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A real low and short no-spin serve can give you some easy points in matches, as they are difficult to flip hard, and they require good timing to push hard. Mix it up with a heavy backspin in the same spot. Remember to get it short, the ball should bounce short on your side close to the net...

LKT Will Power - Hi-res Picture

LKT Arylate Carbon is a new concept in Chinese blades. The Power of Carbon with the vibration dampening quality of Arylate.


  • Huge Sweet spot
  • Carbon blade
  • For Attacking style of play

Ratings :

  • Speed: OFF 10-
  • Control: 8+
  • Weight 87g approx



            A fast and very stable blade. Very good speed and control ratio. The carbon veneers gives the stability, wheras the arylate dampens the vibration. Arylate carbon blades also have significantly better dwell time, which allows you to generate more spin. This is considered to be the best of both worlds, ie the speed and large sweet spot of a carbon blade, with the softer feel and better dwell time like that of a wooden blade.


User Reviews (from internet/newsgroups):

I consider this to be the most advanced blade I carry.  If you're going to use this one, you'd better know what you're doing.  When I try to play with it, every shot is either fantastic or fantastically bad!

It's fast and stiff, but the arylate makes it softer and spinier than an all-wood blade.  It also muffles some of that annoying carbon "pink" sound, which is definitely a good thing.

If you are using a hard-feel kind of blade, you might have to adjust your stroke for looping because Arylate-Carbon has greater dwell time than the rest of the blades that I described above.  The first night I loop everything off the table.  I mean, it was weird for me because I got used to that Super Carbon.  What about now?  Now, I really like it.  It's so easy to play close or off the table.  I can loop the ball from everywhere.  One time my opponent forced me off the table (about 6 feet) and the ball is about 1 foot from hitting the floor.  I looped and put it back on the table with a little effort.  This blade is definitely a looping blade.  How does it compare to other "brand name" arylate-carbon blades?  Well again, I have to admit that it's NOT as good as other "brand name" blades.  However, it can do 95-99% of other blades can offer and for that kind of price.  I would go with it.  Recommended for 2-wing looper.

The friendship Li Kuang Tsu Arylate is a nice blade. Pair it up with G888, and you can put a whole lot of spin on a ball. But the LKT Arylate is a good blade, while not being overly expensive compared to others.


The Will power is a little bit slower than the clipper. To me it has a great feeling and completely controllable, and it has replaced the clipper as my main blade. I would say more control and maybe a little bit softer than the clipper. lion...



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