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A real low and short no-spin serve can give you some easy points in matches, as they are difficult to flip hard, and they require good timing to push hard. Mix it up with a heavy backspin in the same spot. Remember to get it short, the ball should bounce short on your side close to the net...

 DHS Hurricane 3

It was designed for the players who mainly adopt control method or have relatively weak attack power when playing 40mm ball. The rubber can reduce a feeling of ponderousness when you strength power and create a long arc, which benefits the ball control and exerts fast attack and loop drive at near table..



  • High speed inverted rubber
  • ITTF/USATT/CTTA approved


Ratings (out of 12):

  • Speed: 12
  • Spin: 11
  • Control: 11



            One of the most highly regarded DHS rubber and widely used internationally. Its very fast, very spinny and still has good control. Not quite as tacky as the Hurricane 2, but a little more control. This rubber is used by many of players in the Chinese National team, such as Wang Hao, Leung Chu Yan, Yan Sen, Qin Zhijian, Lau Sui Fei and by Li Nan.

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 DHS Hurricane 3 reviews:

User Reviews (from internet/newsgroups): 

Name: yulik

Country: australia

Comments: i have gotten a national team version of this rubber and its great! All of you who say this rubber is slow and has bad spin must be must realise that you have to change your looping technique to accomodate this rubber...and take a bigger backswing and follow through much more forwards and not upwards like with jap rubbers, more physical strength is also needed, but once you adjust its amazing...i first bought a commercial version to test and it was very hard sponge, so i had to glue it 3 or 4 times to soften it up...and then it plays marvelously...control is unrivalled and likewise with spin... its really the best weapon because you can really spin the ball up near the table...the national version has a great sponge and it is actually consistent and the hardness is what they say it is...unlike the commercial version

Rating: 10


Name: Lee

Country: Hong Kong

Comments: Good control and the speed not bad as well... I did use it on my BH and FH as well. 

Rating: 10


Name: Matt

Country: US

Comments: I use this right now with 2.0mm sponge black on Bty Chinese Real Forehand. It's extremely sticky (a bit too much at first), and thus spinny, but retains a very precise feeling of control. I don't speed-glue and also the Chinese Real is a harder racket, so the 2.0mm rubber has a bit of trouble looping compared to when I used Sriver or even Tackifire Special. However, it's still very possible, it just take a more horizontal stroke. All and all, a very good combination and certainly good enough for training or competition purposes.

Rating: 9


Name: ttnooblar

Country: Australia

Comments: woah started using this on forehand, but it'd also do on the backhand... great control, great spin, and sufficient speed to kill as long as you yourself can generate the power. this was UNGLUED, so i can only imagine gluing it would be even better. make sure its nice and sticky when you play with it (avoid getting it dusty) because without its tackiness, its no good for looping.

Rating: 10


Name: yulik

Country: aus

Comments: great rubber for looping with a soft wood blade. Do not try to play with this and a carbon blade because its just too hard unless you glue 5 or so times. produces awesome pure spin loops. Inconsistent sponge unless you buy the national team version

Rating: 8


Name: Marty

Country: Czech Republic

Comments: Amazing spin for serves and topspins, good for straight blocks. But little control for pushing. Its sponge is not springy as softer japanese sponges. You have to generate most of speed with your arm/wrist. 

Rating: 8


Name: PePsISeXyBoY

Country: US

Comments: this rubber is really hard to loop with it is very slow comparing to japanese is ok for BH...but the rubber is still alittle too hard..

Rating: 6


Name: Chronicles24

Country: United States

Comments: This is a very nice rubber, the sponge is hard to offset the tackiness of the topsheet. It's better for hitting rather than looping in my opinion. You can soften up the sponge by speed glueing it a few times to suit your style. The lifespan of this rubber is approximately 4-6 months.

Rating: 9


Name: Hi

Country: Austria

Comments: Almost all the players in the chinese national team use this rubber. How do yuo get a national team version. Also if anyone knows anywhere you can go to find what pros use could you tell me in the next review of this. This rubber is great.

Rating: 10




Comments: Did you know there are 3 versions of HIII by Dhs: 1. Chinese National Team ( V. rare) 2. Chinese Provincal Team ( pretty common) 3. Commercial ( most common)

Rating: 9


Name: \

Country: usa

Comments: I got this sheet in 2 mm and it is almost imposible to loop with it is also very heavy

Rating: 4



Country: ENGLAND

Comments: on good slow with litte spin

Rating: 2


Name: Moonwalker

Country: Singapore

Comments: Marginally softer than Hurricane 2, therefore slightly slower. Otherwise it is essentially juz as gd as H2. very spinny and fast plus control. but lose out to jap rubbers because its not as springy as jap rubbers. hence u'll need to apply more hand power to make ur shots kill.

Rating: 9


Name: Dian

Country: Canada

Comments: Excellent rubber. Very stick and great for looping. Highly recommended for offensive players.

Rating: 10


Name: Matthew Ma

Country: USA

Comments: I think this rubber is an excellent choice for penhold forehand and shakehand backhand. I feel it is a bit too neutral in spin and speed to be a primary looping rubber. However, it has excellent control and consistency for the quick-attack and counter loops.

Rating: 8


Name: Rudi

Country: Indonesia

Comments: I have try this rubber, but not good result, bad for top spin and hard sponge to slow than yasaka or butterfly

Rating: 4


Name: Jude

Country: U.S.A.

Comments: This is a good rubber from DHS with great spin and speed. The rubber is very tacky which can help generate good spin. The control is definitely better than Hurricane2. I have a Hurricane2 1.8 mm. and I am using the 2.2 mm version of Hurricane 3 and it can loop very well. If you like doing loop style attack, you should consider this rubber. I haven't tried this with speed glue. So no comment on that.

Rating: 10


Name: steven

Country: usa/china

Comments: This is a good all around offensive. the speed is alrite and the spin is monsterous. i got the dhs hurricane paddle with the hurricane 3 and g777 though not the best combo its good for those who like doing wacky or major curves.

Rating: 9


Name: matt

Country: USA

Comments: As everyone probably knows this has an incredibly sticky topsheet and is good for looping and blocking. I'll add that since using the Hurricane III my chop has inproved quite dramatically. I definately would not change the Hurricane III from my backhand no matter how inexpensive or lauded the rubber. At $13-$21 a sheet, this rubber is a real steal. I've also heard that the Nittaku version of this rubber is a little bit better quality. If you want to pay a couple of extra bucks, it might be worth it. Who knows? 

Rating: 10


Name: Aaron

Country: USA

Comments: I really like this rubber! it is my offensive rubber and i love the spin it imparts and the way it allows me to control the ball. it is a very tacky rubber which i enjoy. 

Rating: 10


Name: Kevin

Country: USA

Comments: It is a very good rubber for short, spinny serves as well as powerful loop drives. It has a very good feel for blocking, too--nice and hard.

Rating: 9


Name: Baby G

Country: Casio

Comments: This rubber is extremely sticky u just want na fook it n put some sp... on it

Rating: 10


Name: simon

Country: New Zealand

Comments: This rubber is extremely sticky so it is good for service and third ball attacks.

Rating: 10

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