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A real low and short no-spin serve can give you some easy points in matches, as they are difficult to flip hard, and they require good timing to push hard. Mix it up with a heavy backspin in the same spot. Remember to get it short, the ball should bounce short on your side close to the net...

 Pingskills - Serving Secrets revealed DVD


Serving Secrets Revealed Table Tennis DVD

"Serving secrets revealed:

Serving is an essential skill in table tennis. So how good are your serving skills? Do your serves help you win points? Olympian Jeff Plumb and Olympic Coach Alois Rosario present his series of clearly structured lessons to help you develop your skills in serving. Whether you are a backyard player or tournament competitor, this video will give you fascinating insight into some top Table Tennis Serving techniques. You can learn to serve like the Pros!

You'll learn about backspin, topspin and sidespin serves. Alois will teach you a range of serves including the pendulum and reverse pendulum serve. We'll tell you the best methods for practicing your serve and discuss how you can use spin, speed and placement to confuse your opponent and deliver devastating serves.

You can get your own copy of Serving Secrets Revealed for this amazing price. That's great value for gaining expert advice from the Australian Olympic Coach.

Click below for a preview (note One of a Kind Trading promotional preview):

Serving Secrets Revealed Contents:

  • Introduction

  • Some Serving Rules

Serving with spin

  • Learning To Spin

  • Serving With Backspin

  • Serving With Sidespin

  • Serving With Topspin

  • Generating More Spin

Types of Serves

  • Pendulum Serve

  • Reverse Pendulum Serve

  • Tomahawk Serve

  • Backhand Serve

  • High Toss Serve

Advanced skills

  • Advanced Serving

  • Varying The Spin

  • Varying The Speed

  • Varying The Placement

  • Service Tactics

Over to you

  • How to Practice


Further Information:

  • DVD type: DVD-R
  • Video format: PAL
  • Comes in proper DVD case
  • The content is copyright by PingSkills. Please respect the copyright and support the continued effort by Pingskills to produce table tennis DVDs."

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 Serving Secrets revealed DVD review
Reviews/comments from forum (

Ok, here is my mini-review of the DVD:

I've watched it all and I think it's quite a good DVD, the best DVD on serves I've seen and I'm happy to recommend it to people. It's about 50mins long and it basically illustrates the major serves used in TT.

A few comments:

- Good details of the basic mechanics of all the major serves
- A good guide for someone that does not have the full range of serves
- highlights of the major points that are important adds a nice touch
- excellent slow motion really helps illustrate the details
- music adds a nice touch
- video quality is good and clear, although the lighting is a little dark at times.
- sound not as clean and consistant as is professional DVDs - not a big deal as everything is clearly understandable
- video lighting could be a little better - not a big deal as everything is clearly visible

For some people in the higher grades in clubs (like myself), it did not reveal anything really new (or secret Wink), since I pretty much knew the serves covered, although there were a few tips I did find very useful, and it highlighted things to focus on to make the serve succesful. There are many people in the top grades that do NOT have the full range of serves though, who could well benefit from this. The DVD is aimed at club level players that do not have the full range of serves, or want to learn some new serves or variation of serves. haggisv


They demonstrate the pendulum, reverse pendulum, tomahawk, backhand and high toss serves, plus discuss various basic tactics. I would have liked to see more actual examples of serves in game situations and also a discussion on advantages and/or disadvantages of serving with or against LP, SP, anti and tacky rubbers. Overall, it's a pretty good overview and probably the best thing out there in English.  mynamenotbob


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