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A real low and short no-spin serve can give you some easy points in matches, as they are difficult to flip hard, and they require good timing to push hard. Mix it up with a heavy backspin in the same spot. Remember to get it short, the ball should bounce short on your side close to the net...

 Table Tennis Equipment Professional Men use
There is always a great deal of interest in what blade and rubbers the professional player use. The guys at the forum have been compiling the list shown below, showing professional male players, and the equipment they are supposed to be using. Although the brand used is more often than not related to sponsorship deals, it is still a useful guide to see what equipment is used for different styles of players.

Keep in mind though that just because the professional players are using something, does not mean it's appropriate for you! These players are highly skilled, and often practice full time, so they can adjust to equipment much better than us mere mortals! Note also that a lot of the rubbers would have been used with speed glue, which changes their properties significantly.

Full credit for this list is given to Jeff(ATTC) (who initiated and compiled this list) and all the other contributing members of the forum. Note that this list given below (published with permission) is still in progress, and will continue to be updated as new information becomes available.. Please inform us of any errors or additions to this list.

Timo Boll (GER)
Butterfly Timo Boll Spirit
FH: Butterfly Sriver L (Normal Sriver)
BH: Butterfly Sriver L

Chen Weixing (AUT)
Defense II
FH: Joola CWX Drum
BH: TSP Curl P1

Cheung Yuk (HK)
Custom BTY blade with Maze Passion handle
FH: Bryce
BH: Sriver FX

Chuan Chin-Yuan (TPE)
Butterfly Chuan Chin Yuan -or- Donic
FH: Friendship SST on DHS #20
BH: ?

Chen Qi (CHN)
Stiga Energy FL Master
FH: DHS Hurricane II
BH: Butterfly Bryce

Gao Ning (SIN)
Stiga Clipper CR
FH: DHS Hurricane III
BH: Yasaka Xtend

Hao Shuai (CHN)
Avalox P700
FH: DHS Hurricane III
BH: Butterfly Sriver FX

Hao Yingchao (CHN)
DHS Hurricane Classic
FH: DHS G666
BH: TSP Spetcol

He Zhi Wen (ESP)
FH: 729 802

William Henzell (AUS)
Yasaka Ma Lin Carbon
FH: Yasaka Mark V XS
BH: Yasaka Mark V

Hallmark Aurora w/ st handle
FH: Globe 999 2.0mm
BH: Globe 999 2.0mm

Hidetoshi Oya (JPN)
FH: Sriver
BH: Sriver EL

Hugo Hoyoma (BRA)
Yasaka Hasha
FH: V Stage Max

JUN Mizutani (JPN)
BTY Jun Mizutani ZL Carbon
FH: Bryce
BH: Tenergy?

Joo Se Hyuk (KOR)
Butterfly Diode/ Joo Se Hyuk
FH: Butterfly Tackfire Drive
BH: TSP Curl P1-R

Kan Yo (JPN)
Yasaka Kan Yo Fiber Special.
FH: DHS Huricane III?
BH: Yasaka Mark V AD?

Ko Lai Chak (HK)
Stiga Clipper CR
FH: DHS Hurricane III
BH: Stiga Mendo Energy

Koji Matsush*ta (JPN)
Butterfly Defense Alpha
FH: Butterfly Tackifire Drive
BH: Butterfly Feint Long III

Kong Linghui (CHN)
Butterfly Kong Linghui Special w/ carbon/arylate on BH only
FH: Globe 999
BH: Butterfly Bryce

Peter Karlsson (SWE)
Banda or Stiga?
FH: Stiga Mendo MP
BH:Stiga Mendo MP

KENTA Matsudaira (JPN)
Custom ZL Carbon Blade BTY
FH: Tenergy 05
BH: Tenergy 05

KENJI Matsudaira (JPN)
BTY Sky 7
FH: Sriver
BH: Bryce

Petr Korbel (CZE)
Butterfly Peter Korbel
FH: Butterfly Sriver G2
BH Butterfly Sriver G2

Kalinikos Kreanga (GRE)
Butterfly Primorac Carbon w/Butterfly old Kreanga handle
FH: Butterfly Bryce
BH: Butterfly Bryce

Lee Jung Woo (KOR)
Butterfly Cypress Max
FH: Sriver

Lee Jung Sam (Kor)
Yasaka Kan Yo Fiber Special
FH: H3
BH: Sriver EL

Li Ching (HK)
Stiga V1
FH: DHS Hurricane III
BH: Stiga Mendo Energy

Li Ping (CHN)
Donic Wosik Senso Carbon
FH: H3
BH: Donic Coppa JO Gold

Ma Lin (CHN)
Yasaka Ma Lin Extra Offense with a "Ma Lin Carbon Olympic Gold Medalist" handle
BH: Butterfly Bryce

Ma Long (CHN)
Nittaku Acoustic
FH: DHS Hurricane III
BH: Nittaku Waldner SC

Michael Maze (DEN)
Butterfly Michael Maze
FH: Bryce Hard
BH: Sriver EL

Oh Sang Eun (KOR)
Butterfly Oh Sang Eun -or- Butterfly Petr Korbel
FH: Butterfly Bryce Hard
BH: Butterfly Bryce Hard

Dimitrij Ovtcharov (GER)
Donic Waldner Senso Carbon
FH: Donic Coppa
BH: Donic Coppa

Zoran Primorac (CRO)
Buttery Timo Boll Spirit
FH: Butterfly Sriver EL?
BH: Butterfly Sriver EL?

Jean-Michel Saive (BLG)
Andro ?
FH: Andro Revolution C.O.R.
BH: Andro Revolution C.O.R.

Qiu Yike (CHN)
Stiga Clipper CR WRB FL
FH: H3
BH: Butterfly Sriver

Ryu Seung Min (KOR)
Xiom RSM Athena Platinum
FH: Xiom Omega III

Valdimir Samsonov (BLR)
Tibhar Samsonov Alpha/ Butterfly Mazunov?
FH: Tibhar Rapid
BH: Tibhar Rapid

SEIYA Kishikawa (JPN)
BTY Timo Boll
FH: Sriver
BH: Sriver EL

TAKU Takukiwa (JPN)
BTY Timo Boll
FH: Sriver
BH: Sriver EL

Tang Peng (HK)
FH: Tackfire D
BH: Yasaka Original

Jörgen Persson (SWE)
Donic Persson Powercarbon
FH: Donic Coppa
BH: Donic Coppa
Donic Persson

Jan-Ove Waldner (SWE)
Donic Waldner Senso Carbon
FH: Donic Sonex JP?
BH: Donic Jo Waldner

Wang Hao (CHN)
DHS Dipper
BH: Butterfly Sriver

Wang Liqin (CHN)
DHS Hurricane King/ Stiga OC CR w/ DHS WLQ Handle
FH: DHS Hurricane II
BH: Nittaku Nodias/ or Donic JO Waldner

Wang Tao (CHN)
Avalox p700
FH: Globe 999
BH: TSP Spectol

Werner Schlager (AUT)
Butterfly Schlager Carbon
FH: Butterfly Bryce
BH: Butterfly Bryce

Yan Sen (CHN)
Yasaka Extra
BH: Nittaku JO Waldner

Yoshida Kaii (JPN)
Butterfly Yoshida Kaii
FH: Bryce

Wilson Peng Zhang (CAN)
Butterfly Petr Korbel
FH: Bryce
BH: Sriver EL

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