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A real low and short no-spin serve can give you some easy points in matches, as they are difficult to flip hard, and they require good timing to push hard. Mix it up with a heavy backspin in the same spot. Remember to get it short, the ball should bounce short on your side close to the net...

 Y&T V988 review:

I bought this robot after Vegas this year and had it for a month.  I liked this robot a lot.  Cost was about US$1000 delivered to my door.  Basically, it is almost an exact copy of the Newgy, except that it is heavy and made of steel.  It stands on it's own, and the net is permanently attached to the robot.  This is interesting in that you can move the robot far from the table to do counterlooping drills for added realism.  Useage and function is exactly like what I wrote above for Newgy; i.e. it makes tons of spin 360 degrees around the head, is instantly adjustable, etc. 

But there were problems with this robot too.  The slowest frequency of ball feed was still much too fast for my liking, less than 1 second in between balls at the slowest speed.  This wasn't enough for me to do serve return drills where you get in ready position, the robot serves short, you step in and flip and then get back to ready.  It was suggested to me that I just let every other ball go, but that's obviously inconvenient.  Calling for customer service didn't help at all, I was told the robot's designers and manufacturers were in Shanghai and there was nothing anyone could do. 

The other obvious drawback is that this robot is non-programmable and doesn't make no-spin balls.  One last weird thing is that the Oscillation mode isn't quite as random as the Newgy.  It will shoot balls right and left but always in the same 2 spots.  The Newgy, on the other hand, oscillates independently of the shooting so balls will shoot truly in a random fashion.  Think of this Y&T robot as a much sturdier Newgy for a reasonable cost.  BTW, I see that they've now introduced a "new and improved" Y&T robot that supposedly has a better "oscillation" feature.  I wonder if they've made it more random like the Newgy?  Finally, the Oscillation button on this robot was behind the robot, so you had to stop and go turn it on and off to change from stationary to oscillate.  On the Newgy, the oscillation controls were at the remote center, so you could turn that on and off instantly. 

Marco Borrillo

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