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A real low and short no-spin serve can give you some easy points in matches, as they are difficult to flip hard, and they require good timing to push hard. Mix it up with a heavy backspin in the same spot. Remember to get it short, the ball should bounce short on your side close to the net...

 Nittaku  Narucross EX Hard

The New Narucross EX rubbers have the Narucross “cross system” PLUS the Narucross “tension” in its maximum form! Maximum tension resulting in maximum power and performance without speed glue.

Recommended for using without speed glue, for best speed-glue performance. Narucross EX is available with EX Soft (softer sponge) and EX Hard (harder sponge). Soft version is very spinny with more control; Hard version is speedier with good spin.


  • Speed: 9.6

  • Spin: 9.3

  • Control: 7.3



 Nittaku Narucross EX Hard Review:
In this review, i'll be comparing the Nittaku Narucross Ex Hard 2.2mm to Joola Express Two 2.0mm, as FH rubbers.


For a while now, i've been playing with Express, on both sides of my blade. I feel that Express 1, on an all wood blade like W-6, serves me best as a BH rubber, and i still feel this way. Blocking and counter-hitting is a breeze, and sharp/flat loops down the BH line have become so much easier.

The Express 2, in the FH, also provided me with incredible stability in terms of blocking and counter-hitting. Express is by far the best rubber i've tried for this, no doubt. Both rubbers are incredible for short-play because of their hardness.

However, when being forced around the court, to the point where you need to stretch yourself to your limits to reach a ball, i was finding it hard to perform FH loops that weren't simply acts of desperation, but would allow me to get back into the point with a decent trajectory and lots of spin. Because of the speed/elasticity/hardness of the express, performing loops from that angle became extremely hard. So i began looking for something else that would allow me to improve that part of my game, well knowing that i'd be sacrificing some consistency in blocking/counter-hitting.

Nittaku Narucross Ex Hard 2.2mm:

I'm usually not a big fan of 2,2mm sponges, but i found this lying around at my local TT-store, and i couldn't stand for it lying there by it's lonesome. (I also got a sheet of Renaros Bright 2.2mm, that i'll be testing at some point).

Initial impressions

Topsheet - excellent quality. The tackiest new-tech rubber i've tried/seen. The nittaku protective sheet almost appeared to be wet, when i applied it to the rubber.

The pips aren't immediately visible like they are on certain other rubbers, because it's tackier.

Rolling the ball around on the surface, you can feel the friction. Bouncing the ball, you can feel the crispy innards begging to come into play. Even at 2,2mm, you sense that it's somewhat slower than the Express 2 2mm, but the Express is by nature more explosive. Didn't come as a surprise to me.

Hardness - It feels about the same as the Express 2.

How does it play?

Blocking/counterhitting - The first thing i wanted to do, was to test it against the Express 2, because it's so brilliant at 2mm. The narucross seemed to lack the same crisp and consistent bounce, but it's by no means shabby. It keeps you on your toes because of the 2.2mm sponge combined with the hardness. You need to be a bit more active in your strokes which begs precision in execution. It's still a great blocking/counter-hitting rubber, and i'm definately going to keep it for further testing.

Looping - This is where it gets interesting. Brush looping is easier due to the tackier topsheet and slightly slower speed. Getting some crazy spinny angles on your FH loops is easier aswell, because of the exact same criteria. It seems to prefer a chinese style of looping. I was able to squeezy some power out of my loops that i didn't have the confidence to do with the Express, which isn't as forgiving. Narucross now offers me some increased stability in that department.

When chasing those balls at crazy angles, as i mentioned was one of my goals for this rubber, i was able , in full stretch, to put the ball back on the table with lots of spin and low trajectory, allowing me time to get back into the points. Big thumbs up.

Counter-looping - Excellent. There's alot of control in this rubber away from the table, i feel. Decent speed coupled with great spin and control will have you putting balls on the table for a long time. Counter-looping away from the table is mostly about keeping the ball in play, and the narucross offered some great improvements over the Express Two, i felt. Close to the table, i still feel the Express Two has the edge.

Smashing - As i've said earlier, it's a bit slower than the express, but it still packs quite a punch. I do prefer to twiddle my blade and smash with the more seemingly more powerful Express 1.


This one i'm keeping. On an all wood blade it provides some excellent play in every aspect of the game, while not being overly fast/bouncy. Adjusting to a more chinese style of looping, i felt it provided me with faster loops than ever. On odd angles, it provided me with a weapon to get back into the points. Hardness/speed allows for spinny and short services. I'll have to do some more testing, but right now i have nothing negative to say about it. Since it's made in germany, there may be durability issues but i'll get to that.

It didn't quite stack up to Express 2 in terms of blocking/counter hitting, but what's the difference between brilliant and more brilliant? It's not much.

Review by zrrbiteDK, OOAK forum:

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