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A real low and short no-spin serve can give you some easy points in matches, as they are difficult to flip hard, and they require good timing to push hard. Mix it up with a heavy backspin in the same spot. Remember to get it short, the ball should bounce short on your side close to the net...


"Experience the first NANO-Tech TT-Gear in the World

JUIC-Couga JUIC announces the great success of developing the first NANO-Tech Table Tennis Equipment in the World.

With the NANO-material (1/1,000,000,000m scale) inside the topsheet and songe, players enjoy excessive speed, better grip & duration with Couga.

The most highly recommended rubber after September 1st, 2005, with the ban of VOC (volatile organic solvents) and use of Water Based glue.

Available only in black color, as the NANO Material of Couga is based on black color."


User Reviews (from internet/newsgroups, etc):

HA! This rubber will knock your blocks off! This rubber is just as fast or faster than some speed glued rubbers! Using nano technology Juic has created a rubber that has the feel of speed glue without the use of speed glue= speed glue feeling all the time XD. One of the older members at my club tested out the speed of the rubber when I first got it. It bounced about 15-20% higher than his 2.0 Juic 999 Elite Ultima and My Couga has 1.8 sponge. The rubber and sponge itself is about medium soft and was a little bit harder to control at first, as with any new rubber, but I got the hang of it. It's been probably about 8 months since I got my Couga, it's color has faded just slightly as the Juic Ecolo Cleaner helps to maintain it's condition, But even after 8 months of play and about 3-5 times a week of play, it's still just as fast! I was also informed about the Varites about 2 months ago, and they told me that it was a bit harder than the Couga, I almost bought it for my red side, imagine that! XDD You don't have to take my word for this rubber, if you can afford to dish out the US$38 for the rubber, express your own opinion on it

This new rubber from Juic is truly ahead of its time! By applying Nano technology to the manufacturing process, Juic has come up with a rubber that provides the feel an speed that other rubbers can only achieve through the use of speed glue. This innovation is critically important since the ITTF has set a September 2007 deadline date for the elimination of harmful matter from all adhesives. Comes in BLACK only! 

Wayne (published with permission)


Wonderful and under estimated rubber! Its speed is so amazing and still with a fair amount of control. Note, its not a control rubber, but with that speed one would think control was lost and thats no the fact. I find it to be the easiest fast rubber to control. It has good spin, probably great when used correct. Works exellent even without speedglue, but a tad better with. Durability seems good so far, I have used it about 4 months now and it still plays as new!

I have been playing with Couga max for atleast 60 hours. I must say that I love it. Its got moore speed then anything I have ever tried before. Its faster then Almana sound, Mark V M2 and Optimum MP.
It spins like Almana Sound and is as easy to control to. Exellent for looping or just plain hitting. I experienced some difficulties with serves though, cant seem to get them spinny enough. As with the Almana sound, Couga demands to be played with some power to create great spin. I find Mark V M2 to be the best rubber for serving of thoose that I have mentioned. Unfortunatelly Couga is only avaliable in black. Last training session I used it on my Stiga Optimum+ blade and that was a LOUD combination! So, if you are an offensive player who rates speed higher then spin, spin higher then control this is just a great rubber! And, its actually quite easy to control to, once you get used to the speed!

Speedplay  (published with permission)


Initial inspections :
The Couga is of top quality like you would expect from a well renowned Japanese brand. Just from looking at the Couga, its frighteningly similar to Stiga's Almana rubbers. The sponge looks to be almost identical to my old Stiga Carbo's sponge. Both of them have quite large pores and aren't as refined as other Japanese sponges. The sponge would be around 42ish degrees for hardness and seems to be consistent in hardness all around the sheet. The topsheet is just slightly grippy and almost the same as Almana's topsheet except for the fact that its a tad softer then the Stiga Variant, other then that its the same to the naked eye.

General Playing Observations :
Absolutely monstrous, This rubber is seriously fast. I had mine unglued in max thickness and it was blazingly fast. The couga is definitely king of the hill when it comes to rebound speed. This rubber has quite a low throw which is annoying to me because when paired up with low arc and high speed, the ball frequently just sneaks over the net. This results in blinding shots that have no room for error, A slight miscalculation and its the opponents point. The spin factor for this rubber is also quite troublesome, read on to find out why.


Counter Hitting/Blocking:
Stunning in this area and faultless. When counterhitting with the couga the rebound speed is so tremendous that its just effortless to produce fast and flat shots. The couga feels very insulated and solid on impact and provides a nice soft feeling which gives you a sense of control. Blocking is supreme with the couga, its low throw allows very fast and powerful blocks. You can pretty much turn up the juice when blocking and no loss of control will be felt.


Short Game :
A bit troublesome here, Its hard to play the short game effectively with the Couga because of its speed and the top sheet. I'm only mortal so I can only give comments from my perspective. The combination of extreme springiness and butter smooth topsheet makes it very hard to keep pushes low, short and spinny. When flipping short balls its a different story, the buttery smooth topsheet helps alot since it doesn't really grip on to the spin as much as other grippy rubbers. Flicking short backspin balls was a breeze and can be done with good control. Serving is also quite difficult because of the same reasons as pushing. The speed of the rubber makes it hard to serve effectively.


Looping/Counter Looping :
When Looping with the Couga I feel that its quite a subjective matter as it really depends on the level of the user. When trying to open up with high spin against chops its really hard to load up the ball with a high volume of topspin because of the rubbers speed.
When loop driving, Couga really holds it own since the speed is virtually unlimited and you can swing harder and harder. Usually the shot produced is so fast and penetrating, your opponent will have a hard time returning the ball because of the sheer speed.
The couga's soft insulated feel really helps out when your back from the table counterlooping. You can swing harder and harder without the fear of the rubber topping out. To sum it up, you can pretty much pull a winner from anywhere on the court with the Couga.

Overall impressions/Conclusion :
The couga is a high speed monster that requires a skillful user to tame it. If you play your shots half heartedly, then forget about it. The couga wont do you any favors as it required a high arm speed to bring the most out of it. For players that tend to roll the ball on or loop with consistency there are better solutions out there. This rubber would fit into the same category as bryce. For those who really need every last inch of power and speed then the couga will not disappoint . When glued up via the glass plate method twice you can expect around 20% more speed and spin and about 20% loss of control accordingly as well.

LawOCG (published with permission)

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