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A real low and short no-spin serve can give you some easy points in matches, as they are difficult to flip hard, and they require good timing to push hard. Mix it up with a heavy backspin in the same spot. Remember to get it short, the ball should bounce short on your side close to the net...

 LKT Toxic 5 blade


  • 5 ply  wood construction

  • Blade rated for Tactical play

  • For maximum spin manipulation

  • Special ST tactical handle

  • Super FAT low positioned sweet spot

  • Perfect for no sponge or thin sponge rubbers

  • Lacquered finish

  • Weight is stamped 84grams

  • Thickness about 6mm


To protect the unique quality of the Toxic line the wood layer types and positioning are trade secrets.


Toxic series of blades are the ultimate blades for controlling the pace and spin of the game. Truly unique design tested by professional players gives this blade the ability to add or take speed and spin from the ball with unparallel control. Special Tactical notches in the backside of the handle provides ventilation for decreased moisture, increased grip and most important provides the 2 rubber type player with a physical reminder of the blade position.


It's a defensive player's dream blade, with unparallelled feel of the ball, and with it's huge dwell time giving you excellent control of the pace and spin of the ball. This blade is mainly suited to defensive style players but can be used for offensive play with an appropriate choice of rubber(s). This blade is a fair bit faster than the Toxic 3 blade, still giving you excellent control and feel, but allowing you to play some offensive shots as well.

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 LKT Toxic 5 blade review:

This blade is oversize and very BIG! I could not fit any of my used rubbers on there since there were not even close to fitting! 

Well it took me while to figure out what this blade would be suitable for. This blade is real slow, probably around ALL, and really takes the pace out of the ball. For blocking and counterhitting the ball comes back real slow, and even for driving and looping it was hard to get real good pace. But for brush looping, which is mainly dependant on the rubber not the blade, it comes off quite fast. This provided quite a contrast...

With long pimples rubber on one side, blocking and counterhitting is really nice. Since the blade has such great dwell time, I had great control on all my shots. This blade made it very manageble even with fast long pimples rubber, even for chopping away from the table.

When I started playing a more passive game away from the table, I realised where this blade excels. I had great control with ALL my shots, and the great dwell time of the blade made it real easy to manipulate spin. I could float the ball and return very heavy backspin with ease. Most rubbers would not have enough power to hit winners from medium to far distance, but with a fast glued up rubber this would still be an option.

I think this blade suits modern type defender, with either 2 control type rubbers or a combination of a slower long pimpled rubber and a control rubber on the other side. It has enough power to put the ball away when you come in closer, but from mid-far distance you'll have to rely on strategy and spin manipulation to win points. Alex...


This is Friendship's answer to the popular defensive "Hock" blades.  They have that low tone that screams control.  However, even the Toxic3 isn't as slow as some of the 3ply hocks I've tried.

The 5ply still has that low tone, although not quite as pronounced.  However when you take a bigger cut that tone disappears and it feels more like a normal all-around blade.

Both rackets have the distinctive Hock shape, with an exaggerated oversized head.

This racket will most likely be covered on at least one side with some sort of pips-out rubber.  Often long pips.  The typical choppers forehand will be a sticky topsheet on a thin (<1.5), dead sponge.  If the player wants to be able to loop with the forehand they will sometimes go to a sponge around 1.8 thickness.

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