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A real low and short no-spin serve can give you some easy points in matches, as they are difficult to flip hard, and they require good timing to push hard. Mix it up with a heavy backspin in the same spot. Remember to get it short, the ball should bounce short on your side close to the net...

 DHS Hurricane 2

 “The new rubber specially designed for Wang Liqin, Yan sen in 2000 Olympic Games, can create much higher speed and spin than any other products while keeping stable control. In addition, it has a strong near-table offensive power for making ball fly in low arc so that frustrating opponent's defense.”



  • High speed inverted rubber
  • ITTF/USATT/CTTA approved


Ratings (out of 12):

  • Speed: 12
  • Spin: 12
  • Control: 10



            One of the most highly regarded DHS rubber. It’s very fast, very spinny and still has good control...

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 DHS Hurricane 2 reviews:

User Reviews (from internet/newsgroups):

Name: Michael 

Country: Australia

Comments: good rubber cheap, effective and also very tacky

Rating: 9


Name: Angelo

Country: Hong Kong

Comments: I got the national team version of the Hurricane II. This rubber is great for looping!

Rating: 10


Name: Eh

Country: Ca

Comments: It comes with different kinds of hardness for the spooge, from 39 dg to 46 dg. if you like soft spooge, try 39!

Rating: 10


Name: stephen

Country: U.K

Comments: Yes this stuff is fast certainly in there with Bryces This has got a very Chinese feel to it and as with lots of Chinese rubbers the stroke production has to be differient to get any decent topspin out of the rubber (you need more of a grazing motion and as a result you have to exert more effort to keep the speed up). Compared to most fast or tacky Japanese rubbers this rubbers feels less dynamic. The very hard sponge feels like your playing with hard bat even after 3 layers of speed glue! For serves and pushes this outspins most rubbers but as an attacking shakehands player this is not where i want my rubber to excel. Perhaps i should have tried the Hammond Pro with its softer sponge.....

Rating: 5


Name: EH!

Country: Canada

Comments: nice rubber, spinny! even more spinny than sriver FX(glued). it's also good for smashing and blocking. excellent chinese sticky rubber.

Rating: 10


Name: Wally

Country: canada

Comments: best rubber ive ever used in my life! but i perfer te g666, but i would perfer this rubber any day! best topspin rubber byfar!

Rating: 10


Name: Adigos

Country: Malaysia

Comments: I use it for my BH (2.2) and FH(2.2). It is really good. I think this is the best rubber ever for 40mm ball. Very Spiny and very fast and good control and i use stiga titanium WRB blade and speed glue for maximum speed. I always suggest people to use this rubber.

Rating: 10


Name: kamus

Country: malaysia

Comments: Best ever rubber for my FH to replace my old 729 which is slower. Very good and fast for attacking,quick attack and looping and i agree the opponent will frustrated as DHS claim. I love this rubber very much.

Rating: 10


Name: J

Country: USA

Comments: This has got to be about the spinniest rubber I have tried. Personally, I like the feel and sound of the sponge. Very very aggressive spin. Dull looking, non-moist topsheet that seems to have greater longevity than other shiny rubbers I have tried.

Rating: 10


Name: Khan 

Country: New Zealand

Comments: Very spinny and sticky and bit too spiny which reduced the speed

Rating: 8


Name: PN

Country: USA

Comments: This is truly an offensive rubber. Very fast! It's great for hitting and smashing, but a little difficult to loop with. The major downside to this rubber is it is difficult to chop with. It also does not produce as much spin for the serve as I would like. If you like to smash, then this is a great rubber to use!

Rating: 8


Name: Matias

Country: Sweden

Comments: A good rubber for offensive players, who uses a lot of spin near the table. There is nothing wrong with the "feeling"!

Rating: 8


Name: Ed

Country: USA

Comments: This rubber is too hard. japanese rubber will be much better than this if you are looking for the soft feeling.

Rating: 6


Name: Yuan

Country: Norway(Chinese origin)

Comments: This is one the BEST rubber for Chinese-style attacker; the sticky surface generates a lot of spin, while the hard sponge give a tremendous speed, and it gives a very good controll since the ball doesn't bounce off too soon. High recomenations and my favourite!

Rating: 10


Name: Suang

Country: Singapore

Comments: Not a good bat for chopper, but definitely best for offensive. Lack of good spin.

Rating: 8


Name: Homura

Country: Singapore

Comments: Hmm this can be a good rubber if used with some speed glue to soften the sponge alitte.Lack of service spin compared to a glued jo.waldner but its low flight curve makes up 4 that.

Rating: 9


Name: leonardo

Country: singapore

Comments: exremely fast.sponge is extremely hard. if u can't generate powerful loop, forget about it. compare with sriver, this is real offensive.

Rating: 9


Name: Moonwalker

Country: Singapore

Comments: This is one of the best rubbers i've ever used. Very fast, very spinny though control is not as good as RITC 729. As with all china rubbers it doesn't last very long but the cheap price makes up for it. Good level of skill needed to unleash its full potential.

Rating: 9 





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