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A real low and short no-spin serve can give you some easy points in matches, as they are difficult to flip hard, and they require good timing to push hard. Mix it up with a heavy backspin in the same spot. Remember to get it short, the ball should bounce short on your side close to the net...

 Larry Hodges - Table Tennis Tales and Techniques


By Larry Hodges

A compilation of USATT Hall of Famer, Larry Hodges, best published work (updated when applicable) over the past 30 years, a mixture of interesting or funny table tennis stories and technique articles.

Table Tennis Tales & Techniques Book

Table of Contents

How Marty Reisman Ruined My Life 8
Real People 8
Gosh, Iím Playing Bad! 8
Table Tennis Political Cartoons 10
A Table Tennis Primer 12
Why Sponge is Valuable 15
Table Tennis Dog Cartoon 15
Death of a Backhand 16
Travel Pains 17
Loo Fuoy Robot 18
Bizarre Table Tennis 20
Ping-Pong Ambition 24
Humorous Poems 26

Ten-Point Plan to Serving 30
Serves to Help You Win 32
The No-Spin Serve 36
Deception on Serves 37
Serving Long 38
Serving Short 40
The High-Toss Serve 42
Contact Low 44

Returning Short Serves 45
Looping Deep Spin Serves 48
Stopping the Third-Ball Attack 49

Ten-Point Plan to Rallying Success 50
Develop the Basics 53
Counterlooping 56
Lobbing 58
Smashing Lobs 60
Topspin Defense 62
Backhand Counter 63
Are You Backhand Oriented? 65

Stepping Around Backhand Corner 67
Two-Step Footwork 68
Table Tennis Tales & Techniques 7

How to Play Choppers 70
How to Play The Bomber 72
How to Play Combination Rackets 75
Playing the Middle 78
Tactics for the Slower of Foot 78
Learning to Win 80
Coaching Between Games 82
Table Tennis Gems 84

How To Improve
Killer Practice Sessions 86
Six-Step Training Process 92
Improving at Table Tennis 96
How to Move Up a Level 98

Miscellaneous Coaching
Everything About Spin 100
All About Gluing 111
Ten-Point Plan for Tournaments 113
Back Shoulder 115
Relaxing the Arm 116
Size in Table Tennis 117
Confidence Then Consistency 119
Shadow Practice 120

Classic + Modern Table Tennis 122
Hardbat Poem 123

Miscellaneous Articles
Exhibition Tricks 124
Sands Hotel Hostage Crisis 130
Table Tennis Goes to the Movies! 133
Table Tennis in TVLand! 138
What Time Is It? 140
How Fast Was His Smash? 142
Secrets of Chinese Table Tennis 144

Tips of the Week 160
They Said It 215
Junior Training Proposal 266
About the Author 274

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 Larry Hodges - Table Tennis Tales and Techniques review


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