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A real low and short no-spin serve can give you some easy points in matches, as they are difficult to flip hard, and they require good timing to push hard. Mix it up with a heavy backspin in the same spot. Remember to get it short, the ball should bounce short on your side close to the net...

 Giant Dragon TaiChi

"Thanks to the unique shape of pimples (inside), TaiChi rubber features outstanding spin and excellent attacking ability. The application of special G.A.T. technology to the rubber surface, makes the rubber grip the ball more firmly. This rubber is made from synthetic and natural rubber in proper proportions. The development of the Trampoline Tension Technology increases the power of the rubber. Combined with the professional sponge, invented by Giant Dragon, the player can get powerful performance when using VOC-free glue, which is the same as using speed glue."


  • Speed 13
  • Spin 11.25

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 Giant Dragon TaiChi review:
Review by haggisv:
Review: Giant Dragon TaiChi soft & hard (2.2mm black) on a TSP Balsaplus 4.5 blade

1. The reviewer:
Intermediate to high level club level player, modern defender (Chinese style looper on FH). Blade TSP Balsaplus 4.5.

2. Physical Properties:
Very nice packaging as with all Giant Dragon rubbers. Sheet looks of decent quality. It has a plastic protection sheet which reveals a medium soft very mildly tacky matt topsheet. It is not shiny like most other Chinese sheets, and feels it does not have a much grip right on the surface. The 'soft' version has a measured hardness of 38deg (with respect to other rubbers in my Sponge Hardness table) and the 'hard' measured around 40deg...I could not really feel much difference. The rubbers came with a glue sheet, which is a nice addition.. wish more manufacturers would do this.

3. Speed:
The topsheet of this rubber feels fairly slow and with a medium throw makes brush loops slow and spinny. When you loop a little harder, the springy sponge kicks in giving it decent power but still not fast.... I think a faster blade is required to get more speed. I tried it on the Giant Dragon Kris blade blade, and the speed was a lot better. The speed feels quite linear of this rubber, although the throw seems to increase as you hit the ball harder. It felt very nice and controlled for hitting and blocking.

4. Spin:
When you make soft contact, it did not seem to grip like most Chinese tacky rubbers do, but when you dig in a little more, it really grip and you get very good spin. On loops the spin was decent but not high. Only on chop and pushes the spin generated was very high. The upside of this is that it seemed quite insensitive to spin, making return of serves particulaly easy (the dead feel and insensitivity made is remarkable easy to return serves actually).

5. Control:
Control on this rubber is excellent. As I mentioned, it's not particualtly fast, it's quite insensitive to spin, making this a high control rubber. It really excels at blocking/hitting and chopping, partially due to it's insensitivity to spin.

6. Other Playing properties:
Throw of the rubber is on the low side of medium. It has no glue feel at all, which is what I expected particularly for the price. it is really a control style rubber, and it's very good in this aspect. It's certainly fast enough to attack though, particularly on a faster blade. It seemed to work best on a faster balsa blade, but I expect it will work well on reasonble fast blades with some flex as well.

7. Reference:
I can only really compare these rubber to other Giant Dragon rubbers, as they do feel quite unique. For the short and low impact part of the game, it feels similar to typical Chinese rubbers although less tacky, but when you start hitting hard, it feels more euro, probably due to the springy sponge.

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