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A real low and short no-spin serve can give you some easy points in matches, as they are difficult to flip hard, and they require good timing to push hard. Mix it up with a heavy backspin in the same spot. Remember to get it short, the ball should bounce short on your side close to the net...

 729 Geospin Tacky

“Like a crystal the Geospin rubbers represent harmony of beauty and function. The clarity of the topsheet, superior elasticity and excellent playability with a curious blend of tackiness and liveliness put the Geospin rubber in a class above the competition”


  • High speed inverted rubber
  • Light weight
  • Powerful air cell sponge (42deg)
  • Profound glue effect
  • Super elastic top sheet
  • Astounding mechanical spin
  • ITTF/USATT/CTTA approved
  • Fitted for combination play
  • Chinese quick attack and European loop drive


  • Speed: 9
  • Spin: 10 !!!
  • Control: 9+++
  • Sponge Hardness Approx 42


            Tacky topsheet with a medium hard sponge with a good glue effect. Light weight. For an all-round or topspin game with emphasis on spin and control. Designed to maximize spin. Definitely one the spiniest rubbers in the world!

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 Geospin Tacky reviews:

Review by silvalis: 

Geospin Tacky is a soft, tacky rubber. It's rated at 42 degrees hardness, but the rubber (at least the sheet I got, black, 2.0mm) felt softer. This can be attributed to the topsheet, as it's thin and supple (I don't really want to use soft here. Yes, the topsheet is soft, but it's pretty elastic). The sponge can provides zip, especially on a fast blade. The rubber is tacky, but not as tacky or sticky as a hurricane rubber. I can pick up 38mm balls with it, 40mm balls are harder. To give you a bit more of an idea, the Geospin Tacky is:

Tackier than 729 Cream Jap, Sprungfeder G3 (388A topsheet), 999T, Prize (38 deg), Prize Liqin(38 deg), Higher, Faster.

Less tacky than Hurricane 3

Faster than Prize, Prize Liqin, maybe Cream Jap (not quite sure yet), flextra

Slower than 999T jap sponge (38 and 40 deg sponge, only slightly slower), Sprung, Higher, Faster, Hurricane 3(because it's hard), Tango Extrem, Mark V, maybe marginally slower than sriver

Harder overall than 999T/Prize/Prize Liqin (I had these in 38 and 40deg sponge), Tango Extrem

Softer overall than Mark V, sriver, flextra, H3, Cream Jap (bit iffy, i think the topsheet is thicker), H3, sprung G3

It's easy to play with on both forehand and backhand. It has a moderately high throw for forehand looping, best for high spin control loops than speed, however with a bit of effort you can get speed. In this respect, it plays similarly to Globe 999T on japanese sponge however is more tacky. It is fairly easy to dig the ball into the sponge for a mechanical loop, I'm not a brushlooper so I can't comment on that. Picking up heavy chop (I was looping at a LP chopper) was pretty easy, but it probably depends more on your technique than anything else. On the backhand, loops were fine and well controlled, however not that fast. I mostly counterloop/hit on my backhand and this was certainly spinny. I could get speed out of the rubber by hitting hard enough. This made it pretty easy for fast backhand counters, however I guess this again depends on the player more than the rubber. Pushing was easy to do as the tackiness sort of catches the ball and keeps it low, however there was not much rebound power when blocking - possibly because the sponge springiness and the topsheet's tackiness oppose each other here. You may have to adjust your blocks to be a slight counterhit, depending on the power of the incoming shot.

Note that I did not use speedglue for these tests. Initially I tried it on a Nittaku-DHS Hurricane-WL blade that's maybe a bit faster than a stiga OC.




Name: Gene Country: USA (2005-02-07)

Have used several sheets in 2.2mm sponge thickness. Very tacky and spinny, and seemed slow at first. With some glue (Tibhar Rapid Deluxe) speed increased and it became very lively. Also improved for me with Juic Eccolo Expander, though the effect is nowhere near that of speed glue.

Black side is almost like fly catching paper, and plays a bit better after a few hours when the extreme stickiness subsides. 

Geospin Tacky is a great serving and pushing rubber while allowing for a very powerful loop-drive, but can not smash as well.

I tried out Geospin tacky when the 729 had demo paddles out, and i must say that it works very well for chopping, more so than my very own Tackifire Drive. It's very spinny, though not as much as Hurricane or Globe 999. However, it feels more like a Japanese rubber to me than any other tacky rubber I've ever tried. I definitely recommend it.

However, well-rounded as it is, Cream-MRS doesn't loop quite as nice as the softer-sponged Geospin Tacky. I found Geospin loops easier and got more gears than Cream.

i just got to try my red geospin tacky on my forehand.... i love it! My friends like it so much they told me to help them order some, from megaspin here ofcorse hehehe.

Light, sponge is alittle harder then jap/euro sponges, but is tackier. great for looping at all distances and serving.

Just speed glued for the first time the GeoSpin Tacky to replace a tired Mark V rubber. GeoSpin makes short work of consistent fh loops, particularly laying off it a little bit. Not as fast as the Mark V but no longer flying the table as much.



Although the sponge is different to 729, it is still in the 40’s for degree of hardness, and overall this sheet plays fairly similarly to classic 729. Very tacky topsheet for strong over the table spin shots, but takes speed glue slightly better than traditional 729. Used on a Tibhar Chila Light. Like the classic 729, this suits and over-the-table looper and hitter, and with a good speed-glue job works well as a medium distance looping rubber. This rubber is fairly heavy, inbetween classic 729 and 729 soft. The throw angle is lower than original 729FX. In thick sponge and glue this rubber would suit a looper well, with a medium thickness it is a good hitting reverse rubber, and in thin sponge it would provide good spin and control for a chopper. Speed 7, Spin 9 and Control 8 .....tabletennissam

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