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A real low and short no-spin serve can give you some easy points in matches, as they are difficult to flip hard, and they require good timing to push hard. Mix it up with a heavy backspin in the same spot. Remember to get it short, the ball should bounce short on your side close to the net...

Table tennis manufacturers:
729 Friendship RITC (also known as 'Tianjin Golden Friendship Rubber Products Development Co.Ltd.'):
One of the Giants of Chinese table tennis equipment, manufacturers the full range of quality equipment including rubbers, blades, pre-made bats and accessories. It has contributed to the glories of many Chinese world champions, such as the earlier champion, Xi Enting, Deng Yaping, and the more recent Wang Nan.

In recent years this company has had renewed focus on it's export market, and has improved it's quality control enormously. It's come up with a new range of products suited more to the euro styles of play, as compared to the traditional Chinese equipment. Blades have become lighter and hi-tech, rubbers are lighter with softer sponges with a huge range of products meeting the demands of most styles of play.

Avalox AVX:
The Avalox/AVX brand has been around for several decades, and is most famous for it's high quality professional blades, used by several former world champions. Avalox/AVX produces high quality professional products, commissioned by the Chinese National Team. Unlike some of the other major brands, who make quality products, but mass produce them, Avalox/AVX makes small runs with tight tolerances.

Avalox/AVX blades are being used by several members of the World Champion Chinese team, including Wang Nan, multiple World- and Olympic Champion. Avalox/AVX is a cut above - at the same price as consumer products.

Avalox AVX has further diversified into a range of professional table tennis rubbers as well, with some unique properties suitable for a wide range of players and styles.

Butterfly Japan
Butterfly is one of the most famous and major table tennis equipment manufacturers in the world. Established in 1950 in Japan, Butterfly has developed into one of the market leaders, with high quality products, although with price-tags to match.
Read more about the Butterfly rubbers and blades here...

Dawei is a fairly well known but medium size Chinese company. Their table tennis products target the full range of players from beginners to the professional players. Their ‘Dawei Institute’ has developed a range of new high-technology products, like their 'IB Tech' system used in many of their new blades, which offers improved feel and control. The company is probably best known for their famous SPRUNGFEDER Tension rubbers. Their more recent range of products targets the western style of play.

DONIC, a German based company, has been among the leaders in table tennis equipment for several decades, and have shown some great innovation in blade and rubber technologies.

Double Happiness DHS:
Double Happiness (DHS) is a huge Table Tennis equipment manufacturer supplying their products all over the world. They are the largest sporting goods supplier in China. They supply the full range of Table Tennis equipment from balls, rubbers, blades nets to even tables. They are best known for their Hurricane rubbers and blades. They are a common supplier of equipment for international events, and their rubbers and blades are used by many of the top players in the world. Many of the world's top table tennis players use DHS equipment. The supply an estimate 80% of the world supply of table tennis balls, re-badging them for many other manufacturers.

Galaxy (also known as Milky way or Yin-he):
Galaxy is a well known Chinese company that has been producing table tennis equipment over 20 years. Their products range from low cost pre-made bats, blades, rubbers and accessories for everyone, to some very high quality hi-tech blades and rubbers for the competition and more professional players. All their products are of good quality, and usually offer excellent value for money.

Globe, best known for their classic Globe 999 rubber, is a well known medium size Chinese company. Apart from from a few of their rubbers, their products are not well known outside China, and it's only in recent years Globe has been making some effort in promoting their to the western countries. Globe's rubbers are used by some of the world's top Chinese players.

JOOLA Tischtennis GmbH + Co. KG:
The brand JOOLA has its origin in the 1950s when it was popular to combine the names of companies and cities. The sports department of the department store JOOss in LAndau was involved in the production of the first table tennis tables in 1952. Joola has grown to become a major player among the table tennis manufacturers, offering the complete range of equipment, and having shown some great innovation in their products.
Read more about the Joola rubbers and blades here

LKT (Liu Kang Tsu):
"Liu Kang Tsu" was a former Chinese great. LKT is very closely associated with 729 Friendship. The sole distributor for Friendship, China Sports, has come up with a custom range, labeled LKT, which tries to meet the more western requirements of rubbers and blades. Although the product range of LKT is nowhere near as big as Friendship, they have some very unique and innovative products, that really suits the more western style of play.

Tianjin Tuttle International Trade Co
Tianjin Tuttle International Trade Co., Ltd. Located in Tianjin, China is a manufacturer and distributor incorporating scientific Research, development, production and sales for professional Table Tennis products.  The company was established in 1995 and has been growing very fast since then. They aim is to provide quality professional blades and rubbers at competitive prices. For further information see: 
Read more about Tianjin Tuttle International here

Yasaka Japan
Established in 1947, Yasaka has become one of the major table tennis manufacturers. Their most notible rubber being Mark V, which is arguable one of the most popular rubbers in the world.
Read more about the Yasaka rubbers and blades here...

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