get it short, the ball should bounce short on your side close to the net...

 Table tennis Master: Forehand Loop Mastery DVD

Table tennis Master's description:

"How would you like to master the forehand loop? FAST!

Imagine… being able to execute deadly loops, just like the pros!

The forehand loop is the most dynamic and powerful shot in table tennis, and this DVD reveals everything you need to know to master it with ease. By following the techniques you will...
Discover how to perform slow loops, loop drives, and loop kills like a pro.
Control the pace of the game at will, and throw your opponent off with ease.
Master the counter-loop and never again collapse under the pressure of an aggressive attacker.
"Beef up" your arsenal and destroy the competition with lethal third, fourth and fifth ball loop attacks... your opponents will be devastated by your relentless offense.
Develop a “killer instinct” and increase your confidence to initiate the attack.
Annihilate your opponents with vicious sidespin hook and fade loops.

With this killer DVD as your guide you'll master the forehand loop faster than you ever thought possible. It's practical, simple, and the most cutting-edge loop training available today.

Imagine... Having A Chinese Master As Your Coach!

It’s no secret that the Chinese dominate the sport of table tennis. They train long and they train hard - and are known as the most disciplined players in the world.

So if you want to get good fast... doesn't it make sense to learn from a Chinese coach who’s "been there"? Who's trained and competed with the BEST?!

Born and raised in China, Coach Tao Li has been a student of table tennis all his life...

He was a first class professional player for the Hebei Provincial Team in China for many years and was also Head Coach of the Beijing Jiaotong University Table Tennis Program. Presently, he's a well-respected NCCP Certified Level 3 Table Tennis Coach in Canada.

Coach Tao Li. Because Coach Li is such an experienced player and teacher... what you are about to see can be QUICKLY "absorbed" into your muscle memory. You get "full on" training that will have you unleashing killer loops as fast as possible. The material is easy, simple and brutally effective.

We ship ANYWHERE in the world at a flat rate of $5.00.
All Table Tennis Master DVDs are set for "All Regions" and can be played on all DVD players worldwide
Running time: approx. 75 minutes"



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 Table tennis Master: Forehand Loop Mastery DVD reviews and comments:
Reviews/comments from forums (,

They are among the very best training/coaching dvds available.
Yes, they are set up in a progressive fashion. For example, you are shown the differences in fh loops, slow, drive, and kill. Then you are instructed as to how to go about learning to do these correctly, step by step. It is explained that you should become proficient at each step before progressing to the next, so that your foundation will be sound.
Later, the hook and fade loops are explained.
The instructor has a very long back swing, and it is explained that this is according to his particular style, you do not need to make your back swing the same as his.
The fh loop mastery dvd is the very best I have ever seen on looping, a standout! The smash dvd is very good also. Sprite

I got a copy of the Forehand Loop dvd from a friend last week and I have watched it a couple of times, It has the best demonstration of the variations of Forehand loop that I have seen on dvd yet. A good Chinese coach of high standard and perfect technique will demonstrate all the variations of the Forehand loop and then through a progressive set of 30 drills he shows you what to practice and how to practice it increasing the difficulty, Some of the later drills are obviously not for beginners and they should really buy a Basics dvd first and practice that for a while before investing in this dvd. I believe that Tabletennismaster are doing a deal for both dvds together at the moment. Tommy Lee


I have both DVDs the Mastering Loop and Mastering Smash Technique. I agree with what other people are saying about these two DVDs. They are the best training DVDs that I've seen. What I like about them is that they disect only one aspect of the game and they go in depth on how to achieve a good looping technique. They don't talk about serve, serve return or anything else. The only purpose of the DVD is to show you how to loop with good technique and nothing else. Another great plus is that it is narrated in English so you are watching the motions and listening to the explanation of techniques. This DVD is good as a resource tool because you can come back to it time after time as you progress through all the drills and exercises. If you have no access to coaching, these 2 DVDs will be the best next thing you can do to improve your game. Alindo


Wanted to add some positive comments about the DVD itself:
For the price, yes its absolutely worth it. The instructions are completely unambiguous, nothing missing, all questions answered: the commentary in the DVD is very nice. Another nice thing, here you have an instructional DVD talking about loop variations and tactics in a point, and for once, when they include actual match points the variations included for that particular point are _relevant_ to that section of the video - as in, if they are talking about slow looping to set up a loop drive in the 5th ball, then the clip shows samsonov or whomever doing exactly that.
So I am quite impressed. As someone who doesn't work with a coach regularly I am happy if I can get clear instructions that I can trust. This especially when there is so much conflicting info about the loop, there are of course different styles (euro vs. chinese) and different eras.
I guess that is what I want to emphasize, I trust this. And I have heard a LOT of conflicting and yes, some just straight up bad advice when it comes to table tennis, we all have.
So the DVD is nice, it delivers what it promises in my opinion, case closed. Chronos


Well I've had the Forehand Loop DVD for a while and just thought I'd add some comments.
- EXCELLENT quality and camera angles. First rate.
- Very clear narration explaining each step
- Covers 5 types of loops: Slow Loop, Fast Loop, Loop Drive, Fade Loop, Hook Loop.
- Filmed in Vancouver (my hometown, WOOT!)
- Step-by-step drills and exercises to progressively master the technique.
From all I have seen, books, dvds, forums, and tutorials; this DVD is the BEST way to learn how to do loop shots.
I confirm this dvd is a good value. Very satisfied with the product. I also forgot to mention for those interested; You don't just watch some expert doing loops. After ample demonstrations, they teach you a series of drills. The drills are easy to learn and it progressively teaches you. Once you master one drill you move on to the next. Very good. anixon


I have both DVD's and i train at the place they made the DVD GVTTA. Im also very good friends with the little kid who feeds the ball, TEDDY!
This is a very good DVD, i am a beginner and it has helped my loop a lot.
The forehand smash DVD is also very good, but i have not watched all of it yet.
This is a DVD for beginners and for very advanced players, it has a great range and great explanations. Death Angel


For all players, the looping and smashing DVDs by tabletennismaster are detailed and excellent. I wish they would make more on other topics. mynamenotbob


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