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A real low and short no-spin serve can give you some easy points in matches, as they are difficult to flip hard, and they require good timing to push hard. Mix it up with a heavy backspin in the same spot. Remember to get it short, the ball should bounce short on your side close to the net...

LKT ONE - Hi-Res Picture

LKT ONE - Hi-Res Picture2

"LKT ONE is the Latest blade from LKT, a 1 ply high grade Ayous wood, an Ultra Powerful Attack style of blade! Ultra select cut of Ayous wood, a full 10mm thickness. It uses top grade cork for the handle, with outstanding craftmanship. A new concept in cork positioning makes it suitable for gluing rubber to the backside for 'RPB' play."


  • 1 ply construction with High Grade Ayous Wood!

  • Blade is OFF+

  • Huge sweet spot

  • For Attacking style of play


  • Suitable for RPB since the cork covering only goes up as far on the back as on the front.

  • Laquered blade surface finish.

Ratings :

  • Speed: OFF+

  • Weight: marked as 77g, weighed at 94gms

  • Thickness: 10mm +-0.3


Ayous wood: A lightweight, stiff wood that is excellent for close-to-the-table counterdrive play.

This is a NEW and truly unique blade from LKT, of high quality materials and with an excellent finish.


User Reviews (from internet/newsgroups):

Appearance: When I first saw the 729 LKT One blade with rubber on it, I thought it was an one-ply Hinoki. The shape is very similar to the 729 Zebra Hinoki blade. The only noticeable difference was that the One's blade is a little shorter, and it doesn't have the transformer. Once I took the rubber off, I was struck by the fact that the ayous grain looks nothing like hinoki, even though side profile would lead you to expect it to.

Speed: The One is fast--very fast. It's at least as fast as my reference hinoki blade and the 729 Zebra Hinoki.

Feel: For someone who doesn't know the difference between a "hard" blade and a "soft one", LKT ONE will answer that question! It has a hard feel vs my reference blade which is "soft." You can still generate quite a bit of spin with this blade, but it just seemed that the ball spent less time on the blade when looping. But, my practice partner thought I had more power with this blade. This blade is built for mid/long distance spinning

I'm not sure if I can say it's 10 on a 1-10 scale for hardness, but the LKT One rates higher on that scale than a one-ply hinoki or the Zebra Carbon Hinoki to me. I thought it was interesting that when I used it on a robot, because of this harder feel, I thought I wasn't generating as much spin, and I felt like I was spending more energy directing my stroke upwards to generate more topspin to keep the ball on the table. However, when I used it against a partner, he noticed immediately that I was generating much more spin/speed once I switched to the LKT one.


I didn't get to see them, but Tom told me at vegas that they just got in the LKT One which is a one ply ayous jap pen blade.  They're limited make, as 729 just happened to get this large lot of some exceptional quality ayous.  I think it's 10mm.  I got a prototype and gave it to "topspin" to try.  He liked it and loaned it to a guy around 2100  who didn't want to give it back... Cole Ely


This one ply ayous blade is among the few truly beautiful blades that I own.  Patterned after the traditional Japanese one ply Hinoki blades this one seems a little harder and faster to me.

This blade does vary from the traditional Japanese style in that the backside of the blade does NOT have the cork built up, so that it can accommodate the increasingly popular reverse penhold backhand stroke without the owner having to rip off the cork like they have with Japanese pen blades in the past.

Even if you don't plan on using it, this one is worth owning just to keep it "parked in the garage."  It's that nice.  And once this batch is gone it's gone for good.  Friendship happened upon a very high grade batch of ayous. It's not likely we'll see another batch good enough to make one ply blades out of again.... Cole Ely

The ONE was a beautiful 1ply ayous.  Wow.  This was awesome.  I'm thinking about switching to pen just so I can use it!  Actually, I wasn't sure how ayous would do 1ply, but it looks kind of like thick balsa.  It's very soft and DRIPS with spin.  And surprisingly fast too.  Kind of like balsa.  But I guess anything 10mm thick is going to be fast.  I guess 729 got a large batch of ayous that was so perfect they decided to cut some 1-plies out of it.



Played with it some on Friday.  It's definitely harder than hinoki.  And yes, I asked for a heavy one, 98 grams on my scale.  The throw angle seems higher than with my hinoki or balsa core blades.  I find the soft blades lack the same feel, plus I am a hitter so like the harder ones.

Not sure about the speed, seems faster than a 1 ply 9mm hinoki blade like the Cypress and CPL (not surprising) but I don't have a 10mm hinoki, like the KTS to compare it to.  I haven't tried it head to head against my 10mm balsa core blade (Layer Speed-R) yet.  I'd guess they are similar in speed.

It does feel as solid as the balsa core though, hard with almost no vibration. 

The wood is interesting in not having a clear grain structure (as hinoki does) but looks more like balsa.



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