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A real low and short no-spin serve can give you some easy points in matches, as they are difficult to flip hard, and they require good timing to push hard. Mix it up with a heavy backspin in the same spot. Remember to get it short, the ball should bounce short on your side close to the net...

 XIOM Omega II


Top players are already using OMEGA II for their games - without any speed glues. The breakthrough technology TENSOR BIOS integrated the speed glue effect at maximum inside of OMEGA II. OMEGA II without any speed gluing demonstrates more powerful performance than any rubbers heavily glued. Extra control precision adds the big advantage to the success of your technical strokes in high speed game. OMEGA II developed for the top players in very offensive style needs a few days of practice for full adoption, because the power of built-in effect is far beyond your experience !


  • Speed 10
  • Spin 11
  • Control 8


 XIOM Omega II Review:
Review by haggisv:

XIOM Description:
"Exceptionally soft 40 degrees European sponge.
Top players are already using OMEGA II for their games - without any speed glue. The breakthrough technology TENSOR BIOS integrates the speed glue effect. OMEGA II demonstrates more powerful performance.
This is currently XIOM's biggest selling rubber. "

Speed 10
Spin 11
Control 8

Review: XIOM Omega II (MAX black) on a TSP Balsaplus 4.5 blade / Galaxy carbon blade
1. The reviewer:
Intermediate to high level club level player, modern defender (Chinese style looper on FH). Blade TSP Balsaplus 4.5 and Galaxy carbon blade.

2. Physical Properties:
Packaging is awesome, the best I've seen!. Sheet looks of top quality and is made in Germany (ESN). It also came with a tensor adhesive protection sheet. Topsheet feels soft and non-tacky but grippy and very smooth. Measured sponge hardness is 35deg (with respect to other rubbers in my Sponge Hardness table).
Topsheet did not feel as brittle like some of the other German Tensors, so perhaps this one will last a little longer.

3. Speed:
It's a fast rubber, but not uncontrollably fast, probably due to the good spin. The medium soft sponge does not feel too springy and it quite controllable in the short game, and not too sensitive to spin
On loops it takes little effort to generate good speed on loops. You can feel it dig into the sponge and catapult the ball back out.
Spin on these loops was not bad but not high either. Looping harder adds to speed, but also adds quite a lot of spin. The harder carbon blade worked a lot better than the soft Balsa blade, and this is what I think it's meant for.
Smashes/hits are fast with decent sound, but not ultra fast.

4. Spin:
Spin on serves and chops was decent but not outstading... you do need to dig the ball into the rubber to get the spin. On slow to medium loops the spin was good but not as high as I expected. However the harder I started looper, the more spin I seemed to get, which is a very nice property. This is a very good power-looper rubber with more spin the harder you loop.

5. Control:
Control in the short game was pretty good, but you do need to play a positive stroke as the rubber is fast. It feels quite insensitive to spin on low impact which is great. For looping the control was very good...the ball digs into the sponge giving you good dwell time and more time to place the ball where you want. The higher spin on power loops also made it easier to land the balls. Blocking was average as it felt a little sensitive to spin... similarly counter-looping close-in was harder due to it's sensitivity to spin, so taking a step back and counter-looping was a lot better, and allowed you to load up the spin again.

6. Other Playing properties:
Throw of the rubber is medium, although it feels medium-high on faster loops/counterloops. It has quite good glue feel and sound.

7. Reference:
It does feel like several other medium hardness German tensors, but feels less spinny on slow loops but more spinny on fast loops.

8. Other comments Other unique properties...

The topsheet did not feel as fragile compared to many other German Tensors, so it might last a little longer. This is a real nice power-looper's rubber with enough speed to hit it past virtually everyone. It performs better on the harder composite blades than it does on softer blade.

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