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A real low and short no-spin serve can give you some easy points in matches, as they are difficult to flip hard, and they require good timing to push hard. Mix it up with a heavy backspin in the same spot. Remember to get it short, the ball should bounce short on your side close to the net...

 LKT 9010 carbon blade

�The combination of carbon veneer and special production process creates a very high elasticity blade that offers super power of high speed and quick attack. This is the blade all offensive players desire. The 9010 Transformer Carbon Blades are the same fine construction as the 729 "Sweet Spot" carbon blades with the added transformer feature. As with all 729 carbon blades, they are some of the best you will ever use. A total of 7-ply construction: 5-ply wood, 2-ply CARBON FIBER. The craftsmanship of this blade is second to none. The blade adjusts from OFF+ to OFF- with excellent feel, touch and control. � Click for a hi-res picture of the 9010 blade.


  • Adjustable balance in handle
  • Adjusts from OFF+ to OFF-
  • For Attacking style of play

Ratings :

  • Speed: OFF+ 10
  • Control: 9+
  • Weight 85g
  • Approx. head size: W= 148mm H= 157mm 

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 LKT 9010 carbon blade review:

Name: Leeroy

Country: Australia

Comments: The dream bat for the offensive minded. Want speed to blast your opponent off the table set to the top (little feeling). Want more contol, feeling and stabilty (less speed) set to the bottom and in the middle is for balanced attack. Whatever the offensive style this blade can suit with the transformer. 

Rating: 10


Name: Johan

Country: US

Comments: I have been playing with this blade for a week now, and I couldn't be happier that I bought it. The transformer thing isn't really that big of a deal- I found the setting I like and I just keep it there, but this blade has a great feel to it, and is weighted just right. I expected it to feel heavier, but it didn't. I have a pretty unique playing style, and this blade handles all my shots extremely well. The only problems I seem to run into are when I'm chopping with it, but that probably has more to do with my rubber (I use cream mrs on both sides). I heard that it works well with a geospin tacky backhand also, as long as you use speed glue. the flared handle was very nice- overall this is just a great paddle. 

Rating: 9


Name: Andy

Country: USA

Comments: I just got this blade today, i'll have to say that it's one of the best blade that i've came across. Since you can adjust the speed of the blade, the opportunity is endless. Good blade for good price.

Rating: 10


Name: Umair

Country: Canada

Comments: Amazing blade! great speed and control. you cannot go wrong with it! and of course, unbeatable price!

Rating: 9  


Name: whp90

Country: Australia

Comments: Yes.. the best carbon I ever know. Very good in speed and control and MONEY 2. 

Rating: 9


Name: slaplink_pat

Country: Philippines

Comments: The most stable carbon blade I have come across with the best speed and control ratio!! This blade helped me heaps in the improvement of my topspins and loops.. Almost perfect blade nice grip and has the sweet spot transformer to adjust to your game..

Rating: 10


Excellent blade. The dream bat for the offensive minded. When I decided I wanted to get into table tennis I knew I was gonna be an offensive player and this bat is the dream blade for the offensive minded. With the transformer feature you can adjust the suited offensive style of the blade. For example if you want to play close to the table (offensive+ game) set weight to the top for more speed, less feeling and more hand flexibility (less stabilty and control). If you want to play behind the table with more winding offensive powerful strokes (offensive- game) set to the bottom for less speed, more stability/control and extra feeling. If you want to play a balanced and more flexible offensive game a little behind the table set to the middle (offensive game). This blade really helped me work out my offensive style. I began gung ho setting it up to the top. I played close to the table but I didnt have the best control starting out. When i soon began to play better competition my lack of control was exploited and i was forced to play a little further back from the table so i set to the middle. After a little bit longer I got better and I wanted more speed and could more confidently play closer to the table so I now got the weight three quarters up the blade (in between off+ and off). This blade has a large sweetspot and is very consistent, hard and fast. It has sufficient feeling for the offensive style of game you would have the blade suited for as the more the weight is lower on the blade the more vibrational feeling you will have.

thanks you guys. i bought the friendship LkT carbon 9010 blade. i love the power. i have switched from tackifire to bryce. carbon makes a such a difference. price of the 9010 was also a factor in buying the blade. i would recommend this blade.

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