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A real low and short no-spin serve can give you some easy points in matches, as they are difficult to flip hard, and they require good timing to push hard. Mix it up with a heavy backspin in the same spot. Remember to get it short, the ball should bounce short on your side close to the net...

 Table Tennis Equipment Professional Women use
There is always a great deal of interest in what blade and rubbers the professional player use. The guys at the forum have been compiling the list shown below, showing professional female players, and the equipment they are supposed to be using. Although the brand used is more often than not related to sponsorship deals, it is still a useful guide to see what equipment is used for different styles of players.

Keep in mind though that just because the professional players are using something, does not mean it's appropriate for you! These players are highly skilled, and often practice full time, so they can adjust to equipment much better than us mere mortals! Note also that a lot of the rubbers would have been used with speed glue, which changes their properties significantly.

Full credit for this list is given to Jeff(ATTC) (who initiated and compiled this list) and all the other contributing members of the forum. Note that this list given below (published with permission) is still in progress, and will continue to be updated as new information becomes available.. Please inform us of any errors or additions to this list.

Cao Zhen (CHN)
Stiga CL CR WRB (FL)
FH: H3

Dang Ye Seo (KOR)
BH: TSP Spectol 21

Ding Ning (CHN)
Stiga Energy WRB (FL)
FH: DHS Hurricane 3
BH: Stiga Almana Sound?

Feng Tianwei (SIN)
STIGA Kevlar (FL)
FH: DHS Hurricane 3
BH: TSP Actor

Fukuhara Ai (JPN)
Nittaku Acoustic (FL)
FH: DHS Hurricane 3
BH: Armstrong Attack 8

Fukuoka Haruna (JPN)
DHS pf4 (ST)
FH: TSP Triple (Power Sponge)

Gao Jun (USA)
Butterfly Matsush*ta Pro Model (C-Pen)
FH: Butterfly Challenger Attack

Guo Yan (CHN)
FH: DHS Hurricane 3
BH: Nittaku Nodias

Guo Yue (CHN)
Butterfly Custom 5-ply (FL)
FH: DHS Hurricane H3
BH: Sriver FX

Hirano Sayaka (JPN)
Butterfly Custom 5-Ply (AN)
FH: Nittaku/DHS KyoHyo Pro III
BH: Butterfly Bryce Speed FX

Jiang Huajun (HKG)
FH: DHS Hurricane 3
BH: TSP Spectol 21

Kim Kyung Ah (KOR)
Butterfly Diode (FL)
FH: Tackifire Drive
BH: Feint Long II

Lau Sui Fei (HKG)
STIGA Clipper WRB (C-Pen)
FH: DHS Hurricane 3

Lee Eun Hee (KOR)
Timo Boll Spirit (Custom/Cpen)
FH: TSP Spectol

Li Jia Wei (SIN)
TSP Hino-Carbon Power (FL)
FH: TSP Spectol 21
BH: TSP X's F 21

Li Jiao (NED)
Yasaka Gatien (Old Version) (C-Pen)
FH: DHS Skyline 3

Li Jie (NED)
Butterfly Defence II (FL)
FH: DHS Hurricane III
BH: RITC 802

Li Xiaoxia (CHN)
Custom DHS (FL)
FH: DHS Hurricane 3
BH: Nittaku Refoma

Lin Ling (HKG)
Nittaku Acoustic (FL)
FH: Nittaku KyoHyo Pro III
BH: Nittaku Refoma

Liu Jia (AUT)
Butterfly Timo Boll Spirit (FL)
FH: Bryce
BH: Bryce

Liu Shiwen (CHN)
STIGA Energy Wood (FL)
FH: DHS Hurricane H3
BH: TSP Bjorn

Viktoria Pavlovich (BLR)
Butterfly Defense Alpha (ST)
FH: Butterfly Tackiness Chop
BH: Feint Long II

Shen Yanfei (ESP)
STIGA Carbo Oversize (ST)
FH: Globe 999
BH: Butterfly Challenger Attack

Tie Yana (HKG)
Butterfly Tie Yana (FL)
FH: Tackifire C
BH: Tackifire C

Wang Nan (CHN)
DHS Hurricane King (DHS Wang Nan Handle) (FL)
FH; DHS Hurricane 2
BH; DHS Hurricane 3

Wang YueGu (SIN)
Nittaku Ludeack (FL)
FH: DHS Hurricane 3
BH: Nittaku Hammond FA

Wu Xue (DOM)
Nittaku Violin (C-Pen)
FH: DHS Hurricane 3

Zhang Yining (CHN)
Custom Butterfly ZL CARBON (FL)
FH: Tackifire C
BH: Sriver EL

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