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A real low and short no-spin serve can give you some easy points in matches, as they are difficult to flip hard, and they require good timing to push hard. Mix it up with a heavy backspin in the same spot. Remember to get it short, the ball should bounce short on your side close to the net...

ďHigh performance Nano-Tech Exonsor Rubber.

The Sprungfeder G3 is a superior elastic rubber that provides a hyper-speed effect for your offensive shots. It is high speed and outstanding control. Furthermore, it gives you a greater feeling for the ball. It is made by a high-tension top-sheet with Exonsor.

Sprungfeder G3ís top-sheet, in combination with its unique elastic sponge, produces more powerful shots with maximum speed. Itís unique sponge is especially suitable for re-gluing with speed glue.

The Sprungfeder G3 has a strong near-table offensive power for making ball fly in low arc so frustrating your opponentís defense.

The Sprungfeder G3 is special for technical players."



  • High speed inverted rubber
  • Fast spinning
  • Quick attack and Loop
  • For initializing attack
  • ITTF approved



  • Speed: 
  • Spin: 
  • Control: 
  • Sponge Hardness 40, 2.2mm



According to Dawei, this is a 3rd generation high tension rubber, with a tensioned topsheet, the famous Sprungfeder sponge, and the latest Exonsor tension gluing technology (between the topsheet and sponge). This rubber is supposed to work real well with speed glue too!

Because this rubber has only just been released, not all the information is available as yet, but it will be added here as soon as it's available. 


User Reviews (from internet/newsgroups, etc):

By Alex:

Part 1: Well I tried the Sprungfeder G3 today, and I was not disappointed so far. I wanted to try it unglued first, but will try gluing it in the next week.

 I have only the Sprung A-2 H40 2.2 to compare it to, since I have not tried the A4. My comparison is to the A-2 unglued as well.

 I found the G3 topsheet the have a much softer and elastic feel. The rigid adhesive plastic film really stuck to the surface, I had to pull real hard to get it off! The rubber felt a little lighter than the A2. 

On slow loops it seems slower than the A2, but on faster loops it is a bit faster. Most of the chinese tension rubbers are supposed to have some speed glue effects inbuilt, but usually it is hardly noticible. However for the G3 it was a little noticable. For fast loops it had a bit of a ping, with fairly low pitch. On fast loops and smashes it really flew...the A2 was not too bad, but really needs to be glued to get that extra speed for a loop kill. Loops were very spinny, more than the A2 (which is already spinnier than the A4)

Because of the soft and elastic topsheet, I seemed to get a little more spin on my serves. It felt pretty good on the short game, although I did not spend much time doing this.

Since the G3 is supposed to be good for gluing, I'll try that next. I am a little concerned that it may be too fast for my game/style though, since the A2 glued (with tibhar rapid delux) is already really pushing my limits.

Part 2: Well I tried this rubber glued. First time I glued it, it didn't seem that fast. Second time it was VERY fast, definitely faster than the A-2 but I may have used more glue...

For loops the balls came off  with a fair bit more spin. I can feel the ball grip into the rubber much more than I can with the A-2. This resulted in more spin, but also needed more adjustment for incoming spin.

I also found the throw angle is significantly lower for the G3. For 'brush' type loops it took more effort to lift heavy chop. However for normal loops/drives, the extra speed of the G3 really kicked in and it came off very fast with not too much effort. Smashing is blindingly fast on the the Sprungfeder when glued up.

The sponge really does feel very soft after the G3 is glued up.

I think the G3 will probably be suited to a harder type blade, since the sponge feel so soft. On my Energy Wood (quite a soft feel) I preferred the A-2 to the G3, partially due to the fact that I already had trouble controlling speed of the A-2, and the G3 being faster and softer made it even harder to control.

NOTE: Some of the differences I found between the two rubber are probably a result of the softer sponge on the G3 (40 deg) as compared to A-2 (42 deg).

To conclude, I think if you don't glue, the G3 is probably the better choice, as the tension effect is more pronounced in the G3 than the A-2. The G3 topsheet is very soft and sticky though, so you might need a faster blade to really get some speed out of the G3. If you DO speed glue, the choice will depend on what blade you're using, and how well you can control the speed of this rubber.


Part 3: I glued this rubber for the third time, just to make sure it was really as fast as I thought it was. I only used a single thin layer this time, just like I normally do on my Sprung A-2. Well I no longer think it's as fast as the A-2 if I use the same amount of glue. I suspect the G3 seemed faster the 2nd time I glued it since I used more glue, after getting little effect the first glue. With this single layer of glue it loops well, with lots of spin and pretty good speed. Hard hits and drives still come off very fast. The sponge obviously reacts very well to glue, so if you require more speed, you just add extra glue.


By Silvalis:

The packet was bulging oddly. I popped the plastic open and slid out the cardboard cover, which immediately bulged out further and tried to pop the sticker holding it together. Sliding the rubber out revealed a thick red sheet that immediately tried to roll up into a rubbery plastic covered tube.  The topsheet labels itself 388A, being 1.8mm thick total, 1.1mm of this being just the rubber and the remaining the pip height. This is one thick topsheet (N/I pip structure).  Surprisingly the rubber wasnít very heavy. One would, considering the topsheet but it weighs in at 0.2089g/cm^2, this particular cut being 38g light. Nice.

I had been reading stuff about previous Sprungfeders and expected the G3 to be tacky and quick. I was sorely disappointed. On my HWL test blade it looped slowly without much effort, slowly with medium effort and, well, slow with a lot of effort (ok maybe not that slow). Hardness was medium-ish. Rated at 40 degrees, combined with the tensioning I expected it to be softer. Obviously not. Still, it was softer than Mark V.

I decided to apply glue in the hope it would soften the sponge up. One layer of energy glue seemed to do the trick; it certainly made it easier to loop with. Two layers made it even better. Speed increased, but not to Tango Extrem, F1, Revo Quad 450, Neos sound speeds. Later, I tried a layer of Rapid clean deluxe. This was maybe around the same as the two layers of energy. I put a very thin layer of rapid clean deluxe on (approx 36 hours after the first layer) before clamping for 8 hours. Speed increased again; still not quite as fast, but lovely.

The topsheet here is hugely tacky. Tackier than Geospin tacky & 999T. You can do small service motions and still generate huge spin. You can do large service motions and generate even more spin. You can do weak looking pushes and, well, you get the idea. I expected the topsheet to be fairly insensitive, due to the thickness and the tensioning method (stretch the sponge, compress the topsheet). Yep, I was mostly right. The touch is still there in some form of another and itís easy enough to do dropshots, but it doesnít have to same touch as stuff with thinner topsheets.  Great for spin focused looping.

So, in a nutshell: Slow & spinny. Use glue.

As for speed, saying it's slow is probably a bit of a misrepresentation.  It's not really quick, but it's not as horribly slow as I may have put across. It's faster than Geospin tacky, goldway 916 tensioned (Destroyer?). Hitting softly it's slower than sriver or mark V. Hitting hard (overcome the tackiness) it's faster. In the short game the thicker topsheet doesn't really bother me at all touch wise and the tackiness allows for good, short, spinny pushes.



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