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A real low and short no-spin serve can give you some easy points in matches, as they are difficult to flip hard, and they require good timing to push hard. Mix it up with a heavy backspin in the same spot. Remember to get it short, the ball should bounce short on your side close to the net...

 Butterfly VSG 1000

�New blade from Butterfly! The VSG 21-1000 model is the fastest of our VSG blades. Lightweight and extremely powerful, this is ideal for punishing the 40mm ball. This is perhaps the prototype blade for the new more horizontal looping game that the 40mm ball has created. �


  • 5 ply wood veneer
  • VSG Blade!
  • Extremely powerful OFF+ blade
  • Flared Handle

Ratings :

  • Speed: 9.4 OFF+
  • Control: 7.8
  • Weight 84g
  • Approx. head size: W= 153mm H= 150mm 


            The secret of these powerhouse blades lies in their unique handle construction. Our technical experts have inserted a carbon tube, along with two rubber dampeners, within a hollow handle. The result is a lightweight blade with great power and no vibration on off center shots. These blades simply come alive in your hand. Get you hands on one before your opponent does.

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 Butterfly VSG 1000 X5 blade review (collected from internet):

Name: barreto

Country: Portugal

Comments: wonderful blade... so much power with such a control i had never experienced it before

Rating: 10


Currently I am using a VSG 1000 after using a Primorac Carbon for 1 year.  In both cases I use Bryce Max both sides, no glue or occassional long lasting glue.   With the VSG 1000,  I found that I gave up a slight bit of speed but gained longer dwell, much better spinning, blocking, counter drive and dynamic play.   The lower weight comes both from the lighter blade and the slightly smaller head so that less rubber is carried.  The softer feel also gives better spinning feedback.    I'm a flat hit smasher who can spin but I don't have any desire for soft or slow blades.


Name: J L

Country: USA

Comments: This paddle is fast but also very controllable. It provides excellent blocking especially against someone trying to slam. Overall, this is a great blade that balances speed with control.

Rating: 10


Name: slamina

Country: USA

Comments: Rediculous. For the price, I was not expecting this level of control at such a high speed. I bought it to backup my Butterfly Keyshot, but instead it is now my primary blade with Bryce and Mark V. Amazing. I love this blade so much I am selling my butterfly keyshot for the best offer. email it is in near new condition with only 2 rubber changes. Legendary BTY arylate blade!

Rating: 10


Name: j b

Country: usa

Comments: Incredible blade. It has the great control of slower blades but still has amazing speed. With 999 elite from juic it is the best!!!!!!!!!

Rating: 10 


Name: Kong Linghui

Country: Viet Nam

Comments: The VSG series provides good price/benfic value, but being honest, the designs are the ugliest of all Butterfly blades and there are a lot of options with similar value and better feel for the ball.

Rating: 7


Name: Chewy

Country: New Zealand

Comments: FAST!! Very light, fast blade. quite thick though. excellent speed and control when needed. Does take a while to get use to, but excellent blade nonetheless

Rating: 9


Name: Ginko Tai_Kim

Country: Australia

Comments: This is a good quality blade, no vibration in the handle, but still has alot of feeling, and the blade is already varnished for you. It has heaps of power when on the offensive. Very good for a player thats very aggresive, also dont spend more than $50 for this blade, melbourne's a rip off!

Rating: 8


Name: Jamil

Country: UAE

Comments: Great blade, extremely fast! 

Rating: 10



Country: AMERIKA

Comments: Played with one of these w/innova on both sides wicked speed and great control

Rating: 9


Name: aaron

Country: australia

Comments: fantastic. great feel, little vibration, lots of control yet heaps of speed when needed...

Rating: 10


Name: Khan

Country: New Zealand (originated from Hong Kong)

Comments: Super light blade with control and speed 

Rating: 10


Name: John

Country: USA

Comments: This blade is light, fairly fast and very controllable even with a fast rubber like Bryce FX. The VSG system does it's job well and cancels vibrations. This will be my choice for a blade for some time to come.

Rating: 10


Name: Uluch A.

Country: Turkey

Comments: Woah!! This plade has power, speed, control and extremely light. I'm just shocked after my Stiga Offensive Oversize. My firend tried this blade after his BTY Viscaria and wanted to buy mine immediately.. Very good worth for money and b-sides NO VIBRATION at all. Congratulations BTY..

Rating: 10


Name: Jude

Country: U.S.A.

Comments: This is an outstanding blade with great balance and control. Also, it can generate very good speed. I am using Stiga Neos Tacky and Magna and it makes a great blade for blocking shots as well as looping and smashing. All in all, it's an outstanding blade for the price. You won't be disappointed!

Rating: 10


Name: Andrew Le

Country: Australia

Comments: this blade is super light and suited for highly offensive players but good control makes it good for every one even beginers briliant with bryce 2.1 mm u wont be able to tell the diffrence between pimorac carbon and vsg 1000 a subered bla if i was to rate it the word would be best

Rating: 10


Name: Thomas

Country: Hong Kong

Comments: Good speed and control for such a light blade. I tried with butterfly Ekpris, Donic F1, and Double Happiness Hurricane 3. It is better with soft sponge than the hard one.

Rating: 9


Name: yesman

Country: USA

Comments: This is an awsome blade. It is almost as fast as the primorac carbon, but it is much lighter with muuuuch better control. Good for power looping and smashing. Good If you want a fast blade with fast rubbers with bad control.

Rating: 10


Name: Mark

Country: UK

Comments: Crap far too slow and far too rigid no control and no touch. Buy the Korbel Off

Rating: 1


Name: kao

Country: Belgium

Comments: very confortable good control and very fast; powerful for close to table smash;

Rating: 10



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