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A real low and short no-spin serve can give you some easy points in matches, as they are difficult to flip hard, and they require good timing to push hard. Mix it up with a heavy backspin in the same spot. Remember to get it short, the ball should bounce short on your side close to the net...

 Butterfly Sriver

“The combination of a relatively hard and spinny surface with a medium and flexible sponge makes SRIVER an explosively offensive rubber (with 1.9 mm to max sponge) or an easy-to-vary and controlled all round rubber (with 1.3 to 1.7 mm sponge).

Balance between speed and spin. According to Butterfly: “The most popular rubber of all-time. No other rubber is capable of producing such a wide range of spin and speed. SRIVER has all the "Gears" and is used by almost every style player at the world-class level.”


  • High speed inverted rubber
  • Fast spinning
  • Quick attack and Loop
  • For initializing attack
  • ITTF/USATT/CTTA approved

Ratings (out of 100):

  • Speed: 82
  • Spin: 80
  • Control: 82
  • Sponge Hardness: medium hard


            SRIVER the most successful Butterfly Rubber since it's introduction in 1967. More than 20 World and 70 European Champions have won their titles with Sriver. The combination of the hard and spinney rubber on the surface with a medium hard and flexible sponge makes SRIVER the natural choice for all round attacking players. It's consistency proves it is the all time winner.

" What is the difference between Sriver, EL and FX?" (from Butterfly's web site)

Sriver and its variations have long been our best selling rubbers. The original Sriver has a medium hard sponge and offers great all-round performance. With the advent of speed gluing, FX was introduced with a softer sponge witch works well with the speed glue. Recently, many of our professional players expressed a desire for a Sriver product with the power of the original Sriver and the speed gluing properties of FX. Thus, Sriver EL was born. All three Sriver products have the same top sheet the difference is in the sponges.

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 Butterfly Sriver reviews:

Name: Chewy


Country: New Zealand

Comments: A classic. Good for everything. Great to start with. Attacking or defensive. But you will probably want to progress to something faster later though. 

Rating: 9


Name: Ch25

Country: Portugal

Comments: Good rubber. Not too fast. Capable of putting speed in the ball but not too much spin. I have one Sriver L max on my forehand but now I think I would prefer something more powerfull (perhaps Bryce or Bryce FX)

Rating: 8


Name: EH!

Country: Canada

Comments: nothing special, but well balanced, good durability. 

Rating: 8


Name: Davíđ

Country: Iceland

Comments: Testing many rubbers and finally found the right one for me, it´s a great rubber

Rating: 10


Name: Norm

Country: USA

Comments: After trying alot of the newer tension rubbers Sriver felt like an old friend. No other rubber gives such comfort and that penetrating power when you need it.

Rating: 9


Name: Adam

Country: usa

Comments: good stuff

Rating: 8


Name: Arno

Country: Turkey

Comments: I think ıt isn't very good. Because You cant make topspin very well with Sriver. 

Rating: 6


Name: Power Looper

Country: Sweden

Comments: This rubber, is just great! I feel it faster than Bryce FX and almost the same effect. You can do everything with this. Way better than Bryce and Bryce FX for half the price. the only downside is that the rubber does not live that long. 

Rating: 10


Name: aaron

Country: australia

Comments: Great rubber, i use it on backhand and can loop with it with control and some speed, but the spin isn't super strong and the speed isn't lightning fast... with speed glue perhaps a rubber for fast attacking players too.

Rating: 9


Name: Garrett

Country: England

Comments: Having started with Sriver L 1.9 on my forehand, I am now using Sriver L 2.1 on a VSG21-4000 Blade with Fair Chack. Although speed glue is less effective with Sriver L, it still increases the spin and slightly increases the speed. When the opportunity comes to hit the ball hard Sriver L feels great, unlike some of the soft sponge rubbers that feel too squashy. That's why I like this rubber on the forehand so much.

Rating: 10


Name: Sonny

Country: US

Comments: My all time favorite. Indeed it does not come with all bells and whistles like those with High Tension technology, but anybody could play pretty well with Sriver. From beginners to World Champions. You just can't go wrong with the rubber that made Butterfly the number one player in the industry.

Rating: 10


Name: ilias

Country: holland

Comments: i hate this rubber not soft enough for me its not the softest there is ..

Rating: 5


Name: Mo

Country: Belgium

Comments: Good rubber, one of the most famous rubbers in the world, the thickness of the sponge allows you to adapt yourself to different styles of play. If you are an attacking player choose 2.0mm of thicker and use some speed glue before playing and you'll see how an old blade can be adapted for the most modern and offensive european players.

Rating: 8


Name: Garrett

Country: United Kingdom

Comments: This is the most versatile and popular rubber you're likely to find. It is suitable for many styles of play just by selecting the suitable thickness. 1.3 - 1.5 for defensive play, 1.7 for allround play and 1.9 - Max for offensive play. I recently switched to 1.9 Sriver L on my forehand when I decided to stop using speed glue. It is consistent in pushing, blocking counter drivng, looping, loop killing and smashing. The only negative thing I can say, is that it does not loop pushes and chops as well as rubbers such as Bryce or Cermet.

