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A real low and short no-spin serve can give you some easy points in matches, as they are difficult to flip hard, and they require good timing to push hard. Mix it up with a heavy backspin in the same spot. Remember to get it short, the ball should bounce short on your side close to the net...

 Globe 999 National version

This is a special version of Globe 999 rubber designed for Chinese National players. RED Globe 999 National version rubber (orange sponge) is used by Ma lin. BLACK Globe 999 National version rubber (blue sponge) is used by Kong Linghui.


This version is not normally for sale to the public, and certainly not sold outside China. Since ‘One of a Kind Trading’ is the Authorised agent for Globe in Australia, we managed to secure a small quantity of these rubbers. Note that since these were purchased directly from the manufacturer there is NO chance of these being fake (which is a common problem with these special types of rubbers).


Note that these rubbers don’t come in the normal package, but only in a plastic sleeve. This is normal for this rubber. The black rubber has a dark blue sponge, and the red an orange sponge. Both have the stamp on the back of the rubber as shown in the picture. All sponges are 2.2mm thick, and the hardness is marked as either 38 or 39 Degrees.

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 Globe 999 National review:
Globe 999 National version, Black 2.2mm on a Stiga Energy Wood:

The topsheet is tacky but not ultra tacky like the normal Globe 999. I hear the red topsheet is almost non-tacky, but I have not tried this myself. The sponge of mine is dark blue, and is marked with the special stamp, and marked 38deg (or was it 39?). It felt a fair bit harder than that to me, more like 41-42, but it all depends on what you compare it to and what scale was used.

Since I feel this rubber is usually used speed glued, I decided to try that straight away as well (apart from the fact that I could hardly wait to try it!). I primed it with a few layers of normal speed glue, left it to stretch and shrink back overnight, than glued it up with my Tibhar Rapid Clean Delux. The first thick layer produced almost no dome, but a second thin layer (an hour later) produced a decent dome. I put it on my slow blade (Stiga Energy) since I was afraid it would be too fast on my faster blades. I did not stretch the rubber onto the blade, and the gluing hardly stretched it either.

Well the rubber played VERY nice! Although the sponge did not feel that soft to me, I could feel the ball penetrating the rubber like a softer sponged rubber. I had great control in the short game (where the glued up sponge did not have much impact), and felt awesome on loops. I hit my counter loops (against my ball machine with a moderate amount of topspin set) harder and harder, but they seemed to get spinnier so they still dropped. Hitting/driving felt really nice too, as with most harder sponged rubber.

Against chop I found the throw a little lower than I expected, and had to hit through the ball a little more to get then over. These too produced very good spin. The throw is considerably higher the harder you hit with this rubber.

This rubber has the most gears of any rubber I have tried. A full on hit/drive comes off very fast, but on the other hand I still have enough control to chop with it as well.

The second time I glued it up (almost a week later), it got a good dome with the first thick layer of glue. This time I rolled it onto the blade a little harder, and was surprised to see it stretched about 8mm which was not my intention! Playing comp that night, it felt a little too fast for me, but toward the end of the night I started to adjust. I think I won't stretch it at all in the future, since it's already plenty fast for me, and I'd rather get a little more control.

No doubt I'm a little excited with this rubber, and may make it sound a little better than it really is. I will continue using it to see if I can find any weaknesses, and hope to adjust to it even better. 


After playing with the rubber for almost a month now, I'm still VERY impressed with it! It still has the same characteristics as it did at the start (so it's quite durable), and my game has improved considerably because of this rubber. I have NOT discovered any considerable weaknesses in this rubber, and find this rubber truly remarkable...Alex V


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