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A real low and short no-spin serve can give you some easy points in matches, as they are difficult to flip hard, and they require good timing to push hard. Mix it up with a heavy backspin in the same spot. Remember to get it short, the ball should bounce short on your side close to the net...

 Killerspin  Fortissimo

Fortissimo High Tension Rubber

The Ultimate Innovation in Rubber Technology for the non speed-glue era! The Killerspin FORTISSIMO is an extremely innovative rubber made especially for high-level topspin players. The Fortissimo synchronizes modern table tennis technology to make this rubber unlike any other! The rubber consists of a hybrid top-sheet made of an elastic compound, which generates amazing rebound, as well as a soft compound that helps grab the ball and create more spin.

Equal components of natural and synthetic rubber give an extra spring effect. The Fortissimo features the best of 'East meets West', incorporating a made-in-Japan sponge, ideal for powerful top-spin shots, as well as German 'Torqsion Technology', which is stronger than normal tension standards, giving the rubber an added performance edge. All of this technology is protected by Killerspin's plastic bag to maintain the rubber's integrity from production to the court. Made in Germany. ITTF approved.

Used by Killerspin player Biba!


  • Speed 10.6
  • Spin 9.4
  • Control 9.4
  • Available thicknesses 2.0mm, max
  • Weight (cut to racket size) 42-43g

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 Killerspin Fortissimo Review:
Review by SubarashiOnizuka (OOAK forum)

My Tenergy 05 finally died after 3 months of playing and coaching and while I am waiting for my new Tenergy's to arrive Haggisv kindly offered I try a new rubber he got from Killerspin called Fortissimo. He and I play in the same league but play for competing clubs :twisted: but we both share the fun and passion of the ever evolving equipment side of table tennis.


Fortissimo comes in a vacuum sealed package very similar to the new DHS NEO rubbers but does not have any special tuning from the factory that i can tell like my BW2. The rubber uses a german made topsheet and assembled in Germany but uses a made in Japan sponge. It says on the back covering "Fortissimo features the best east meets west, incorporating German Torqsion (their new word) technology which is stronger than normal tension standards. Out of the packet the rubber has a large speed glue type dome so I was excited to see how much tension they had incorperated into this rubber.

This is killerspins statistics -
Speed: 10.6
Spin: 9.4
Control: 9.4

1. The reviewer: Intermediate to upper level player, plays as a two wing looper focusing on heavy spin loops. Tested on Butterfly Timo Boll ALC.

2. Physical Properties: Red, 2mm medium soft sponge beautiful quality topsheet. very similer in apperance to a new Bryce sheet as i can see all the pips and is very translucent. What surprised me is the amount of grip the top sheet has. Rubbing my thumb felt much more grippy than Bryce that one of my students uses and also more than Donic Platin and JP Gold that i have used in the past. This rubber has one of the most elastic top sheets i have felt.

3. Speed :
- Speed on slow strokes: Medium, feels very stable no bouncing off my blade like normal German Tensors.
- Speed on power loops: Medium-fast
- Speed on power drives/smashes: Very Fast, just catapults off very quickly

4. Spin:
-Spin on a loop: Here I found the rubber confusing, the very grippy soft top sheet on slow loops should allow me to get massive spin but when i tried my normal brush loop as I would with my Tenergy it just catapulted off my blade before much spin could be generated. It felt like the rubber and sponge were fighting each other if that makes sense. Maybe it could be this new "Torqsion" tension but I did not like the feel at all. Each time I tried looping off a push, balls would just go long of the end of the table. Normally one would just change the bat angle to accomodate a different throw angle of a new rubber but this rubber required me to adopt a whole new stroke technique to get the ball on the table. I had to go from my normal brush loop technique to a much more forward loop drive to get the ball on. Once on the table loop performance was ok but my opponent had little trouble blocking my loops because they had much less kick off the table compared to Tenergy's spin.

-Spin on Serve: About the same as Bryce and all the Donic rubbers I have tried nothing extra special. My opponent had very little difficulty returning my serves not like the spin that can be generated with Tenergy or 90% of tacky chinese rubbers.

5. Control: After my dissapointing experience at looping I was not expecting much more from this rubber but when it comes to blocking this is where Fortissimo rules. No matter what my opponent did, power loops, smash drives all my blocks went back where I wanted them. The rubber hardly reacts to the incoming spin, ball comes in makes contact and bang out it shoots with very little effort. It was a breeze blocking with this rubber compared to my Tenergy which reacts to spin very heavly. This rubber is far superior in the pushing department than the Tensor rubbers I have used. Without regular training the bouncy Tensor is very hard to keep short on return of serve but Fortissimo was closer to Tenergy's control.

6. Other Playing Properties/comments: Fortissimo has a low throw very similer to my old Bryce needing a similar stroke style but having much more control. Tenergy suits my style of brush stroke very well but this rubber would need me to change too many things about my game to be competitive. It does suit a softer wood blade to really come to life. If a student of mine used Bryce with speed glue before or was using Bryce speed now then this rubber would be a good substitute if the price was more in the range of Donic prices. Fortissimo sells on for $49.95 with Tenergy at $52.95 and Bryce speed at $45.

IMO I think the cost of this rubber is WAY to high for what this rubber can do. I think Killerspin is trying to cash in by charging Tenergy type prices hoping people will think it is a superior rubber because of such a high price. I am sure most people know cost alone does not always equal quality or superior playing performance in table tennis. I pay Butterfly's overly high pricing for Tenergy because right now no other rubber can do what Tenergy does and last for me 3 months with high usage. Why pay half the price of Tenergy for a Tensor and get only maybe 4 weeks of life before it loses its spin and dies.

