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A real low and short no-spin serve can give you some easy points in matches, as they are difficult to flip hard, and they require good timing to push hard. Mix it up with a heavy backspin in the same spot. Remember to get it short, the ball should bounce short on your side close to the net...



This is a high quality blade from Dawei, probably the pick of the crop. Being arylate Carbon it is fast, but still has quite a soft feel compared to other carbon blades. The feedback that this blade offers is quite amazing. Some have compared this blade and concluded it's similar to the Butterfly Iolite. 

A hollow handle reduces the overall weight down to around mid-eighties grams. The shape of the handle is long and slender.

User Reviews (from internet/newsgroups)

Review 1 (by Peter C. , published with permision)

I have five Arylate Carbon blades in my TT bag ; Dawei Wavestone, Butterfly Timo Boll Spirit, Butterfly Michael Maze, Galaxy K4 and the Gambler Arylate Carbon.

The Timo Boll Spirit, Michael Maze and Galaxy K4 are all 7 ply blades similar in construction and the way they play. They have less vibration than a wood blade which makes them ideal for looping, hitting, smashing and blocking, but the short game is slightly harder to master because there is less feel and touch for over the table play. Their lower throw angle is a bonus for fast and hard loop drives at mid distance, but can initially mean more nets in the short game whilst learning to master it.

The Gambler Arylate Carbon and Wavestone are different from the other three blades because they have more vibration and feel i.e. more like wood blades. Their throw is higher as well, which makes the short game easier to master.

The Gambler Arylate carbon is a 7 ply blade that reminds me of the LKT instinct in the way it's constructed and plays.

The differences are :

  • 1) the centre ply of the Instinct is the same thickness as the Centre core and 2 layers of the Arylate Carbon

  • 2)The instinct has the bigger flared handle

  • 4) You can also get a straight handle for the Arylate Carbon, which feels better in the hand than the flare

  • 5) The Arylate Carbon is slightly faster than the instinct and has a bigger sweet spot.

Both are allround+/offensive- blades that are easy to play with, with good touch over the table and suitable for players who like to play close to and over the table. They are also decent performers away from the table with fast rubbers. Like the Instinct, a good choice for players of any ability.

The Dawei Wavestone is a 5 ply blade with a thick centre core, surrounded by two arylate carbon layers and 2 soft limba outer plies. It doesn't feel or play like any other Arylate Carbon blade I've played with, it feels more akin to playing a fast wooden blade, with soft outer plies.

The straight handle was very comfortable, being in between the Gambler and Stiga straight handles sizewise.

I felt it had the best feel and touch for over the table play of the 5 blades, which could possibly be down to the soft limba outer plies and the 5 ply construction, which usually produces a blade with more touch than an equivalent 7 ply blade.

When paired with 2mm Inspirit rubbers, it felt it was as responsive and easy to play with as :

1) Tibhar Samsonov Premium Contact fitted with 2.2mm Six Shooter.

2) Instinct+ fitted with 2.2mm Six Shooter

which is a good thing, as these blades are offensive all wood blades, with good touch over the table, plenty of gears and the power to play a good mid distance game.

If you like fast wooden blades then it is worth trying


Review 2 (by Speedplay, published with permission)

Finally got around to try the Wavestone which JC held in such high regards. Rated at off+ I had my suspisions it wouldn't suit me.

First impression was that it was a cool looking blade, looked like it was high quality. The handle feelt extremly comfortable, probably the handle that suits my hand the best of all the blades I have tried. It also feelt very well balanced.

So, I glued Couga max on Fh and found some old sheet of 802-1 sp 1.8 to use on the bh. Needed plenty of glue to get it to cover the blade, not because of a big blade head but rather because of some failure when cutting the rubber the first time.

For those of you who think this combo would be redicilious fast, yepp, you are right. It was like shooting bolt lightning even from way behind the table. Despite the speed, this blade still feelt very controlled. I would saut hat it's speed is not less then the one of Stiga Optimum+ but the control was superior. Even in the short game it was easy to use and I could chop short, flip and loop close to the table with good control.

Unfortunately, I'm not a short pips player, so my Bh didn't work very well but I'm really looking forward to glue my spinspiel SV 1.5 on this blade. If this works out I might be temted to stick my super block on it as well, cause this blade was nothing short of exellent. I can recommend it to every offensive player out there as it had both speed, control and exellent touch. Given it's low price I would consider this blade a real bargin!
Review by Speedplay (published with permission)




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