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A real low and short no-spin serve can give you some easy points in matches, as they are difficult to flip hard, and they require good timing to push hard. Mix it up with a heavy backspin in the same spot. Remember to get it short, the ball should bounce short on your side close to the net...

 RITC 755 tack-speed long pimples

It possesses anti-spin feature and toughness and makes the ball downward and floating, thus having a function of guarding against loop drive. It has long been called "magic pimples rubber".  


  • Long Pips out rubber
  • Strange Effect on Ball
  • Can generate attack
  • Can be VERY Deceptive
  • Can throw Knuckle ball effect
  • ITTF/USATT/CTTA approved
  • Sponge 1.5mm or No Sponge (pictured)

Ratings (out of 12):

  • Speed: 11
  • Spin: 8
  • Control: 11


            This rubber comes with no sponge, which maximises its spin reversal, deception qualities and overall control, but reduces the speed.

755 is a highly deceptive hitting/chop blocking rubber. 755 hits better with sponge but if you can master hitting with NO sponge its very effective. Chop/block shots are best done with no sponge, but 1.0 is acceptable.  

This rubbers was used by the chinese player Deng yaping, possibly one of the best woman players in history...

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 RITC 755 tack-speed review:

Like 837, 755 is outstanding for an attacking long pimples game. Passive strokes say, holding the bat out and hoping for the best will have little effect, but active strokes, primarily counter-hits and blocks, are consistent, fast, and with reasonable spin reversal. By combining fast attacks from the 755 with fast attacks from a normal reverse rubber, the resulting variety of spin will trouble and confuse the opponent, often drawing weak shots which you can then kill with a strong forehand. Pushes can be kept low, and backspin can be attacked with relative ease (for the latter, it seems more effective to use a 'normal' style of backhand stroke rather than the 'scooping' style that is necessary with other long pimples). 755 is often described as a defensive rubber, and it can indeed be used for fairly consistent chopping; but this is not its main strength, since spin reversal on chops is only moderate, and chops have a slight tendency to go long (if only because 755 is faster than most long pimples). Thus 755 is most effectively used close to the table. In this respect, 755 and 837 are largely similar. Noticeable differences are that 755 is faster, has a more 'springy' feel (837 feels more 'dead'), and 755 gives better spin reversal on chops (though still only moderate reversal). Also, I think 755 does not work well on a soft, defensive blade if you're going to use 755, I'd use at least an all-round blade, whereas 837 seems compatible with all blade types. Overall I prefer 837, but this is a matter of taste. Both are excellent rubbers.

Author: Dean Stretton:


Long pimpled rubber with 1,5mm long soft pimples with entirely shiny surface. Superb control. Antispin effect. Most used for defense play but also for attacking play close to the table in order to create openings for the fh. Easy to hit against backspin. Gold in singels in World Championships and in the Olympic Games. Gold in singel in Veteran European Championship and World Championships.



Name: mi33

Country: france

Comments: very good rubber for those players looking for something good to return serve and then play with a strong forehand loop. Easy to control and very effective

Rating: 10    


Name: Gene

Country: USA

Comments: I have tried this rubber in several different sponge thicknesses as a reverse side for my penhold blades. Quite frankly, I think I'm just not ready for long pips. Hitting requires so much more effort than with a shorter pip, and I found the deception to work against me as often as for me. These long pips are not a "plug and play" solution, but must be mastered with a great deal of practice. 

Rating: 6


Name: Stephen

Country: Canada

Comments: I used the 755 with no sponge for my BH. Never get used to it. But this rubber is very deceptive. It can fool your opponent quite easily. However, the player has to master the playing characteristic of this rubber first. Worth a try as it is very cheap.

Rating: 9


Name: Kenny

Country: USA

Comments: This long pips is quite possibly the best bang for the buck ever! The spin reversal is amazing and has great deception. A must for someone wanting a long pips.

Rating: 9


Name: Vlad

Country: Suisse

Comments: Good long pimps rubber. has good control and enough flatter effect. can be used even for offensive strokes. Also cheap.

Rating: 9


Name: Matthew Ma

Country: USA

Comments: I currently use this rubber for my reverse penhold loop and occasionally for twiddling into forehand blocks/smashes. It has great spin reversal. This rubber is very deceptive. It's so deceptive, that it took me awhile to get used to its "unique" properties. However, I have no regrets in choosing it as my first penhold backhand rubber. Good job Friendship.

Rating: 9


Name: Ian Demagi

Country: USA

Comments: This rubber has excellent deception. It both floats and reverses spin well. It does hit pretty well against push or chop.

Rating: 7


Name: slaplink_pat

Country: philippines

Comments: quite the classic in long pimples yet its been sometime when I bought this one but still can' figure out how to use it properly

Rating: 7


Name: Dick Schneiders

Country: USA

Comments: A nice long pips rubber. It hits well against backspin. I have 1.0 and 0.5 sponge and the 1.0 hits a bit better but has less deception. A very good chopping rubber, also. Great for close to the table blocking and hitting.




By the way, Cole, if you're reading this, I played against my club mate who is using the 755 that I got from you and man that stuff is evil - never mind Dr Evil!!  The ability to attack heavy underspin serves really caught me off guard!!  Wow!!    Is there a big step up from 755 to SS i.t.o. spin reversal/wobble etc ?

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