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A real low and short no-spin serve can give you some easy points in matches, as they are difficult to flip hard, and they require good timing to push hard. Mix it up with a heavy backspin in the same spot. Remember to get it short, the ball should bounce short on your side close to the net...

 Butterfly Sriver EL

“Butterfly proudly introduces the newest member of the SRIVER family of rubbers, SRIVER-EL (ELastic). The latest genre combines SRIVER's top sheet with a medium-soft elastic sponge that until recently had been specially selected only for our leading world ranked players. Do you prefer a hard or soft sponge? If you like a hard sponge, then you can choose the "normal" SRIVER. If you prefer a soft one, then SRIVER-FX is ideal for your play. But, if your requirement is in between the two (and this is where most of the top players are placed) then we recommend the new SRIVER-EL”


  • High speed inverted rubber
  • Fast spinning
  • Quick attack and Loop
  • For initializing attack
  • ITTF/USATT/CTTA approved

Ratings (out of 100):

  • Speed: 80
  • Spin: 83
  • Control: 83
  • Sponge Hardness: Soft – Medium Hard


            SRIVER EL, the new middle! This is so because the hardness of the sponge is exactly between that of SRIVER and SRIVER FX. SRIVER EL is the ideal rubber for SRIVER players seeking more spin and elasticity and also for SRIVER FX fans looking for more power especially when it is freshly glued. So if you don't want to refrain from the successful combination of power, control and heavy spin in this millenium, then SRIVER EL is exactly what you need. Balance between speed and spin.

" What is the difference between Sriver, EL and FX?"

Sriver and its variations have long been our best selling rubbers. The original Sriver has a medium hard sponge and offers great all-round performance. With the advent of speed gluing, FX was introduced with a softer sponge witch works well with the speed glue. Recently, many of our professional players expressed a desire for a Sriver product with the power of the original Sriver and the speed gluing properties of FX. Thus, Sriver EL was born. All three Sriver products have the same top sheet the difference is in the sponges.

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 Sriver EL Reviews:

User Reviews (from internet/newsgroups):

Name: jmcc

Country: Spain

Comments: lo mejor en rubbers, speed, spin y control, buen rabajo

Rating: 10


Name: HappyHappyJoyJoy

Country: Australia

Comments: It's now a cliche that this is an almost perfect backhand rubber. It took a while for me to get used to it, but now ball placement is excellent. It's spin is great, but it is very slow by my standards. Serving with this is mediocre. Most people ask for excellent spin and control in a backhand rubber - and Sriver El delivers! Also, it is EXTREMELY DURABLE!!! I can picture myself still playing with it in one year's time. :)

Rating: 10


Name: JS

Country: Australia

Comments: look the bottom line is that this rubber is great, the sponge is relatively soft and therefore is more suited to looping, many advanced players use this as it is great for looping, it hits cleanly and is suitable for BH or FH, i have used this for 1.5years, and won't change, it is great for looping, and one of the best betterfly rubbes, when glued it really shines, its speed is up there with other extreem speed rubbers such as bryce, great glues effect, and a great rubber for looping, however countering and smash are still good as the sponge is not too soft and the topsheet is grippy and stable, a great rubber 

Rating: 10


Name: Louis6623

Country: Singapore

Comments: Its my new rubber . A strongly recommended rubber . It have a very good speed and it can create beautiful loops although i had just used it once . I can tell u that its easy to make a loop with this . No doubt . Its surely worth your money . Try it .

Rating: 10


Name: suicide

Country: Malaysia

Comments: Sriver EL 2.1 + BTY Senkoh Super 95-S. The rubber works VERY well with the blade.Period. 

Rating: 8


Name: Jakob

Country: Germany

Comments: Wonderfull soft-mind rubber with a great fealing.

Rating: 10


Name: Jon

Country: Australia

Comments: This rubber is in moy opinion the best rubber i've ever used. I use this to powr my powerful forehand loop and smash. Many world class players usch as timo boll, zoran primorac and zhang yining use this great rubber. In regards to the person who stated it is not fast enough to be a forehand rubber this is untrue. Good technique and most importantly a fast moving arm means that even the slowest rubber can still hit winners against very advanced players. The difference in speed between this rubber and sriver-l is not large enough for it to constitutionise a change from a forehand rubber to a backhand one. This is a very good rubber suited for the counter hitting game as well as the looping game. It has good spin and speed and is very good for serving after a good serving motion is acquired. Overall this rubber is very good and I personally combine it with a butterfly mazanov off+ for my looping/quick attack game with a strong forehand which dominates play and with a weaker but still effective looping/blocking backhand. I would highly recomend this rubber to any level of player as it works for the lower order players as well as better players due to its "gears". A great rubber. 

