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A real low and short no-spin serve can give you some easy points in matches, as they are difficult to flip hard, and they require good timing to push hard. Mix it up with a heavy backspin in the same spot. Remember to get it short, the ball should bounce short on your side close to the net...

 Giant Dragon Meteorite

This long pimple rubber is effective on attacking. It can neutralise opponent's attacking power and occur strange counter-hitting with unpredictable and changeable loops! It is recommended to the players who pursue both attacking and defending!


  • Speed 7
  • Spin 4

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 Giant Dragon Meteorite review:
Review by haggisv:
I've had a few tries with this rubber now, but I really need to put it on a known blade, one that I'm used to, so that I can do a fair comparison.

I've playing with it on a Giant Dragon "Kris" blade, which is an oversized balsa combination bat... There's not a lot of difference between the 2 sides IMO, but the blade is not bad, and like a faster version of the FW+...

Getting back to Meteorite, the pips are average quality, typical of most chinese sheet, an not quite up to the Japanese pips looks. Still there were no defects, and the quality was good enough.

Surprisingly for a chinese rubber, it actually had an adhesive backing (in OX)... which impressed me! It worked quite well, and I had no trouble putting it onto the blade. I have not tried removing it yet though... and I did not seal the blade :evil: :oops:

In play, the speed was not real slow, perhaps a little faster than the 955... Blocking with it close to the table, Dr N style, it took the pace of very well though. Spin reversal was actually remarkably good, especially at low impact. At high impact I had trouble keeping it on the table. It did grip a little more, but I got the impression it was more the higher speed of the blade, than the rubber.

Aggressive pushing against backspin was very good, in fact the control of the whole short game was quite a bit better than with the Phoenix, but the fact that it was OX (vs Phoenix 1.0mm) obviously had a lot to do with it too.

Chopping away from the table was actually quite good... especailly on this relatively fast blade. I could not get the same amount of backspin as I do with the phoenix, but keeping the ball lower was definitely easier. I did not get the variation that I normally do though, which I find is typical of OX LPs.

Surprisingly I found it required very little adjustment from Phoenix on FW+, to the Meteorite in this OFF Giant Dragon Balsa blade....

I will glue it onto another blade for a better comparison, probably with a known LP on the other side for a true comparison...

Review by Marathon Man:
I tried the Meteorite ox yesterday on a Defense Plus Tibhar blade and really enjoyed it. I am a mid distance chopper and I tried it against the n682 in the french ranking.
As Haggisv stated, it requires little adjustment to

This long pips has a very good spin reversal when chopping away from the table and my opponent had trouble topspinning the 2d or 3rd ball.
Blocking is good, really good too, and the blocked ball gets some kind of wobbling effect; I also noticed that when blocking the ball is not bouncing a lot but rather skidding/ slipping on the table which makes it hard for the opponent to play a stroke.

Short game is super enjoyable as control with this pips is great; you can "work the angles" and play real short without any problems.

As it is not very sensitive to incoming spin (unlike the Xiying which is hard to control and a bit too slow) I had no problems returning serves and could place the ball where I wanted : short, long, right or left.... I could play passively or on the contrary taking the initiative with an attack; quite effective.
I felt at ease returning serves whereas the Xiying is a real pain in the a.. when it comes to controlling high spin serves.

The Meteorite is a really really good long pips rubber for the player who plays on the 3 different "areas" (at the table, 1 meter from the table, away from the table). It's really versatile and gives a huge confidence right from the start.
This rubber really shines when you chop as the spin reversal is really strong.
It really shines when chopping away from the table; that's what I dig on doing and Meteorite is one of the best for this.

I played the 979 Xiying for one season and switch in June for the Saviga V which I played with for 1 season previously. So far on my Tibhar blade Saviga worked quite well but Meteorite is really good too. I still have to test the Se7en block and then I will have to choose between :
Saviga V - Se7en Block - Meteorite - Lion Claw (tried it yesterday prior to Meteorite but with a 0.5mm sponge and it's way too fast for me so I remove the sponge and will try it next week).
Until yesterday the Saviga was my choice (as it's insensitive to incoming spin) but now that I've heard my partner say that the pips I play are extremely disturbing, I am hesitating.....

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