Rating: 10


Name: CJ

Country: England

Comments: There is only one word 4 this blade SEXY!! if u want orgasms when u play then this is the rubber 4 u it also makes my dad feel sexual

Rating: 10


Name: Taejoon Lee

Country: U.K

Comments: Brilliant and a quality rubber used by many famous known players in the world, I would highly recommend this rubber. It has a spinny surface and the sponge becomes very soft when speed glued. This rubber is mostly suited for offensive players who attack but it also gives good control in tight situations. Best used for forehand.

Rating: 9


Name: Rudi

Country: Indonesia

Comments: I have try this rubber on my backhand and the result good for rally, blocking, short smash and enough spin. You must try it's

Rating: 9


Name: Kari

Country: Taiwan

Comments: Very very good rubber indeed. An equal match to Yasaka Mark V. When looping, it gives you lots of feeling and gives your opponent lots of pressure. Although speed is slower than BTY's High Tension rubbers such as Bryce & Cermet, but it is still fast enough for balls to go past your opponents without returning.

Rating: 10


Name: ian

Country: usa

Comments: i like it. i'm an intermediate player and it gives me everything i need in rubber- resonably weighted (unlike chinese rubbers) and has solid speed. if you are a looper looking to maximize dwell time, try the variants. if you're finding your game, or developing, i dont think anythings better

Rating: 10


Name: Ben W.

Country: USA

Comments: Sriver gives you control; but also blocks cleanly. FX and EL have a different sponge and just don't give you the balance of the good ole Sriver. 

Rating: 10


Name: Tom

Country: Australia

Comments: This rubber is perfect. It has great speed , great spin and is the best rubber I have ever used

Rating: 10


Name: Kit

Country: USA

Comments: 1.9 or 2.1 are the best choices. VERY FAST!!!! Not much spin. good for pushing. and offensive players.

Rating: 7


Name: Mason

Country: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Comments: I have this rubber on a Boll Forte Blade and find it very good for counter hitting and smashing with good speed, but lacking spin. A bit difficult to control for close to the table attacking but great for mid distance play. 

Rating: 8


Name: Jeff

Country: Australia

Comments: Didn't like it at all. Poor control, almost no feeling or precision. It seems to be a pure looping rubber, but totally useless for close-to-the-table type of attack.

Rating: 3


Name: Norm

Country: USA

Comments: A true classic. This rubber covers all the bases except a little in the spin catagory. Has a reasonable lifespan and will adept itself to your play with the proper thickness for your game.

Rating: 9


Name: emre

Country: turkey

Comments: sriver is a very good rubber for blocking , defence and driving is excellent but the spin is not enough for players like me that use the rubber without glue i played with a bat named primorac 7000. That blade gives much more performance for me in spin.use with glue... 

Rating: 8


Name: S. Jibeng

Country: Timbaktu

Comments: The rubber is good for smacking, easy to control but doesnt have the speed that i need to inflict excruciating pain when hit to their bodies.

Rating: 7


Name: Gabuelo,W.P.

Country: Philippines

Comments: Never have the confidence of being an offensive player until I got hold of this rubber. Powerful spin...

Rating: 9


Name: Timi 

Country: England

Comments: A very good attacking rubber used by the london junior chanpion Timi Famojuro if you use this rubber believe that things could happen!!! 

Rating: 10


Name: Ryan N.

Country: Phillipines

Comments: Things happen so good when I play with it to my opponent... why? Yah I really love to play with guys who does have this kind. I played with it once, you got to have power in every thing like producing your own spin and speed... one thing remarkable, no stocks in shops, because this rubber is really so well, people do really want to by this thing.

Rating: 9


Name: Ben 

Country: USA

Comments: This is better than Juic Spinspiel, Scramble and 999 : it gives you the touch, kill, and balance unlike anything else I have tried. Half of my club uses it

Rating: 10


Name: Tim

Country: HK


Rating: 2


Name: Ian

Country: England

Comments: My first impressions were that it wasnt very impressive. The speed is good and driving is excellent with it but I didn't find it very good for close table looping. Not very spinny but an overall good rubber.

Rating: 7


Name: slamina

Country: usa

Comments: Sriver is the quintessential offensive rubber. Unlike most other Butterfly rubbers, it is well balanced in all aspects of its particular style. Very few people find themselves uncomfortable with this rubber, so it is easy to recommend. Although I would prefer a sheet of Mark V over Sriver, Sriver is still unquestionably a solid choice for offensive play (still!).

Rating: 10


Name: Leonardo

Country: Brazil

Comments: The best rubber i've ever used. Good control, spin. Perfect for attack and awesome for defense. I guess no other word could describe it unless: PERFECT.

Rating: 9


Name: Shah Khalid

Country: Pakistan

Comments: Sriver is one of the best rubbers in Butterfly but the only problem with it is its less control !

Rating: 9


Name: leonardo

Country: singapore

Comments: have being using chines friendship rubbers all the while. sriver is more controllable, consistant. but not as fast and as spinny as chinese rubber. need self power to develop heavy loop. good for allround and attack. 

Rating: 8


Name: Bong

Country: Philippines

Comments: Good ball control.

Rating: 9


Name: Kenny

Country: Australia/Singapore

Comments: The perfect rubber for Beginners to Veterans. Beginners should use this rubber! Good in control, loops, drives, mediocre in spins. Decent defense. Very good rubber.

Rating: 9


Name: David

Country: USA

Comments: Good rubber for both spin & speed

Rating: 8

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