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A real low and short no-spin serve can give you some easy points in matches, as they are difficult to flip hard, and they require good timing to push hard. Mix it up with a heavy backspin in the same spot. Remember to get it short, the ball should bounce short on your side close to the net...

 Table tennis rubber weights

Most manufacturers do not specify the weight of their rubbers. Since the rubber weight is a large portion of the overall weight of a complete bat (2 rubbers are roughly half the weight of the bat), I think it's important to know this information.

Below I've started compiling a list of rubber weights in grams per square cm. I calculate this by weighing the uncut sheet, and measuring the dimensions of the sheet. The weight per square cm is then the total weight divided by the (length x width).

To work out the roughly how much weight the rubbers will add to your bat, assume your blade surface area is about 190cm2, so multiply the weight below by 190. Remember most bats need 2 rubbers...

The sponge thickness needs to be specified too, as different thicknesses will effect the weight. Note that I weigh the rubber sheet WITH the plastic protection sheet still on there, which will add a small amount of weight too.

Rubber: Sponge thickness: Weight (g/cm2) Notes:
729 Xi Enting Jap Spng 2.0mm 0.238  
Dawei Sprungfeder G3 2.2mm 0.210 40deg
Dawei Sprungfeder A-2 2.2mm 0.220 42deg
Yasaka ZAP 40mm 2.2mm 0.226 36-38deg
Yasaka New Era 2.2mm 0.252 45-47deg
Globe 999 N-in Red 2.0mm 0.214 40deg
DHS G555 black 2.2mm 0.210  
DHS Hurricane 3 red 2.2mm 0.206 unusually light???
BTY Sriver FX Red 2.1mm 0.202  
Yasaka Mark V Black 2.0mm 0.231  
Globe LiQin 2.2mm 0.225 45 deg
729 Geospin Tacky Red 2.0mm 0.195  
RITC 2000 MRS BLK 2.0mm 0.211  
DHS G666 Red 2.0mm 0.230  
DHS Dipper BLK 1.8mm 0.201  
729 Highpoint RED 2.2mm 0.213  
729 Higher III BLK 2.2mm 0.231  
729 Focus I BLK 2.2mm 0.248  
Globe 999 BLK 2.2mm 0.221 40 deg
Galaxy Mercury 2.2mm 0.218 39-41deg
729 SP 2.0mm 0.226  
Sriver FX BLK 1.9mm 0.201  
Tackifire D RED 1.9mm 0.222  
JUIC Couga BLK 2.0mm 0.209  
JUIC Nanocanon RED 2.0mm 0.195  

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