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A real low and short no-spin serve can give you some easy points in matches, as they are difficult to flip hard, and they require good timing to push hard. Mix it up with a heavy backspin in the same spot. Remember to get it short, the ball should bounce short on your side close to the net...

 Killerspin  Nitrx 4Z

"The tacky but thin topsheet on Nitrx 4z gives you the advantage of heavy spin on serves, while being more forgiving when receiving spinny shots. High control is offered for blocks and counters. Nitrx 4z is suited for a power driving offense, and works well in a third-ball attack game. Made in China. ITTF approved.


  • Speed 87

  • Spin 90

  • Control 87

  • Thicknesses 2.1mm

  • Weight (cut to racket size) 45-46g (43 degree)"

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 Killerspin Nitrx 4Z Review:
Review: Nitrx 4Z (43deg 2.1mm black) on a TSP Balsaplus 4.5 blade

1. The reviewer:
Intermediate to high level club level player, modern defender (Chinese style looper on FH). Blade TSP Balsaplus 4.5.

2. Physical Properties:
Simple but nice and neat packaging. Sheet looks of very good quality, very neatly cut around the edges. Has a thin plastic protection sheet which reveals a soft and virtually non-tacky and very smooth topsheet. Measured hardness is 41deg (with respect to other rubbers in the Sponge Hardness Table).

3. Speed:
Speed of the rubber is pretty decent, and feels quite linear like most Chinese rubbers. It does not quite have the speed of Outlaw, but probably only about 10% less. Since the topsheet feels non-tacky almost immediately after the plastic is removed, it does not have the dead feel that most tacky rubbers have on low impact. It comes off quite fast on fast loops & smashes.

4. Spin:
Spin on serves and chops is very good, typical of Chinese tacky rubbers. On loops the spin was above average, but not high. The makes it more suitable for a loop/drive style game than a pure loopers style.

5. Control:
Control on this rubber is excellent. It feels relatively insensitive to spin, similar to euro style rubbers with grippy topsheets. The soft topsheet gives you a bit more dwell time, which gives you that extra control when directing your loops.

6. Other Playing properties:
Throw of the rubber is medium+. It does not have any glue feel or sound like a glued rubber. the sponge is firm enough to not bottom out on even the hardest hits. It does not feel like a Chinese rubber, it has a euro feel about it.

7. Reference:
I'd compare the rubber to a cross between the Torrent and the Outlaw. It's both faster and spinnier than the torrent, but the feel and control is similar. it's almost got the speed of the outlaw, which is quite fast for a Chinese made rubber, but not quite the spin and lower throw.

8. Other comments Other unique properties...
This rubber is Chinese made, but the quality is among the best Chinese rubbers I've seen. I've only seen 2 sheets of this rubber, and sponge hardness was virtually identical from which I conclude that the quality control is likely to be quite good. Although it's a little more expensive than most Chinese made rubbers, if the properties above suit you, and you're after more consistancy for your rubbers, these are worth considering...

Review by Alex (published with permission)

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