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A real low and short no-spin serve can give you some easy points in matches, as they are difficult to flip hard, and they require good timing to push hard. Mix it up with a heavy backspin in the same spot. Remember to get it short, the ball should bounce short on your side close to the net...

 Dawei Saviga V long pimples

"Saviga V has a rought but totally frictionless surface and offer outstanding control for all strokes as well as improved spin reversla. It provides very good overall disturbing properties for blocking close to the table.

On the other hand Saviga V enables you to attack while producing wobbling balls. This can be done both on chopped and float balls in order to make your offensive game more deceptice. The Saviga V new frictionless long pimpled rubber offers even better attacking possibilities."


This is the latest long pimpled rubber from DAWEI. This is the new and improved version of the standard 388D and 388D-1, with the new Exonsor gluing technology, providing better speed, spin & control, with some tension between the rubber and sponge.

New technology has significantly improved both the spin and speed of the rubber, plus marginal improvement in control. Very little information is available for this rubber, although from the physical characteristics it is likely to be highly deceptive because of the grippy and flexible pimples.

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 Dawei Saviga V review
Saviga V Red 0.5mm on Stiga Energy Wood WRB

This is a very deceptive, fairly slow, long pimples rubber. The pimples are skinny, very flexible and grippy on the sides. The surface of the pimples, although rough, does not have a lot of grip, but the sides and edges of the pimples, which come into play when the pimples bend, are quite soft and grippy. This allows for a lot of variation depending on how you hit the ball. This is essential at the higher levels of competition, as simple spin reversal will no longer fool your opponent. 

When taken out of the packet, the rubber curled up a little, making me think it may be tensioned somewhat, although nothing was mentioned on the cover (cover description are usually totally useless though).

This rubbers seemed very similar to the 388D-1, visually I cannot tell the difference. 

When brushing the ball with this rubber very lightly, the spin reversal is very good, producing some very awkward balls.

Blocking against topspin loops is very good and easy, although some minor adjustment need to be made for high spin loops (because of the extra grip).  It produces a low flat ball, hard to attack again. When blocked with an open face, the sponge really absorbs a lot of the power, taking the pace off the return, producing an awkward slow floating ball, very hard to loop again. I found this rubber to be excellent for drop shots. Chop block also worked well and are effective. When you close the face of the bat a little and strike forwards, you can impart decent pace and counter-hit the ball quite consistently. A small amount of topspin can be produces. Care must be taken to wait for the ball and not reach for it, since the grip of just the pimple surface is not enough to carry over the ball.

Hitting against chops is very easy and consistent, and produces decent spin reversal. Chopping against chop can be kept very low and is very easy to control. When brushed hard a small amount of backspin can be produced, when brushed lightly decent spin reversal is produced. great for deception.

I found it has good control in the short game, although not as good as the Galaxy 955. I was able to block or chop short balls with easy, and I had great control over the placement.  Even 'no spin' balls were easy to handle.

Choppers will find the 388D-1 offer very good control mid-distance against loops, with good spin reversal. By changing the angle of your chopping strokes, sidespin can be produced against spinny loops. Only against long distance loops, with this fairly slow long pimpled rubber you'll have to generate some of your own pace to return the ball to the table.

As with most grippy long pimples rubbers, heavy sidespin can grip on the rubbers, so you need to allow for this. This rubber is not different, but once again light brushed can return a lot of the sidespin, and hard brushes can take it off. Great for deception.

The best thing this rubber offer is variation. Against return of serve, by changing the stroke and angle slightly, a lot of variation of spin is returned, consistently drawing errors from the opponent.

This rubber works best on slower control blades, and will be most effective with a fast and spinny rubber on the other side for maximum contrast. Alex...

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