Rating: 10


Name: Kevin

Country: New Zealand

Comments: using it both sides on Iolite at the moment. it gives me everything i need for my game. Simply Awesome if you apply more than 1 layer of speed-glue to it.

Rating: 10


Name: Sebastian

Country: Argentina

Comments: I used it like a year ago and in the middle I tried Bryce wich was a pupubag cos I had it for just 20 days after the rubber cracked in the middle. So I turn back for the Sriver EL Max, cos it has it all, more Speed and Spin, and a lot of control. I don't see at any point the price diference from the Sriver EL to Bryce. I think that Bryce does not represent the price on the quality and Sriver EL it is very cheap for what you can get from it. See that a lot of top world player use Sriver EL, it has to be for a very good reason. 

Rating: 10


Name: Jorg

Country: Germany

Comments: This rubber is excellent. A large number of international players play with this rubber on Fh and BH. This rubber is very similar to sriver-l in speed only a shade slower, however the spin is greatly increased. Speed can be increased by the human whereas spin can only be increased by the rubber. This rubber has plenty of speed and spin. I use this on FH and sriver-l on BH. This rubber is very good and is excellent for looping from both wings. The angle of the acr of the ball is also very good for power loopers. This is a very good offensive rubber. I highly reccomend it. The favorite rubber i have used.

Rating: 10


Name: Denis

Country: Greece

Comments: A classical rubber from Butterfly is always th3 most valuable "partner" for someone who needs a good balance of speed and spin.

Rating: 9


Name: Garrett

Country: England

Comments: Fantastic rubber this. At the moment I'm using this in 2.1 with Fair Chack on the backhand. I'm thinking of using this on the forehand (I'm using Sriver L at present) because it's close to L but more suitable for speed glueing. If you produce spin and power from both wings, then you won't be disappointed with this rubber on both sides of your blade with speed glue.

Rating: 10


Name: Khan

Country: N.Z( originated from H.K)

Comments: Great rubber, full of speed and is very good for looping, but it lacks a bit in its spin

Rating: 9


Name: Chris

Country: USA

Comments: Just got this rubber. Had used Sriver for the last few years and my looping is better with this. Also I dont feel like I lost as much speed as I expected. Great Rubber.

Rating: 9


Name: YeeJun

Country: USA

Comments: I'm using a Primorac blade right now. I like this rubber on my BH because it's just spinny and fast enough. This classic also has better control than the original Sriver and is better for regluing. I'm probably going to get the Off Kong Linghui Euro or the Off Kong Linghui Special and continue to use the 1.9 or 2.1 on my BH. I would not suggest using this on your FH though because it doesn't have quite what it takes to finish the point unless you have a fast blade (Primorac Carbon or faster). If you like this on your BH, try using Tempest, Catapult, or for more control, than the others, try Ekrips/Ekrips soft.

Rating: 9


Name: Yoran

Country: Belgium

Comments: Very nice rubber. Not to hard, so you can add a lot of spin in your ball when top-spining. Very elastic

Rating: 8


Name: Tao

Country: Canada

Comments: Perfect rubbers for the backhand. Lots of speed and does not lack in control. Great feel while blocking as well. Recommended for everybody.

Rating: 9


Name: SpinMaster

Country: Philippines

Comments: Definitely lacks in the service department. Over-all, an okay all-around rubber.

Rating: 6


Name: Sami Onur Zaim

Country: Turkey

Comments: Good for slow loop and game openings. Enough control for a intermedate player. MAX thicknes of sponge is recommended for frequent players. 1.7 is good for chopping and attacking. When is glued its sponge gets a bit more flexible and speedy. If you serach for power use sriver.

Rating: 7


Name: tom

Country: czech republic

Comments: perfect on the backhand site.

Rating: 8


Name: Tom Zhang

Country: China

Comments: Sriver EL is the best rubber I have ever used. It's very good for looping, and speed is great, although the spin is just like Flextra's spin.

Rating: 9


Name: Patrick

Country: USA

Comments: Great Backhand rubber - very easy to handle spinny serves and loops - fast enough to finish a point and has a great speed glue effect

Rating: 9


Name: Rocky

Country: Philippines

Comments: A half-baked rubber, supposedly for all-around offense. If you're a fast, power hitter choose sriver-L, for more control and loop drives, sriver-FX. It's hard to find a middle ground. There's no perfect all-around offensive player. You're either more of one or the other.

Rating: 7


Name: mark

Country: eng

Comments: Sriver el is a good rubber for blocking and counter topspin. also suprisingly good in the pace department without glue.

Rating: 9


Name: Jung

Country: korea

Comments: With enough speed glue.. you can do everything with this. 

Rating: 8

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