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A real low and short no-spin serve can give you some easy points in matches, as they are difficult to flip hard, and they require good timing to push hard. Mix it up with a heavy backspin in the same spot. Remember to get it short, the ball should bounce short on your side close to the net...

 Globe LiQin

One of the reasons for the Chinese table Tennis Team standing in the forefrontof the world table tennis circles and not falling into decline for several decades is attributed to an advanced weapon. The high quality rubber and sponge of this brand is the best table tennis one rubber approved by the ITTF. It's mail features are strong explosive force, high elasticity, high speed, good stickiness, very good strong spinning, enough reserve strength, stable catch, easy control, supurb and long lasting stable properties. Therefore it takes the fancy of the world champion, famous players in the world table tennis circles and players of all countries. It is widely used, suitable for players of all strokes. It is a powerful weapon for excellent table tennis players to scale new heights in winning the world championship


  • Superior speed and spin
  • Great Fast Attack rubber  
  • Superior Control
  • Made with firm 45deg Sponge
  • ITTF approved

Ratings (out of 10):

  • Speed: 10
  • Spin: 9
  • Control: 9
  • Sponge: Firm (45 degrees)


The is one of the latest rubber from Globe to be ITTF approved. A very tacky topsheet combined with a firm 43 degrees sponge, gives this rubber great speed, excellent spin and still with excellent feel and control.

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 Globe LiQin review:
This rubber is BLAZINGLY fast on loops, drives or smashes.

I found this rubber very spinny for serves, Pushes/chops can be done with great control and very heavy spin.

The firm sponge made it real easy to hit or counter-hit. With a forward action the ball came off real fast, but it was also real easy to take the pace off the ball.

Loops could be done with easy, and with excellent speed, high spin and good control. The firm sponge gave a surprisingly good feel.

This is easily the fastest inverted rubber that Globe has ever made, a great effort!


I tried to speed glue this rubber with 1 layer of  tibhar rapid clean delux. Got a good dome. The effect was very good, added good speed and spin. Smashing was VERY fast. The good glue effect surprised me a little since sponges this firm don't usually react that well to speed glue. I'm not sure if it's recommended for gluing.


I currently use Globe Prize Liqin 45 deg and 729 SP transcend 42/45 deg, not soft by any means. The globe is better. Same speed and spin, similar hardness, better control. Plus it's $8 cheaper. The 729 topsheet looks smoother at first, but there's no playability difference. The two topsheets otherwise look exactly the same, but I don't know about the pip structure. I will be ordering the globe in the future. A warning though: the globe is very hard to stick on to your blade, the edges curl up, even when I have about 15 books, a glass cutting board and an iron on top of it.
By Tiwaz (with permission)

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