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A real low and short no-spin serve can give you some easy points in matches, as they are difficult to flip hard, and they require good timing to push hard. Mix it up with a heavy backspin in the same spot. Remember to get it short, the ball should bounce short on your side close to the net...



  • Next generation of rubber formulation.

  • Superior mechanical grip.

  • Thin top sheet with unique under pip structure.

  • Fitted for mid distance loop and counter drive attack.

  • Special XP sponge designed to enhance performance.

  • Rubber weight is very light.

  Ratings (out of 12):

  • Speed: 12
  • Spin: 11
  • Control: 11
  • Sponge Hardness: SOFT



PRO XP is a great choice for players who want the ability to perform effectively off the table. This is not a typical Chinese rubber; the top sheet is supple and very thin. PRO XP has an extremely elastic under pip structure that will allow the rubber ample time to load spin prior to release. This rubber is rumoured to work very well with speed glue as well.

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 LKT Pro XP Review:


I have.  If you're a gluer they rock.  I've got a thread back there somewhere about them.  They have as good a glue cork as anything I have including my high dollar yellow gp3 sponges.  They're so light it's almost too light.  I have a cut sheet of red xt that's 32g, and a whole sheet is 49.  I'd like them to be a little tackier, at least the red, but the sponge is so soft they still spin, and on topspin the spin is right up there with rubbers like supersonic s40.


XP --- smooth sponge, smoother than DONIC F2, the rubber sheet is less tacky than XT. i would say that the hardness is about 36, a bit slower than DONIC F2, the sponge is also quite reactive like a tensor sponge.


They have very soft sponge and they glue just as loud as some of the more expensive sponges I pay high dollar for.  Better than, say, dawei cannon.  I'm just wishing theyd get them up on the site so some people would try them and I can get a second opinion.

The LKT rubbers aren't very tacky either, although the XT version is a little tackier than the goldway.  The xt version probably compares with red regular geospin or higher in it's tackiness.  The XP feels more like highpoint or some donic rubber.  By the way, the topsheets are much prettier than what we've had to this point, and even the lettering is very sharp.

I have a sheet of lkt xp and have ordered a sheet of lkt xt for backhand to try, but it is not here yet. the xt is not a typical chinese rubber. it has a soft sponge at about 35 ( european standard). the top sheet is not that soft and when  on the blade the rubber feels about 38-40. it is not fast unglued, but it is not any slower than most typical euro reverse non tension rubbers unglued. i have tried tibhar rapid and innova ul unglued and it is about same speed. the top sheet is very very grippy. it is not tacky but is far far grippier than any european reverse rubber i have felt or used. i dont glue( yet) and have read and heard on other forums that this rubber is quite fast glued up and quite unbelievably spinny. when you first put it on the blade it feels firmish but it softens up slightly after2 or 3 sessions.  


I tried a friends racket a few days ago : a Donic Cayman with XP black and XT red, glued up. The XT is nothing at all like Mendo MP (I have 2 sheets). MP is very firm and XT is VERY soft.
My first impressions of XT were "Wow" this is a topspin delight. I play really close to the table so I ended up preferring the XT - with the XP I had to adjust to get the shots to land but from about 2 feet back I'm sure it would be OK. It does have a lovely pop sound. These rubbers are super light and the Cayman is a very light (balsa core) blade. In fact I found the setup to be a bit too light for my taste and I'd use these rubbers on a heavier blade. 
I also found that they're not all that fast even glued up on the Cayman, so maybe a more offensive blade would help here??? The reason I say this is that I tried another guys Offensive Classic with Andro Revolution on it and what a totally different feel. None of the pop sound I was getting with the Cayman/XT combo but a lot more speed, especially on the backhand. The OC/Revolution setup was naturally heavier and the Revolution is a denser tensioned rubber.
I'm thinking of getting 2 sheets of XT just for fun (I'm really into my Mendo MP at the moment) and would like to try them on my Clipper and then also on the Waldner Senso Carbon to see if it feels a bit better than it did on the Cayman. It would be interesting to see how I play with a stiff/faster blade and the soft XT versus my slower/softer Instinct and the firm MP.... more on this later


I just want to say that after 6-10 months playing 2-4 times a week with Black Globe 999T on a 2.0mm 38 Japanese sponge I have found a worthwhile replacement.
The LKT Pro XT sheet
-much much lighter
-noticeably less tacky
-produces far more mechanical spin.
It also produces a resoundingly suspicious "F3-like" *POP!* during smashes and drives. And like the F3 it has a soft yellow sponge and a very soft topsheet. However, unlike F3 it is somewhat tacky and provides greater versatility on serves.

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