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A real low and short no-spin serve can give you some easy points in matches, as they are difficult to flip hard, and they require good timing to push hard. Mix it up with a heavy backspin in the same spot. Remember to get it short, the ball should bounce short on your side close to the net...


"Uranus: The legendary wizard in Greek Mythology.

Milky way’s “Uranus” short pips rubber is characterized by agility, unpredictability and capacity for infinite variations. It is the epitome of short pips technology in modern table tennis.

“Uranus” allows the user to hit extremely fast smashes and blocks. It also provides great ease in looping and pushing/chopping, allowing the user to easily any kind of spin on the ball. This makes it suitable for the traditional short pips fast attack style of play.

Uranus: a magical performance, where your imagination sets the limit."


User Reviews (from internet/newsgroups, etc):

Review of Galaxy Uranus, by Agooding (published with permission)

I finally got the sheet of Galaxy Uranus Alex sent me paired up with a suitable blade, so here's my impressions after an hour or so practice.

Pips on this sheet (red 2.0) are similar in size and shape to 802 (not 802-40) or Dawei 388-B (not B1). The pips are hard, like 802, not soft like 388. This pegs the rubber as an allrounder more suitable for hitting than for spinning. The sponge is interesting in that it is medium soft but springy. I treated with 1 coat of Ecolo Expander II, left on for 18 hours.

The result is the rubber is far faster than similar pips that I've tried, like 802 with a variety of sponges, 388B, 802-40 or 889-2. It gives up some dwell time for speed and the rubber is much higher throw than the above, so much so that I had to track down a low throw hinoki blade to tame it.

Once I got the blade lined up it felt I could do all sorts of things you can't do with a lower throw rubber. I could let the ball drop and loop it, rip long serves back off the bounce, push and flip low balls easily and put nasty spin on my serves. As a reformed inverted user, it allowed me to play almost an inverted game, serve underspin, loop the return and then attack the next ball.

What it doesn't do as well as a rubber like Pluto is roll low balls and vary the speed on blocks. Blocks were either fast or off the table, though with a slower blade I'd have more control. Also, as I was used to a lower throw rubber I made errors due to my blade being too open. But boy this is fun! I think Uranus captures the opposite end of short pips play well. While Pluto works well for high throw blades, rolling and blocking, Uranus works better on low throw blades for looping and hitting.

I think players who like 802 and 802-40 will like Uranus even more and Uranus is a good low cost alternative to expensive Japanese rubbers like Butterfly Raystorm, which didn't seem any faster or spinnier.

Another winner from Galaxy/Milky Way. Just get it on the right blade.


Uranus- My initial impressions were very accurate. High speed, high control, not much spin. It was great fun to return serve with it on the back, using it for an RPB smash through just about whatever spin was coming at me. It can't serve well, but I was fine if I either served with the reverse side with this up or served with the 999 up and twiddled. I did do one fake serve with it, where I twiddled at the last second and did what appeared to be a side/back spin serve that actually produced a speedy, spinless ball. My opponent popped it up.
Review by Hobbes (published with permission)


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