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A real low and short no-spin serve can give you some easy points in matches, as they are difficult to flip hard, and they require good timing to push hard. Mix it up with a heavy backspin in the same spot. Remember to get it short, the ball should bounce short on your side close to the net...

 RITC 837 Tack-speed long pimples

“It has a feature of toughness and a unique structure. Besides having the features of long pimples rubber, it is suitable for attack, capable of producing some spins and easy for a player to master.”


  • Long Pips out rubber
  • Great for almost all defensive styles
  • Can generate attack
  • Easy to master
  • Can throw Knuckle ball effect
  • ITTF/USATT/CTTA approved  
  • Sponge 0.6mm (pictured) or No Sponge

Ratings (Out of 12):

  • Speed: 11
  • Spin: 7
  • Control: 11


Almost maxlong, broad, dense spaced out, relatively stiff, hard pimples with ribbed surface. Easy to use in offensive play and over the table. Gold in Europe Top 12 and the European Championships (Womens singles)

            If you want to learn a long-pip game this is the rubber to use. 837 is very easy to master. 837 has excellent control for a long-pip, and has enough spin to generate very tough backspin chop. 837 is not the most deceptive, it can hit a knuckle ball for some deception but it otherwise it can be a little predictable. 837 handles serve reception great, a light block or chop will send most spinney serves back. Block vs. topspin can be open or closed; the open shots will bounce high so make them deep.  

Note this rubber is available both with and without sponge. The rubber WITHOUT sponge will maximise the 'long pimple' effect and the deceptive qualities, whereas the rubber WITH sponge will make it more suitable for aggressive/attacking shots.

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 RITC 837 tack-speed review:

This is a delight to use close to the table. Hits and blocks are consistent and effective: so long as you use a positive forwards movement (this requires decent footwork so you can get into position!), 837 will produce a medium or medium-fast ball with a significant 'float' or 'sink' effect (a 'sink' ball is one which, because of the effect produced by the long pimples, tends to sink into the net when hit by the opponent; so, if you give the opponent a 'sink' ball, he or she will have to lift it higher than usual to prevent it sinking into the net). The effect is not magical, of course: the opponent can return a 'sink' ball by lifting it as if it were ordinary backspin. But by mixing 'sink' balls with topspin from a normal reverse rubber, the variety of shots produced will often wear down and confuse the opponent. Pushes with 837 can be kept low, and lifting against backspin will produce a fairly fast ball with flat trajectory and moderate spin reversal. Chops can be done consistently, but produce very little spin reversal and so are ineffective (the opponent will hardly ever loop into the net, will sometimes loop out, but will mostly just loop for a winner). In short, this is an excellent rubber, but must be used close to the table as part of a fast attacking and blocking game in the manner of, say, Carl Prean. Since 837 is easy to use, it is also an excellent introduction for those using long pimples for the first time.
Author: Dean Stretton:



Name: Alex

Country: Australia

Comments: Amazing control especially with no sponge. Produces great backspin against fast loops when chopping away from the table. Decent spin reversal.

Rating: 9


Name: J

Country: USA

Comments: This stuff can do it all: hit, block, push, and most of all chops really well. Such a good weapon. Sets up your forehand attack very well. Best long pips I've tried.

Rating: 10


Name: Vlad

Country: Suisse

Comments: Good flatter effect. Enough control. Better for blocks. Also cheap.

Rating: 8


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