To sum up it's a nice rubber from Killerspin with great speed on power strokes and high control on blocking but nothing extra special in the spin department which is where i need my rubbers to shine.......
I give a big thanks to Haggisv for letting me be his test mule for this rubber. One important thing I found with this rubber is because of the dome my Xiom water glue had a very hard time sticking the rubber to the different blades that i tried. As soon as i rolled it on the blade it would just dome up before I could put it in my clamp which became very frustrating!! In the end I had to use the DHS water glue which has a much greater sticking power than the Xiom glue.


Review by OOAK forum member thorpapa:

Well, I was a fan of Killerspin's Nitrz 5Z after trying many others, until I got Tenergy 64 and ditched the Nitrx 5Z. I've since installed Tenergy 64 on one blade, Tenergy 05 on another and was quite happy.

Then Killerspin made their new Fortissimo available. I just happened to remember that Tenergy was the only rubber that worked well enough for me to draw me away from Nitrx 5Z, so I figured I might as well see if the new Fortissimo would compare.

The Fortissimo comes in a heavy sealed plastic. When I opened the plastic the sheet almost rolled itself into a roll on its own. I had to carefully flatten it out to install on the blade, and use a wood press to keep it flat until the glue dried. I don't know why it did that or what it means.

I installed the new sheet on a Yasaka Yagyu III blade that was sitting around, due to having been replaced by a couple of Joola's MC1 Jpen blades in my bag: The MC1 is much faster and just as controllable. So outfitted with the Yagyu III and fresh 2.0 mm Fortissimo, I spent 4 hours playing tonight.

The Yagyu III is going back in my bag. The Fortissimo saved the Yagyu III from that bottom drawer in the garage cabinet. It's now fast, its controllable, and its even good for spinny serves.

The sound REALLY does remind you of "glued" rubber. It has a higher throw than Tenergy 64, more (or I would say "just like") Tenergy 05. Its spinnier than T64 when serving but its not tacky. It shines on aggressive drives and blocks (like T64) from a couple of feet from the table. Chops were not good (but I suck at chops anyway). Pushes required my total concentration or they'd go high.

Weight: I didn't weigh it, but my blade feels noticeably heavier than it did with the Nitrx 5Z, I'd say its closer in weight feel to T64 than T05 though. Durability: I have no clue, I'll know in a month.

Killerspin is not very popular, and not many outlets carry their line. I was done with their rubber after finding Tenergy, but I'm glad to say I will be using it again because of their new Fortissimo. It won't replace my Tenergy 64 and 05, but it will share playing time with them.

Keep in mind that I'm a Jpen player (single sided), my game is all attack loops and drives and I play a little off from the table. If your game differs, your results may also be different.

Hope somebody benefits from this small review on a seldom seen rubber

Part 2:
After 5 days of playing with Fortissimo at aprox 4 hours each day:

No change in the feel of the rubber. It still feels much like T05, even if it doesn't physically look like it. I'm slightly more partial to T64 and the more I play with Fortissimo, the less I think it feels like T64 and more like T05.

After play I always just wipe down rubber with water and dry. I can see no wear or "hit spot" (same as the Tenergy for that matter).

I have next week off work,so I'll play several times then. If its going to show any deterioration, it should show it then. I'll post back after.

Ok, something weird happened tonight: I stated earlier that when I took Fortissimo out of the package it tried to roll up. Well, tonight I hit a bad shot, looked at my blade (I always look at my blade when I hit a bad shot, because I figured it HAD to be the blades fault :lol: ) and the rubber had started to rise from the center, like it was "bubbling up" ; the edges were still sticking to the blade.

Never had THAT happen before. I've had rubber come loose at the edges, but never "bubble up" like a volcano and come loose in the center.

I stopped playing and peeled it off, washed residue off, laid down a layer of glue and put it in the press again. As of a few minutes ago it looks normal, but now I'm wondering what will happen when I play again this weekend.

Maybe this sheet of Fortissimo is haunted or possessed by spirits

Well, over 20 more hours of playing have now been put on the Fortissimo, so its time for an update in case anyone is interested:

I find myself liking it more than I did. I've noticed it to be a little more forgiving than T05 for blocking and pushing, and almost as good as T64 for loopdrives.

I see no wear on it yet. I wash my rubbers with clear water after play, sometimes in the middle of a session, and there's no discernible "hit spot" (discoloration, wear, shiny area or rough area). The sound hasn't changed (its loud). The throw is still a midway thing between T05 and T64. It seems spinier for serving than it did at first, or maybe I'm hitting harder with it.

My final impression is that if T64 was no longer made, I'd be hard pressed to choose between Fortissimo and T05. It WILL NOT replace my T64 at this time, as I do play better with T64, but I'm glad to find something else that works for me and is different than what everyone else uses (except for possibly Biba Golic :lol: )

Hope this helped someone or added to the information base of some of the readers


Review: Fortissimo (MAX black) on a TSP Balsaplus 4.5 blade

1. The reviewer:
Intermediate to high level club level player, modern defender (Chinese style looper on FH). Blade TSP Balsaplus 4.5.

2. Physical Properties:
Very nice packaging and sealed in a plastic folder to help keep it fresh. Measured hardness is deg (with respect to other rubbers in the Sponge Hardness Table).

Review to follow shortly...

Review by Alex (published with permission)

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