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A real low and short no-spin serve can give you some easy points in matches, as they are difficult to flip hard, and they require good timing to push hard. Mix it up with a heavy backspin in the same spot. Remember to get it short, the ball should bounce short on your side close to the net...

 LKT Torrent

LKT Torrent rubber

“LKT Torrent is a high speed inverted rubber designed to maximize speed and spin after the ITTF speed glue ruling. Torrent has specialised pip geometry that, when combined with the new energy sponge, creates a playing environment that existed previously only with speed glue”


  • Powerful attack rubber

  • High spin

  • E.G.S pip structure

  • Suitable for close or mid distance attack

  • Mild tacky top sheet

  • New Energy Sponge

  • ITTF/USATT/CTTA approved

Specifications (rating by LKT):

  • Speed: 12

  • Spin: 11

  • Control: 12

  • Sponge: New Energy Sponge

LKT Torrent has a unique pip structure that maximizes speed and spin without the use of speed glue. Mild tacky top sheet combined with E.G.S. pip structure gives this rubber greater power and heavy spin.

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 LKT Torrent review:

Review LKT Torrent BLK 2.2mm by Alex

Part 1: First impresssions - no speed glue, no priming

I took the plastic film off... I was surprised how tacky it was (black) is definitely tackier than the LKT XT... good start…

Bounching a ball on it sits still after 2 bounches...the tack is holding it down... could be quite slow...

This rubber is glued together real well. I really struggled to seperate the topsheet from the sponge (on a cut-off), some of the pips broke off rather than seperate from the sponge... i think 729 is certainly among the best among chinese manufacturers when it comes to this, and this is one of the best in this respect.

Against the ball machine with medium topspin: not slow at all...good rebound and great spin...easily faster then the LKT XT. Not quite the feel of the XT, but it does some some tension/glue feel...similar to a single light layer of glue perhaps. I glued up the bat yesterday so that can't be it...

Against heavy backspin: Nice for looping...higher throw than the Globe 999 but still fairly low... have to dig the ball into the sponge more to get the power.... Loops are very spinny with decent pace. The rubber does seem to have several gears...

Without glue this is not going to be a speed demon...and with my current blade (stiga energy) it may not be quite fast enough... but this rubber has good power and excellent control... it does really feel like a faster version of the LKT XT... Look very promising so far...

I'll have to test it on the weekend to get a better feel of the speed of the rubber... so how well I can hit it past people, and how well it spin and kicks off the table...


Part 2: First hit

After having a bit more of a hit with it, I quite like it. The extreme tack wears off, as it does with the LKT XT, but it still feels tackier than the LKT, but not as tacky as Globe 999 Nat.

On slow brush loops you can generate huge spin, it's very much like the LKT XT in this respect. However when you start hitting it harder, or hit through the ball more, it's a lot different. It has a lot more power than the XT, and seems to have several gears. Loop drives feel very direct, and don't seem to dip as much, making me think it may not have as much spin. The spin is still very good though, but not like a 999 Nat for example.

The control is fantastic in all parts of the game... my blocking game seemed noticably better, it's more forgiving, and my touch seemed better...less sensitve to spin and not too springy..

It does lack the power to really put the ball away, but this is all totally unglued or treated... hopefully glued up this will change...

Further comments to follow…

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