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A real low and short no-spin serve can give you some easy points in matches, as they are difficult to flip hard, and they require good timing to push hard. Mix it up with a heavy backspin in the same spot. Remember to get it short, the ball should bounce short on your side close to the net...

 Dawei Inspirit


One of the Latest rubbers from Dawei! This rubber looks completely Japanese/Euro and is designed in Japan. It's high speed, non-tacky but very grippy, with a medium soft sponge. Some compare it as being simialr to Butterfly Bryce FX, but with more spin and control. It's known to react very well with speed glue




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 Dawei Inspirit review:
Review by LawOCG (published with permission with thanks):

Its the real deal!!! This lastest rubber from Dawei smashes the so called  speed barrier of chinese rubbers. Its probably the fastest chinese rubber  without a doubt. Its speed is comparable to top notch japanese rubbers, keep  reading to find out more!

Everything about this rubber is interesting. straight from the packet you'll  know that dawei has done a fine job in marketing the rubber. The topsheet is  of top quality, for once it actually looks like a japanese topsheet unlike  most rubbers which claim that they are. The new logo done by dawei looks  pretty nice as well, its obviously a copy of the butterly high tension  series but its nice nevertheless. the sponge on the inspirit is pretty nice  as well. Its got a banana yellow tinge to it and appears to be very  "grainy". I would say my sheet would have a sponge of around 42 degrees, its  firm but very elastic at the same time.

One thing that I liked was that the rubber didnt roll up into a kebab when I  took it out of the packet. I had a few sprunfeders before and it was a  nightmare to glue them since it took so many layers of glue to flatten them out.

Overall the quality of this rubber is top notch. It looks remarkably alot  like bryce when it comes to the topsheet.

ok now onto the playing performance. Please note that I started playing tt  with japanese rubbers unlike some people so whenever I say that the rubber  is fast ..I really mean its fast. Some people who started off with chinese  rubbers think they are fast so yeah. Its just a conficting point of view  that Id like to point out. Previously I found that only the higher3/faster3  could come close to euro rubbers in terms of speed, but boy was I wrong on to find out why :)

For hitting and blocking the inspirit is supreme, its so fast that calling  it a chinese rubber does not do it justice. When hitting and blocking, you  can hit the ball pretty much flat on and you wouldnt have to worry about it  topping out or giving you a "Thack" noise. The harder you hit the more it  gives. For blocking the inspirit is excellent, blocks are solid, fast and  powerful. You can direct the ball to where ever you want with great control.

Pushing and chopping with the inspirit is a tad bit tricky. Its much more  easier to control then pure japanese rubber speed demons, but at the same time its harder to control then traditional chinese rubbers. It lies  inbetween both worlds, Since the topsheet is grippy( NOT TACKY) pushing  short balls and performing drop shots can be done with ease. The only reason  why I say that its harder to control then chinese rubbers, is the fact that the topsheet isnt  ticky enough to impart heavy spin when playing the short  game. Sure you can do all the shots well, but its lacking the spin which is found in stickier sheets.

For looping the inspirit is marvelous. The throw on this rubber is slightly  lower then normal. I found that the inspirit is very picky on your technique  and your choice of blade. If you loop with a euro sort of salute action, you  will find that the inspirit is very fast but lacks abit of spin on the  loops. On the other hand if you have a chinese loop where you drive through  the ball, the inspirit is blindingly fast and has huge penetration. For both styles its quite effective but the speed difference is clearly noticeable  depending on how you loop. Either way the speed and spin on loops would be in the japanese rubber category without a doubt. Counter looping and mid distance play is effortless, whatever you want to do the rubber will follow.

Now onto a few issues. Firstly blade choice, depending on what type of blade you play with the inspirit will give you different impressions. On a hard and stiff blade the rubber is just too fast to be able to do much with the ball. In my opinion the inspirit pairs up the best with 5ply medium hardness blades. For example a stiga offensive or butterfly primorac off-. It also plays completely different with and without speedglue. When not glued up it plays pretty much as close to brycefx as it can get. very nice and solid controlled feeling.

When glued up......its a different story, the rubber explodes and clicks very loud even with a firm sponge. looping is a harmonic bliss to the ears when its glued up. You can expect around a 25% allround boost in speed and spin after glueing up.

Conclusion: A chinese rubber that can challenge japanese rubbers and give them a run for their money. definitely the fastest chinese made rubber out there, the fact that it comes in a wide range of thicknesses up to 2.5mm! I would say that its definitely up there with the best. In my opinion I see this rubber as the japanese equivalent to the highpoint from friendship. Give it a go you wont be dissapointed!


Thanks to fatcomet (published with permission).

Specs: 2.3 mm red 42 deg on fh, 2.3 mm black 40 deg (The sponge comes in many thicknesses and degrees)

This really is the one. I'm very happy to report that after 5 hours of play, it would appear that Dawei has matched the the quality and performance of Japanese/Euro rubbers. Inspirit is good. Let's do this.

I used this on the Butterfly Primorac Off-, the ubiquitous beginner blade that's medium hard and very flexible. I've never played as well with it as I have with inspirit on it.

1. Weight. Reasonably light but not ridiculously so like LKT XT. Similar to Goldway Destroyer on 2.0 sponge.

2. Characteristics. Only a hint of tackiness from the protective sheet that it comes with. After that wears off, it's non-tacky. 42 degree and 40 degree sponges feel similar (firm), closer to 40 than 42. Not tensioned (lies flat). Excellent quality of printing, topsheet color, and sponge.

3. Throw. I'm not an expert here, but I know it's lower than LKT XT or Palio CJ8000. Throw angle felt very predictable on fast swings. Pushing was fine and I noriced only a little difference in my underspin serves (compared to Palio CJ8000's super spinniness).

4. Power. Pretty fast. Speedglue didn't seem to affect the speed of this one. Smashing was easier than with any other rubber I've tried, even though it has a 2.3 mm sponge.

 5. Loop. Looping with Inspirit just feels right. That is, I don't feel like I need to hold back or delicately contact the ball, be it underspin or top. Underspin loops have a nice low trajectory and are faster than with my softer rubbers. (This keeps them from getting smashed as regularly). Relooping topspin is a dream, even with the whippy Primo. When you do, the rubber makes an incredibly loud click (louder than Sriver El, Plasma 380 or LKT glued)

Who should try this rubber?

1. Speedy, so we can get a proper review of it :)

2. Timo Boll

3. You

Only if you're a $40 rubber manufacturer. Then there's the whole ITTF/Dawei feud (edit: now resolved).

Response to Glue. The rubber gained a lot of spin wit only one layer of speed glue, even though it has a firm sponge. Without glue, the rubber has less spin, a softer click, but that's about it. Definitely playable without glue if you have the technique (I'm working on it...).

Am I goint to buy this again? Absolutely. I'm planning to keep this rubber for a long time. When I get better, I'll just switch blades but keep the rubber.

In conclusion, get this rubber if you use a euro/jap rubber and don't like paying $30+. There is no spoon. Review

Thanks to fatcomet (published with permission).

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