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A real low and short no-spin serve can give you some easy points in matches, as they are difficult to flip hard, and they require good timing to push hard. Mix it up with a heavy backspin in the same spot. Remember to get it short, the ball should bounce short on your side close to the net...

 TTMaster Fireproof II

Long pimples rubber providing a very high control thanks to its low speed and the geometric proportion of pimples.

This rubber offers great attack potential. It is suitable for active play as well as the classic defense.

Friction level 105
Speed 60/65
Control 95
Spin immunity 65
Attack potential 100


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 TTMaster Fireproof II Review:
1. The reviewer: - state blade used to test the rubber
TTMaster Fireproof II (FPII) OX red on TSP Balsaplus 4.5
Tested rubber for 1 session against a few different opponents, compared with identical blade with Bomb Talent (BT) OX red.
Used a glue sheet to attach both rubbers.

2. Physical Properties:
Pips feel stiff and not very grippy, quite similar to BT. Quality looks decent, similar to other quality Chinese made long pips.
It's not quite as flimsy as the Insider sheet, making it much easier to attach, especially with a glue-sheet, which I pleased to see that TTMaster now includes with the LP rubbers.

3. Speed:
a) The speed of the rubber at low impact, such as return of serves, short pushes, etc.

Speed of the rubber on low impact is slow... not quite as slow as the Punto but significantly slower than the BT.

b) The speed when blocking against fast loops
Speed on high impact is medium.. I had to relax the wrist a little to control the fast loops, or it would go over the end. It was similar to the Bomb Talent, but the trajectory on the FPII was much lower, so I could hold the bat at 90deg, making it easier to control the fast loops.

4. Spin and reversal.
This rubber does seem to have significant grip, allowing you to generate a little backspin if you brush hard, more so than the BT. This made it easier to keep the ball low when chopping, which it seemed to be very effective at.

5. Sensitivity to spin:
The FPII seems a little sensitive to spin, particularly backspin and sidespin. The is the main reason the BT is easier to use as it's quite insensitive to spin.

b) high impact
On high impact the FPII seemed much less affected by spin, giving the ball a real low trajectory even off fast and spinny loops. There are only a few LP rubbers that get such a low trajectory at medium high impact, most of the TTmaster LPs seem to have this. The BT grips a lot more on high impact and you need to close the blade to keep the trajectory low. It seemed similar to the Punto in this respect, and a side by side comparison would be very useful to do.

6. Control:
For an active close to the table game, the control of this rubber is very good. Topspin can be chop-blocked, but can also be counterhit, which seems to produce a low trajectory dead ball. No-spin shots can be punched back, which is where the BT also shines and produces very similar results. Backspin can be attacked very easily producing good reversal making them drop. When chopping against backspin or sidespin, the ball can grip quite a bit, so adjustments must be made.
When used for chopping the extra grip and slow speed helps keep the ball low and short. Reversal was very good. Rubber may be a little too slow to chop a long way away from the table, although the addition of sponge may help here.

7. Other Playing properties:
Drop shots are highly effective with the rubber, mainly due to the slow speed. As mentioned it's a little sensitive to spin, so you do need to read the spin a little better. I produced quite a few drop shots against some fast no-spin serves, which I find very hard to do with the BT. The Meteor 8512 was also quite good at this.

8. Reference:
It compared closest to the BT as mentioned. The BT is springier and faster. Attacking no-spin or even topspin is quite effective with both rubbers, but the extra grip on the FPII made it easier, and the feel seemed a little more direct.

TTmaster's description is really quite accurate, it really has great attacking ability, and the slow speed at low impact, and the grip, medium speed and low trajectory at higher impact sets it apart from other rubbers...

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