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A real low and short no-spin serve can give you some easy points in matches, as they are difficult to flip hard, and they require good timing to push hard. Mix it up with a heavy backspin in the same spot. Remember to get it short, the ball should bounce short on your side close to the net...

 Galaxy Yin-He Venus 1 (V1) blade

Galaxy (also known as Yin-He) is a well-known Chinese company that has been producing table tennis equipment over 20 years. They offer some very high quality hi-tech blades for competition and professional players. Blades such as this one are of VERY good quality, and offers excellent value for money.

Galaxy makes some of the top Chinese blades, and it's a well-kept secret that they make (and re-badge) some blades for non-Chinese companies as well.


  • Speed: 9

  • Control 9

  • 2-carbon, 3-plywood 

  • Thickness 7.0mm

  • offensive (fast)

  • Weight: 87g


 Galaxy Yin-He T-1 blade review

Here are my thoughts and opinions off the top of my brain, after little time using this blade: (1 hour practice then the following night 3 hours at local club).

As I had purchased both the new V1 and V2 blades, I decided to only setup one of them.  Since I read so many things about the V1 being a good looping blade on some Chinese forums....I went with it over the V2. I happy I did!   This blade is rated as an OFF+.  I was somewhat apprehensive about using such a fast blade, coming from using mainly ALL to OFF- blades.  But just as adapting from a ALL to an OFF- blade, I found the V1 to be very controllable for me.  I think that may be also influenced by the fact that I have been using the Rapid Sound rubbers on my Yasaka Extra and Gambler AC for the past several weeks. So maybe this helped me as I have moved up to this much faster blade, as the Sound rubber is med-soft and not too fast in general. 

My thoughts with the Sound rubber after using it on my other blades, especially on the YE....was that is had a higher through compared to other Chinese rubbers I have used. It was hard for me to adjust to the Sound on my YE.  But now with the Galaxy V1, it is no problem at all.  I feel the V1 may be throwing the ball a lot lower than the YE or Gambler blades.  This fact helped me adapt well. 

The V1 has a very crisp "pop" to it when hitting.  I think the Hinoki top ply also gives a great softer feel with the carbon layer underneath. This is my first experience with Hinoki. It loops rather well.....or I should say it loops extremely well!  The looping acting is more of a lower arc, but so fast and powerful with the higher rebound of the Sound rubber.  I will try a few other rubbers in the future after I spend a month or so with it setup like it is now.

Like I said, I was apprehensive about using such a fast labeled blade.  Now after using the V1, I have no problems at all.  My touch shots and pushes were actually better than the YE or Gambler blades.  Blocking was only slightly different at first. Blocks were so much faster, so I had to get used to the blade angle being slightly different than my past setups.  But after a couple hours of use, I can block even better now as the throw angle seems much lower and balls rocket to the opposite side of the table.  This really threw off a few of my opponents, as they were not used to such speed on various shots from me.

The only shots that I have to get used to more now, are the chops and backspin variations I do.  I really have to flatten out my blade compared to my past setups.  I figured out a few during my club night, and the results were amazing with the amount of power and spin I can now produce.  And the same power and spin holds true to my looping on both wings.  I have to reduce the wrist motions a bit more than what I was used to, but my loops are so powerful now.  I had to slow down my arm motion on the brush loops because of the speed factor of the blade, but the results were incredible.  My opponents often left the ball long over the end of the table on most of my loops and some of my simple top spin serves. 

I cant wait to have others try this blade and compare it with other OFF type blades.  For me, I now have no fear of a OFF+  blade with the Galaxy V1!  I can control it well and it has helped me settle down some, while understanding my ability will less effort than I though possible.

This blade gets a full 10/10 rating with me.  I could not be happier to buy a blade that is much more than the $30-$50 blades I thought were expensive enough. Yes the new Venus blades from Galaxy/Yinhe are more expensive than anything they have put out yet, but performance is definably worth it to me. I'm just glade I didn't have to spend $150$200 on a Butterfly blade to see what a top end blade feels like.
By Rich215 (with permission)

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